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Fighting Chance

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Remember Your Cosmic Roots

I can show you.

Those words mocked me, riding my coattails into the subconscious. It forced me to open my eyes again, though the light I once believed was the morning sun, was much more hard to explain.

I was floating. An ocean of lavender writhed beneath me, blobs of glowing violet mass floating upwards as if gravity had no place here.

In the slow stillness, I realized that I was no longer safe in my bed. I was no longer part of the shadows cast around my bedroom.

Most of all, I was calm.

The nothingness around me grew thick like smoke, filling my nose and mouth with a dense sensation akin to humid air.

There, right in front of me, glowing softly, was my sister.

Watching me. Waiting for me.

Her expression was void of any emotion, and her hands reached out to beckon me closer. Without thinking about it, I moved.

I was in awe. She looked normal. She looked still and peaceful and alive. She looked beautiful.

"I miss you," I said without thinking. I couldn't hear myself speak. There was no noise. Just stillness and her. I didn't care.

"I miss you and everything hurts," I began again, "I don't want to live anymore. I don't want to do this without you."

She said nothing. She just watched me. Her hazel eyes searched my face as if I hadn't said a word. I reached out to touch her. She lifted her hand, pressed her palm to mine, and opened her mouth to speak.

My stomach dropped.

The glowing faded.

I was falling. Returning.

"No," I pleaded, watching her become smaller and smaller as I slowly drifted down, farther away from her.


My world shook. I thought by now I would have woken up. There was no such thing.

The glowing mass swallowed me whole and pulled me down.



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