The Unusual Fairy

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Chapter 5

Soft, green leaves rustled in the wind, birds chirped cheerfully, and the water from the small brook rushed gently, all creating a peaceful atmosphere. However, if you looked closely enough, there was one who was not having a very relaxing afternoon.

Amelia raced after the small creature, completely determined not to lose its trail this time. Her side burned from running longer than her body was accustomed to, yet she barely noticed the growing ache was there. She took no thought to the fact that she had sprinted farther than a half a mile. There was no way she would lose it again. It veered off to the left, where the path ended. Then it disappeared from view. Rats. And she had just about caught it, too.

Amelia finally allowed herself to take a moment to catch her breath, and she nearly doubled over as she stood there wheezing. The ache in her side was growing by the minute, and her muscles felt overused. Limp. Yet all of this paled in comparison to the fact that she had once again lost the trial of the creature.

Amelia dropped into the springy grass, all the resolve she formerly had leaving her being. She groaned and lay back in defeat. Would she ever be able to see what the creature was? And to be honest, this whole adventure reminded her eerily of her dream the night before she came to her uncle’s. What had she been chasing in her dream again?

Amelia frowned as she searched her memory deeply, trying to unravel the forgotten places in her dream. Why were dreams like this? You could dream up a whole book in remarkable detail, yet forget every single thing that happened once you awoke. Perhaps with no more knowledge of what happened other than a fragment of an idea. Some small fact...

“What are you doing?” A small, sweet feminine voice giggled behind her.

Amelia quickly looked behind her in surprise. There was no one there. But how could that be? She had surely heard a girl’s voice behind her. Could she possibly have imagined it?

“Over here.” The voice giggled again. Amelia scanned the area behind her once again, rising to her feet as she looked. “No, silly, up here.”

Amelia looked up towards the source of the voice, and nearly yelled in surprise when she saw a fairy sitting on a branch just as primly and properly as a princess. Yes, that’s right. A fairy.

The fairy wore a dress made of tiger lily petals which fell mid-thigh, and had wings the color of a sunset. They looked rather like a Monarch’s wings, but were translucent as well. She had auburn locks and brilliant, golden eyes. She was very small, and no doubt could easily fit in the palm of Amelia’s hand.

Amelia stumbled back, gasping in surprise, and stuttered, “Wha- how- what are you? Am I hallucinating? Yes, I must be hallucinating. That’s the only explanation.”

“Yup, humans are definitely weird.” The fairy raised an eyebrow at her. “But then again, you aren’t really even human, are you?”

“Huh?” Amelia stared at the small creature dumbly.

“As I said before, you aren’t even human, are you?” She repeated, staring intently at Amelia.

The fairy’s words finally clarified in her head, and she shook her head and snorted in disbelief. “Yeah, right. Of course I am a human. I mean, look at me.” Amelia held out her arm to compare to the fairy’s own small one to prove her point.

The fairy sighed and shook her small head, long, auburn ringlets bouncing. “Oh dear, this is going to take more convincing that I was hoping for.”

“Wait, before anything else, who are you exactly?” The bewildered figure raised an eyebrow at the fairy as she crossed her arms.

She chuckled, “Oh how rude of me! And the queen herself even reminded me not to forget my manners.” This last part was mumbled to her self. “I am Ember, a Wood fairy, and a messenger for King Mamoru and Queen Alyssa. Their Royal Highnesses have requested that I bring to them a certain human. Er, no, not human. I mean fairy, who is currently human. Oh gosh, here I go again making no sense.” She rambled off, tugging at a curl awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, but this day has been a bit much for me. Would you mind starting at the beginning? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what’s going on.” Amelia shook her head, thinking all the while, and now I’m talking to a fairy. Yes, I must be going insane. There’s no other explanation. Any moment and I’ll wake up and laugh at how I was so nervous that I suddenly could see fairies.

“Ah! Of course.” Ember nodded in agreement. “So, from the beginning... Alright! So I am a messenger for the King and Queen of the fairies, and also a Wood fairy. To put that more simply, I tend to plants.”

Amelia nodded, “Yes, I caught that bit before. I’m afraid I’m more confused as to what you meant by me not being human. I mean, look at me. I’m definitely the right size to be a human.” She huffed, tugging at her clothing to prove her point. “And last I checked, fairies were a fairytale.”

Ember tilted her head to the side questioningly, then suddenly seemed to understand what Amelia had just said. ”Oh! Ahaha! I get it! Fairies part of a fairytale! Oh, you’re good, Amelia!” She clapped her hands and laughed in delight.

Amelia sighed and shook her head. She hadn’t exactly meant to make that pun, but it seemed Ember had completely disregarded what she had said before and was still ignorant of Amelia’s opinion on the matter.

