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Unknown 1004

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It all started with an unknown person who seems like a normal human but turns out to be an alien, and not just that this alien seems to take a liking to out male lead (Kim Do-Yuong) what would happen between those 2?let's find out in Unknown 1004 WARNING ⚠ -The art doesn't belong to me nor is the cover -so credits to the cover Artis and of sorts I'm writing a story on watt pad pls check it out 😢 https://www.wattpad.com/1300337160?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=share_published&wp_page=create_on_publish&wp_uname=Unknown_Glen&wp_originator=E81LIdI4oHOWwOfLX%2BGiP0du8VCdFWZauGRfgj8TPsKmmcfeLkRxvBfKstGIppLI8AZ2PxYHp91zUIdJIinj%2FANTSFU6xKzzv9bZnCQrl7REqw40FYfDriaa89ApS7Nd My username on watt pad is : Unknown_Glen

Fantasy / Romance
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?? '' Kim Do-Yuong, we have a problem ''

Kim Do-Yuong '' What's the problem Siyun? ''

Siyun '' You remember the person that got sent to your side of the Laboratory? Well that person is acting weird and not only that, he's showing some kind of side effects that we never seen before... What should we do? ''

Kim Do-Yuong '' I'll come have a look, you and the others go check up on jiwoon and see if she's alright. Cause the last time she complained about something slimy from quarter 1004 touched her and now she's sick, can you do that for me? ''

Siyun '' Alright, well be careful when your in there''

Kim Do-Yuong noded as he heads of to quarter 1004 to see what's the problem. Halfway there he saw some sticky like slime running down the corridor, his face was disgusted by the sight but then again he started to think ``What if Siyun was Telling the true? What if this person isn't human, are we all doom? ``

But before he could think of a solution he already reached his destination, he would look at the person there're keeping captive in a frustrated way, when the person saw Kim Do-Yuong came in he began to shake the bars roughly wanting Kim to come closer which Kim Do-Yuong did

??? '' Kim Do-Yuong ~You've finally came to see me''

Kim Do-Yuong ''What's your problem? And what even are you? ''

He narrowed his eyes looking at the person

??? '' Well since you want to know who I am I'll show you~ brace yourself ''

The person would stand up and suddenly tentacles could be seen coming out of his back, it went straight for Kim Do-Yuong, the tentacles wrapped onto Kim Do-Yuong's Body as one tentacle would slide It's way into Kim's shirt pressing onto one of his nipples

Kim Do-Yuong was surprised by this as he let's out a loud moan and started to blush, but then he remembered there's people in the lab nearby so he covered his mouth

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