The Unusual Fairy

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Chapter 4

The week had been wonderfully relaxing, and Amelia’s sixteenth birthday was nearing. Today was June 17th, and her birthday would be on June 19th. Two days from now. Amelia was very anxious for it to come, as Uncle Marcus said he had something wonderful planned.

The day had seemed to go by slowly, and now it was finally evening. The sun looked as though it would set within an hour or so. Amelia was walking around in the flower gardens behind Hidden Castle. The evening was quiet and remote. The peaceful sounds of various birds chirping- with an occasional angry squawk from a blue jay- and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers filled the mountain air. Amelia breathed deeply, feeling wonderfully refreshed.

Rose bushes, Japanese cherry blossom bushes, and hydrangeas decorated the garden Amelia was walking through. A stone path wound about ahead of her, interrupted by small bridges at some spots, where natural streams wounded about the gardens. No doubt they were meanders who’s sources were the large river that Amelia had seen on her way here. A wooden swinging bench sat a short ways ahead of her, and she decided to sit there for a while before she would head back inside to go to bed.

Amelia sat down on the wood with a sigh of contentment. It felt nice to let her limbs relax after adventuring through the garden. She yawned, closing her eyes to absorb the peaceful sounds that surrounded her.

She had nearly dozed off when something whizzed by her head. Startled awake, Amelia’s eyes snapped open as she looked around to see what it was. There was nothing. Hopefully it wasn’t a mosquito. But then again, the sound hadn’t been a high-pitched buzzing. Peculiar.

Amelia glanced around once again, and noticed a pair of fluttering wings vanish into a cherry bush. A hummingbird, perhaps? Uncle Marcus had said that they were common in this area.

There it was again. Small wings entered her view, but they weren’t covered in feathers. They looked translucent, almost like a dragonfly. But no, dragonflies didn’t have wings that large. Her curiosity now aroused, Amelia rose from the bench as silently as she could, and crept towards the little creature. But the insect or whatever it was flew away before she could get a good look at it. Strange, indeed.

Well, it was getting quite dark now, so Amelia decided that maybe she just needed a good night’s rest. She yawned and started to stroll rather lazily back in the direction of the entrance of the manor.


“What...what are you?” Amelia whispered, staring at the small form of life in amazement.

If Amelia wasn’t going crazy right now, she was fairly certain that she must be staring at a fairy. A young woman, with fawn colored hair and sparkling lavender eyes. She wore a dress made of lily petals and added color with lavender blossoms. Her wings were a translucent lavender as well.

“Well, what does it look like?” The fairy crossed her arms mischievously, smirking at Amelia. She sat weightlessly on a large oak leaf, her pale, petite legs crossed.

“A fairy.” Amelia replied, transfixed by the small human-like creature.

She giggled again. “Would you like to visit my village?”

“You mean there’s more of you?” Amelia stared at her in amazement.

“Oh, lots more!” she grinned. “And my village isn’t even a percentage of it. There’s many of us.” She extended her arms out to describe the vastness of their hidden race. She glanced quizzically at Amelia, craning her head to see the human who was so much larger than she. “So have you decided?”


“Happy sixteenth birthday, Amelia!” shouted a voice in her subconscious.

Amelia groaned and rubbed her eyes, wishing she could have dreamed longer about the mysterious little fairy. Ah, well, all good things ended somewhere.

She opened her eyes and yawned, trying to wake herself up a little more before she tried to understand anything that was going on around her.

In front of her bed stood Kazumi, jumping up and down and repeating over and over, “Now you have to see what I got you for your birthday!” Her hands were in a rather suspicious position behind her back, which resulted in her looking frighteningly similar to a samurai toad.

“Oh?” Amelia stood up suddenly in her bed, now fully awake and rather curious as to what Kazumi might have given her. “You got something for me?”

Kazumi raised an eyebrow at her friend and shook her head, “Oh Amelia, wouldn’t you know that I know by now your ideals on birthday gifts?”

Amelia threw off her covers as she laughed, “Yes, that is true. Now bring on the goods!” She jumped out of her bed and rubbed her hands together eagerly.

Kazumi withdrew a package from behind her back and literally plopped the thing onto Amelia’s lap. It was rather heavy, she noted as its weight settled. Amelia began to rip off the brown packaging paper with excitement, anxious to know what was inside. The paper revealed a book that Amelia had wanted ever since it had been published the autumn before. The cover illustration showed a black haired, beautiful woman holding up a certain contraption called a soulcaster. She stood along a wall that had caved in. It was Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson.

“Oh my gosh, Kazumi! How did you know?” Amelia squealed happily, and glanced at her friend with a purely innocent smile.

“Well, you only mentioned you wanted the book for your birthday just about every other week since you first heard about it. It wasn’t exactly too hard to guess.” Kazumi sighed and buried her head in her hands. “I haven’t really read the series myself, so I don’t know what the fuss is, but if you care that much about it, it must be pretty good.”

“Oh, it is. I still plan to get you to read the series yet.” Amelia informed with a decisive nod as she folded her arms firmly. “You don’t have a clue as to what you are missing.”

