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Monsters,gore,romance and gifted People all going through life in their own fantastical ways

Fantasy / Action
Madeline Geroux
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The Kingdom was rather bustling with people doing day to day things. Children played around markets annoying the owners, people in rich garments walked around and looked at valuable items in markets,women spoiled the Elthien children with food and care. The people of Elthien were rather happy with life. Yet they were foolish and fearfully weak when it came to fighting their own battles. It was rather a deadly sight ‘peace’ is what they called it. After so many decades of having land stolen from them they only had the one land they owned. The Elthiens it was rather a small land with only 5000 acres of land. For a bustling kingdom with more than 100,000 civilians it was so much as a house.

Adam walked through the Elthiens, He stared at the civilians living rather lavishly for a small kingdom. Adam Was sure the Elthien Rulers were Expecting him. He thought he’d be In and out and on his way back to Valam but he was wrong. Many Sellers tried Coercing him into buying goods, Many even offered to guide him to the king in exchange for money. As stingy as Adam was with his currency, He didn’t want to become an enemy to the kingdom so he gave in.

" I could guide ya mate” The man said, his eyes were a pale green.”

Adam sighed pulled out his satchel of coins ” how much”

" oh just about 500 doks” The man said, staring hungrily at the coin satchel.

Adam rolled his eyes and grabbed more than half of his earnings.

" 500 Doks” Adam Said placing the coins carefully in the mans hand, the man smiled and began counting the currency which made Adam annoyed even more.

The man then smiled a toothy smile, A golden tooth shined brightly in the mans mouth catching adams attention, adam stared at the tooth reretting every descision of giving him the money. ” Nice tooth”. the man quickly stopped smiling and leaned in ” dont tell anyone about that you hear” The man said in a raspy voice. adam nodded.

It didnt take long to reach the palace doors. the king waited with an eager smile, guards behind him on all sides.

” If it isn’t the hunter” the king said, a smile forming. Adam kneeled on one knee

" I see you figured out who i am, what gave it away?” Adam said with his head down to the ground as he kneeled, the king tapped Adams shoulder signaling for him to get up. Adam quckly got up and stared at the smiling king.

" well, lets see...your stature, the aura you emit and the most physical of them all, those peculiur ember eyes” the king said, adam smiled and nodded

" What brings you here from Valam, last time i have seen you, you were just a small boy” the king asked scratching at his chin

" There was a beast in your forest my king” Adam exclaimed

" was?, have you killed it” The king said, his eyes wide and his smile large.

Adam nodded

" oh you, thanks heavens you” The king said stepping forward to shake adams hand before raising his hands to the sky.

adam stayed silent, watching as the kings excitment ceased. The king looked at Adam and smiled.

“ i should be the one kneeling to you hunter, you, after all saved my people from a horrible beast, we shall start the building of more land for Elthiens if the other kingdoms dont want war for it.” the king said, his face showing sorrow.

Adam felt pity for the old man, caring for his people yet weak in battle.

“ If you would allow me to give you this one gift, a parting gift. im sure it will help with your suffering for land and power” Adam said

The king stared at Adam confused

“ well won’t you show me” he said curiously

Adam looked around “ no, not here, im afraid its to dangerous of a gift” adam replied the kings eyes widened ” have you brought fire power?” The king asked

Adam shook his head ” Lets talk about it when were inside shall we”

Excited and curiously naive the king ushered adam inside leading him down to his office. Adam followed curisouly staring at the many rich objects hung up on the castle walls. He passed by many rich nobles without a single glance.

The king led him inside shutting the door before any of the guards could enter which made Adam crack a little smile.

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