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A Bad boy's Rogue Luna

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Description of book "A Bad Boy Rogue Luna " Book 1 “What is Lilly?” she asked her wolf. “Mate, Mate is here” her wolf said impatiently. “What?” she took over her body. She started looking in the crowd. Just then he came back with his usual expressions. “It’s him, look, it's him,” said Lilly excitedly. She was about to run towards him, when she heard a mind link “Stay, where you are, if you come any closer I will reject you right here” it was him, he mind linked her harshly. Lilly felt her bones numb. A word rejection is worse than death to a wolf. He turned to the crowd “Looks like my mate is not here, as I am unable to meet her today, so we will delay the coronation” he said with stone expressions and turned to leave. Althea Althea is a werewolf, found by her adopted parents in the wood. She very rare kind of wolf Canis Lupus which was the very first werewolf and is the mystery to other wolves. Althea have been consider outcaste by the river stone pack. Tyler Rawlings The upcoming Alpha Tyler is rude to Althea, like many other wolf in the pack; she had only one best friend Jacob who happened to be her adopted cousin and Tyler's first cousin. River stone packs members are white wolves and direct descendant of moon goddess. Will she resist Tyler's charms or she will end up with big bad wolf who happened to be her mate?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Untitled chapter

A Bad Boy’s Rogue Luna

Table of Content

A beautiful Gift

He is annoying

The Shift

High School is Rough job

Your voice

I hate him



Strange Feelings


Bosom buddy

Something Fishy

Prince’s coronation

Heart Break

Nowhere to Go

Canis Lupus


We meet again

Heart wrecking song


Stone heart

This was not meant to be

Alpha and the Broken Luna

Greatest loses

Broken pieces

Escape for life

You look familiar

Revealing the Secret


Mysterious to me

He is a Bad Boy

Nightmare come true

Mysterious Disappearance

Craziness on peak



Rogue Attack

My Big Bad Wolf

Royal Meeting

Alpha of Floroscura Pack


Shattered my world


Up and turned life

Laughing stock

Began a new beginning

A sudden surprise

My Long Lost Daughter

Piece of my heart

Dirt From the Past

Trouble Through Linage


The cat is now out of the box

The Light

The Grand Wedding


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