“Anyway!” The fairy rambled on. “I think it’s about time I bring you to see Their Majesties. They’ve been expecting you, and I’m afraid I have taken longer in bringing you than I had intended to, so let’s be off!” She stood up and lifted her wings to propel herself in the air, but seemed to remember something. “Oh, what was I thinking? You must receive your wings first,” she giggled, and flew up to Amelia. Amelia watched in interest as Ember lifted her tiny hands and summoned a strange energy to her palms. “Whoa, what do you think-”

But Amelia was unable to finish her sentence as Ember flew around her several times and directed the strange energy towards her. The air around her seemed to change. Or rather, something with Amelia was changing. She looked around in confusion and panic as the world around her grew larger. Or perhaps she was growing smaller. At the moment, that particular fact was a bit unclear to her mind. She glanced back at Ember, who was suspiciously looking more and more the same size as Amelia with every second. And before you could say, ‘I’m a fairy!’ Amelia actually was a fairy. With wings. Real wings. Yeah, I am definitely crazy. She shook her head in disbelief. “What the heck?” Was all she could manage to force out of her throat.

“Welcome back to the land of Mystic, Lady Amelia.” Ember have a deep curtsy, and bowed her wings very low.

“Woah, woah, what?" Amelia screeched. “This is seriously getting weird! I’m not a fairy!”

“Oh, but I must contradict that fact.” Ember stated quickly, flying in front of Amelia in case she got any big ideas to wander. “I most certainly will be taking you to Their Highnesses.” Ember stared at her with a determined expression in her golden depths.

Well, I suppose I won’t even be returned to my normal size otherwise. Amelia reasoned to herself. I may as well just go with the odd creature. Oh jeez, what am I even saying?

“Very well, I will go with you.” Amelia sighed reluctantly.

“Excellent!” Ember clapped her hands excitedly.

“Shall we go then?” sighed Amelia, who was not really looking forward to going on a trip where she would be contemplating her sanity the entire time.

“We shall, but I have one last thing I need to do first.” Ember nodded. “I’ll be back in a bit. Wait here for me.”

And with that, the bright, cheerful fairy flew away at a remarkable speed.


Amelia sat on the branch of an elm tree, trying not to freak herself out at the extreme hight of her distance from the ground. She was slowly getting the hang of using her wings for balance, though. They truly looked quite remarkable, though. They were transparent, though its veins had intricate designs swirling over them. They were a deep, dark plum purple which faded to a pale purple then aqua and last of all to turquoise.

However, the wings had slit holes in the back of her shirt between her shoulder blades. She would need to get a new pair of clothing later from Ember.

Speak of Ember, she had been gone for quite a while now. At least a half an hour. What was taking her?

Speak of the devil- er, fairy- and she was sure to appear. There was Ember. And with Kazumi and Tadashi in tow.

Amelia choked on air. Kazumi in Tadahsi were definitely here, but weren’t at the same time. To be honest, Amelia was almost convinced she was hallucinating. Was that really them? Or maybe not.. But it looked like them. Well, the fairy-fied version of them.

They were tiny. Like her. Yup, she was definitely loosing her mind. Turning into a fairy? Then seeing her friends’ faces on fairies? Not normal at all.

Kazumi saw her, then flew up to her. Well, sort of. She hopped off of a branch and screamed as she ‘flew’ towards the ground. At the last minute she extended her wings and shot up in the air, grinning like crazy. “How ’bout that? Did I scare you?”

Amelia rolled her eyes. “Yeah right.”

Tadashi flew over to her branch with Ember in a more graceful fashion. That was Tadashi for you. And he even looked quite manly as a fairy. He had aqua and green tinted wings; larger than her own. His black hair now shimmered with a turquoise glow and was colored Aqua at the ends. Amelia suspected he would receive clothing later that would match his wings and hair.

Kazumi, who had at last decided to join Amelia on her branch, had received auburn tinted wings. Her naturally black hair had become red at the tips and faded to black halfway up to her head.

“Hey Amelia.” Kazumi said nonchalantly, glancing around at the enlarged scenery, strolling right up to Amelia.

“Hai?” Amelia responded, curiously.

Kazumi finally looked at her, then exclaimed. “What the frick is happening? One minute I’m watching Supernatural, and the next I’m chasing a frickin fairy and turned into a frickin fairy!” She shook Amelia by the shoulders.

Ember looked startled and worried by Kazumi’s sudden action. “H-hey! Watch it! If you hurt the Amelia, you’ll be thrown into the Labyrinth Cave, or worse, fed to the wolves!”

Amelia quickly brushed her off. “Oh, don’t worry! Kaz and I go way back.” She turned back to Kazumi. “I’m just as lost as to what’s happening as you are.”

Tadashi finally joined the conversation. “Hey, you guys are totally overlooking a certain fact.” He pointed out.

“And what’s that baka?” Kazumi snorted at him, then giving him a look that wasn’t too pretty.

He completely ignored the look his sister gave him and continued, ”Why would Kazumi receive such a terrible punishment for shaking Amelia?”

Ember’s expression remained unwavering. “I shall let Their Majesties tell you that.”

The three friends exchanged puzzled looks before letting the matter pass. It seemed that would be answered later.

Ember motioned towards the south. “Come on, we must make haste. Mystica is this way.” She flapped her golden wings, and flew in the southern direction.

Amelia clumsily flapped her wings to catch up, as did Kazumi. As usual, Tadashi remained his graceful self.

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