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The New Life Of Luna

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Chapter 2

Leo entered the room he'd been out to the blood bank, looked at me and said with concern "are you ok Luna you don't look so hot?", I looked at him and felt my eyes welling up with tears and I said sadly " I thought I could handle being a vampire but I don't think I can Leo , I know it's been a few years and I should have got used to it by now but I haven't and I just don't know know what to do", Leo walked over to me and hugged me and said gently " Look my brother took years to get his thirst and hunger under control he still falls off the wagon believe me, so trust me you're not the only one who struggles with it, I did for a brief time, maybe you should switch up your way of feeding , you've been on animal blood for a while now maybe it's not doing it for you , you could try getting blood from a blood bank like I do , what do you think?", I looked at him and said with a slight bit of cheeriness in my voice " ok then, I'll try the blood bank way, hopefully it'll help, but it's not just that it's the heightened emotions and senses I'm struggling with I can't go to sleep at night I get barely a few hours each night", Leo smiled and handed me a small box , I opened them up and they contained high quality ear plugs, Leo said " granted vampire hearing is pretty high up on the list of either a blessing or a curse but it only kicks in truly when you listen to something or someone but hopefully those ear plugs will help you sleep better", I smiled and hugged him and said " thank you so much!". I don't know what I'd do without him.

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