“Anyway, there still is something else underneath the book.” Kazumi changed the subject and waited for Amelia to investigate.

She removed the book from the package and underneath was two sets of special manga pens and a new sketch pad. “Kazumi, you know me too well. Thank you so much!” Amelia sniffed back a tear, and threw aside the gifts to squeeze her friend to death. Kazumi choked and patted Amelia on the back, barely managing to wheeze out, “A-huff-melia, you-huff- can let me go now-huff-”

“Ah! Gomen!” Amelia let go of her friend immediately, whose face had turned nearly blue. “So! Shall we go raid the kitchen?” She chirped joyfully, skipping to her walk-in-closet to find something to wear.

Kazumi sighed and shook her head before going to her own room to ready herself for the special day.


The day went by quickly, with several events that Uncle Marcus had planned. They had eaten blueberry coffee cake for breakfast, grilled panini for lunch, and chicken Alfredo pizza for dinner. Dessert was custard and pecan pie. The day had definitely been absolutely wonderful.

After breakfast was a large treasure hunt, which left the prize of a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble in the attic. Kazumi and Tadashi received a Barnes and Noble gift cards as well, as they had participated in the treasure hunt, though it was for fifty dollars instead. The difficulty level was just about on par with Sherlock Holmes, which delighted both Amelia and Kazumi. That had been one of Uncle Marcus’ surprises, with the prizes being gifts from Amelia’s parents.

Then after lunch they watched anime for a couple of hours in the theatre room, which even larger than one that you would find at a local theatre. Amelia had never known her uncle was this rich. Well, from what she knew, it was all hard earned, for which she respected Uncle Marcus greatly.

Dinner that evening was served in a gazebo in the gardens behind the mansion, which had delighted Amelia immensely. The day had gone by entirely too fast, yet seemed so long and eventful at the same time. The only thing Amelia would have changed was having her parents there with her. At least she had been able to call them and talk for awhile before going to bed late that evening. It had definitely been fun, and she was completely happy with the results of her day.


The next week went by quickly, and at various times that week, Amelia could have sworn that she had seen the mysterious little bird-like creature peaking out from her under a bush. She had tried several times to see it and follow it, but it always just managed to slip away. Just yesterday she had noticed it again, and had forgotten to look where she was walking, and managed to trip over a shovel lying on the ground. The results were a major case of mud, with an occasional hint of leaves and twigs, and a few minor bruises. Especially the one on her toe, which throbbed like the devil. She had been stupid enough to wear flip-flops at the time as well. Unfortunately, there had been one person to witness her demise, which happened to be none other than Pierre. He had laughed from the distance when he had thought she wouldn’t notice him, then walked over to her to help her get up, plastering a gentlemanly smile to his face in the process. Amelia found this to be rather annoying, so she decided when he held her hand to help her up, not to get up gracefully, but to pull him down with her instead.

Amelia was now lounging on a hammock in the gardens, reading her new book and nursing her wounded toe. And pride.

She had already read about half of the book, and was deeply engrossed in the story when she heard the familiar, strange sound of the small animal like creature humming. Instead of bursting out of the hammock and running after it, she decided to wait and then slowly advance after it.

She lifted her head slightly and searched in the direction of the humming of its wings. There it was, in the corner of her eye. A pair of wings peaked out from behind a leaf, beating nearly as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. Amelia couldn’t quite tell what sort of creature the wings were attached to, however. She slowly leaned over the edge of the hammock in attempt to get a better view of the creature. Almost there...

Thump. She fell out of the hammock, and now the creature had startled and had found cover even deeper into the leaves. Darn it.

Snickering sounded a short ways away from her somewhere on the pathway. If it was Pierre again...but it wasn’t. It was Kazumi. Well, what we’re friends for? Cheering themselves up and you at the same time.

Amelia groaned as she looked up at her friend from on the ground. “I meant to do that.”

“Hai, hai. Whatever you want to believe.” Kazumi chuckled and offered her friend a hand.

Amelia winced and rubbed her shoulder as she stood. “Yikes, that hurts a lot more than I would have expected it to.”

“I’m sure.” Kazumi nodded, then gave her an odd look. “So how did you manage to end up on the ground, anyway?”

Amelia sighed and stared at nothing in particular. “Kazumi, I think I might be going crazy.”

Kazumi stared at her as if she had seen a ghost. “No, it can’t be.” She gasped, putting one hand over her mouth.

“What?” Amelia cocked her head to the side in bewilderment.

“But such things can’t happen..” She mulled to herself, barely loud enough for Amelia to even hear her.

“What can’t happen?”

“If you’ve actually realized the fact that you are insane, then Tadashi was right.”

“Huh? Insane?”

“Unicorns are real!” Kazumi squealed and jumped up and down, as Amelia gaped at her in befuddlement. “I knew it! I knew it!”

“What? Oh, never mind.” Amelia shook her head in confusion. “What I mean is, I keep seeing this creature; I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s following me.”

"Oo, you have a stalker at last!”

"What? No, that’s not what I meant.” Amelia groaned in defeat. “Never mind, I’m sure it’s nothing.”

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