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Luna Jassmin's Second Chance

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After suffering a betrayal a from her own pack membersand brutal death of her and her mate, she wakes up to past.Now fate has decided to give her a chance to stop it all from happening.Everything she's been through is playing out again one by one but this time she knows whom to trust, and whom not, but this is not at all while defending herself from her expose enemies she will encounter some new and mysteriously dangerous enemies. will she be able to defeat her Enemies or will she lose every thing again. Will you all join Jassmin in her journey to avenge her past life and take everything back she lost to her mysterious Enemies.

Fantasy / Romance
Zinia Aqdus
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Jassmin Salazar Moon , daughter of great Alpha Michael Salazar Moon and future luna of her own pack "Black moon stone pack".

A girl who's life was sorted with success and happiness that one could ever wish for, got a very heart shattering betrayal from her own pack members .

"Hello sister I have heard your are having some issues with brother-in-law , you can't always argue with him about having a baby , everyone knows here in the pack that you are the infertile luna ,who always question her Alpha about being a man who cant give her luna a child and heir to the pack".

Jassmin who was in foul mood sitting in her room and thinking about her life sitiuation ,got interupted by her aunt's daughter who was also the daughter of Beta of her husband pack.

"Hailey you should not concern yourself with my life matters ,and you better show this cheap attitude to either your other sluts friends or who can handle your shits .But not me and dont forget your interfering in your luna's life".

Hailey who was smirking before now having an ugly scowl on her face.She's always been jealous and hated her cousin sister because of her beautiful life and her rank as a luna , but,well more than being a luna she had a huge crush on her Alpha and wanted to be his fated mate , unfortunately fate has other plans.Now her dreamy Alpha has taken her beautiful cousin as a choosen mate and luna ,and what about her, she is titled as a'PACKS WHORE' by her luna cousin.

" Come on sister I am here for your own well being ,now hear me out sooner or later Alpha gonna find his fated mate and will have heir through her,but what will happen to you ;your family has abondoned you and your father's pack dislike you,and most importantly you are disowned by your father and sooner or later you are going to loose every single thing and will be kicked out of this pack too.So do you want me to give list of places where you can take shelter or will you go rogue?".

jassmin who was getting furious by listening her cousin talk wanted nothing but to tear her into shreds and that stupid haliey wasn't even aware that she was this close to dead .

"Do you think I want any suggestions from you about my life ,and talking about my husband he will never betray or hurt me.He choosen I as her mate and luna to his pack and given me his words that I qoute ' If I ever encounter my fated mate in this life I will reject her without having any second thoughts',and about me not having baby or arguing with him about baby is not an issue because we already have plans regarding our fututer so why dont you leave me alone and focus on your life and future mate ,sure you have some concerns about it ,because you dont want your mate to know about your little whoring life".

Hailey really wanted to be nice and help her cousin for once because what she knows is dark and hurtful secret that noboddy is aware off in her pack but her.

"Fine Jassmin ,I know you have already sorted your life and will face any problem that will come to your way ,but just to let you know you are not alone and I am with you ".

Jassmin was little shocked by hearing Hailey's words,but still was'nt sure about to believe in her word or not.

"Well Thanks for your fake concern but, I dont think if I ever enconter any danger or an issues, I am gonna come to you for any sort of help,so nah I am better off with you and after all I am the luna that you cant even be in your dream .Are you shocked that I am aware of your little crush on my husband.No wonder you are slut to a pack ,you didnt even left my husband out of your dirty fantasies".

Hailey who really wanted to help jassmin was in shock and confused to why her cousin hated her so much and without knowing the truth like her pack she is calling her a whore too.Hailey was hurt from the remarks her sister has given her, but she cant do anything but to be helpless and broken.But she has faith on moon goddess that one day she will help her to bring the truth that will clear her name in front of her pack.

"Jassmin !

well do what you want ,I dont care but please be alright luna.I hope one day you stop hating me ,I will take my leave now"

Hailey who wanted to say so much or maybe scream out of anger ,got lost with words ,how can she explain jassmin what hurdle she went through.On contrary jassmin was confuse because of her cousin expression and words ,she knew hailey is hiding somthing from her but what could that be ,but honestly jassmin had alot on her plate to even ask her cousin about her life .Her mate is ignoring her , her friends are hiding something and yesterday some omegas also showed their true colour .She is sure for now that something is going on in her pack after listenting her cousin hailey's words .

"Lydia please bring me some tea I need that to calm my self and this headache is not getting away , and please be fast".

Jassmin, who was now working in her own office suddenly mindlinked her Beta female to bring her some calming tea. Lydia is one of her many friend in pack and also her beta ,few mintutes later there was a knock on a door jassmin who was swirling in her chair got in bitter mood after sniffing her mate scent.

"well if isn't my mate 'Alpha Rhodney Jewell' ,what you want Rhodney get straight to the point please ,I dont want to have fight with you again please".

Jassmin who got worked up and was furious after staring her husband who came home three days after their last fight ,and was expecting some good apology from him .Gave her the heart shattering news and she wanted nothing but behead him.

"Can I come in Jassmin , I want to talk

to you about ........"

jassmin interupted him by saying

'you are already in my room so speak up what you want 'Rhodney was tired from her mate attitude ,In his eyes she never respected him because he was Alpha of small pack .

"lovely bee can you come to dinning hall every one is waiting for you and I want you to meet some one , but please don't get mad I promise I will never hurt you please just hear me out".

"Okay its better be some important thing, otherwise you gonna start another war between us ,okay baby".

Jassmin was not feeling well about meeting this someone.In dinning hall Beta and Gamma couples are waiting for their Alpha and Luna.Jassmin knew instantly there is something wrong by watching couples face expressions especially their females face expressions.It was kind of angry,sympathy and we are with you kind of expressions.Jassmin thoughts got interrupted by His husband voice.

"Jassmin , my little flower meet, Rayla Snow my fated mate .She is an omega ,she does'nt have her wolf and she's gonna live with us in this pack house."

Jassmin could'nt believe what Rhodney said.Than she notice someone in the corner of dinning hall looking at her timidly as She's gonna fry her or gonna chew her right now,Jassmin notice her appearance she is beautiful ,with big eyes and red hair.Her red hair was so shiny and long that jassmin wanted nothing but grab her and shave her bald ,that much how she was furious.

"What the hell Rhodney you can't go back on your words , dont't you love me anymore . How could you do this to me ?Reject her right now and kick her out of this house and pack now.What are you waiting for?"

Jassmin was in tears and furious so much ,that she could'nt control her emotions and run to grab Rayla's hair to drag her out of this damn house.But Rhodney held Jassmin in one place and order Shelly Gamma's wife to take Rayla to one of the guest room.

"What the hell are you doing Jassmin , don't act rashly .Can't you see she can help you ,she can help us and our pack".

Jassmin was in utter shock, that she couldn't believe anything her husband was saying.

"What you want to say Rhodney ,say it clearly .You're making me a villian over here.You are creating a fuss when you have already given me a word .So don't tell me how I have to act".

Jassmin's emotions were out of control, She was trying her best to be calm but she couldn't, she wanted explanation for this damn situation her husband draged her into.

"Jassmin my love ,why are you making such a scene .Did you forgot what doctor said to you,you can't get pregnant.Not whole pack know about the accident you suffered but soon people going to ask about a heir of my pack ........."

Jassmin got so frustrated due to Rhodney's shit talk ,and cut his talk by screaming on him .Rhodney draged her to their room and shut the door loudly.Jassmin was thrown onto a bed by Rhodney and she got shocked by a sudden change in her husband's behavior.

"Jassmin my parents and our friends circle knows about your infertility.My parents wants me to have a baby, I want a baby, futhermore ,Elders are also putting pressure on me and this pack needs an heir which you are incapable off.My parents want me to have a heir through Rayla my fated mate and I agreed with them".

Jassmin scoffed ,while hearing Rhodney's shit talk.

"Rhodney don't you think you are exaggerating .In front of you doctor said, it can take a time for me to bear a baby but I am not Incapable off not bearing it".

Jassmin's feelings were in turmoil,She was still thinking this all is a dream .But she didn't knew that this so called dream gonna bring Jassmin to her own end.

"Come on Jassmin its a good deal for everyone.Rayla will bear a baby and you will remain my Luna .You take her as a surrogate for our baby.Jassmin my little flower ,you know I love you so much ,I can't think of hurting you .You are my mate ,my Luna and my love ,I have never asked you for any thing ,so just for once listen to me and agree on this please.We can live happily ,No one will get to know the baby is not yours .Moreover my love we are getting older too.I know you can give me a baby but I am not a patient man and these pack members are hoping to see their new little Alpha ,their protector, please try to understand my situation too".

Jassmin was in a deep thought,when she said.

"After having a baby through your mate ,will you reject her ,will you send her away from here and If you will maybe ,I can also consider it ".

Rhodney knew jassmin was hurt but he didn't had a choice .Elders were forcing him to have a heir .

"Jassmin I can't say for sure .My wolf want her mate and I can not ignore my wolf needs .You want a baby as much as I do. Besides she is a omega ,an omega can't run a pack as you do and I have no heart to reject you or divorce you after all I love you with my whole heart .My love ,don't put me in such a dificult situation .Now please rest and take care of yourself ,I have some errands to give and do my work.See you at a dinner love".

Rhodney came towards her and caress her hair and kissed her forehead and lips and went to open a door to leave, leaving Jassmin as broken doll .She was a crying mess.No one knows , behind her strong mask but her that how weak and senstive she is.

"Rhodney you say you love me but still you are ready to hurt me ,dont you know when you will make love to her it will hurt me and my wolf so much. Please I am begging you dont go".

Jassmin stopped him and expressed her feelings .So Rhodney can understan her ,but still Rhodney ignored her with a heavy heart.

She couldn't believe moon goddess did this to her ,she was cursing her shouting at her.Oblivious to her fate, Moon goodess has choosen beautiful fate for Jassmin and her sister.

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