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His Beloved

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Once a human, now a beast. Will she be able to overcome herself... Her life was just a moment in a cruel world that is ruled by her enemies. One to kill her, the other to capture her, and she will decide which path she will walk... A path of love, or hate.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I’m a vampire.

A cold-blooded, heartless woman who gives fear to all, who know about her.

Not like the usual ones who suck blood and kill people and other creatures.

I used to be a human once.

I’ve got human blood in my veins that control pure blood which it’s given me, but also ...

Together, those two, make me a dangerous weapon, that someone wants to control, but can’t.

My humanity is still inside me, although, sometimes I wish I was dead.

That is why I’m now the most dangerous creature ever lived on earth.

Also, I’m the most wanted person in the vampire and werewolf world.

Both of them want me, to kill me I guess, or even worse, to breed with me, which I won’t allow.

That is why I escaped into a deep forest and the deepest cave that exists.

I can fight them, but not with all of them together, especially not Draven, the most powerful pure-blooded vampire, even though I have his blood in me.

With Arnes, I could try, but his werewolves are cruelest, with no other purpose than killing.

Even he thought I died when he let them torture me, in the cruelest way that a naive young girl can imagine.


It all started there, in the town where we all grew up, one beautiful summer day...

I could still feel the air and the smell of trees when I drove on my bike to my last day of school.

It was my 18th birthday, and all my so-called friends in the mansion were supposed to be there.

It was a house, a big one, where children without parents lived, and it was the property of an Alpha Arnes.

Yes, I was an orphan, and I didn’t know that I was his property too.

Every girl would love that, but not me.

I wanted to leave and be someone, finish college, and be a teacher, to the same kids as I was.

To show them that there is a better life than being someone’s slave, or else.

I was a loner, didn’t fit in, and used every opportunity to escape into the woods and read, swim, or just listen to the silent nature.

Yes, silence has her own story, just like everybody does.

Many of them thought that I was a witch, not just because of my reddish hair, or dark blue eyes, no.

My knowledge about things and desire to learn bothered them.

Besides, I hated meds, I always wanted herb tea or something that helps, which is why I collected herbs, early in the summer.

My clothes were simple... jeans, shirts, T-shirts, tights with skirts and tennis shoes.

I didn’t go out on dates, but when I needed to dress up for something like a celebration, I did, and it was no problem for me.

Dresses, high heels, and makeup were familiar to me I liked being makeup.

Not Beka, she always had too much makeup on her, and it took some time for her to do so.

Amy, her mother was proud of her cute blond girl, with brown eyes and a tall, well-shaped body.

I guess she saw herself in Beka when she was her age.

I thought that she looked okay, considering that they were werewolves and aged slowly, and her late husband was dead for 5 years now, so...

She was all in Beka, even when running the mansion, it was always Beka first in everything.

Not that I mined, but I felt that she didn’t like me much, considering Beka always spoke freely that she hated my guts.

I never knew why, until my 16 birthday when Alpha Arnes came to me and said that he wanted me as his mate.

His dark brown eyes and blond hair that was always on his forehead, were every girl’s dream, especially since his body was in perfect shape.

He was just 18 then, and I was skeptical about it because I knew he had his true mate somewhere, and I wasn’t wrong.


The worst of all, he knew it and didn’t say, or do anything, always saying that he wouldn’t love someone just because of a bond, there must be more.

He was always good to me, and we could talk about things that interested both of us, but yet, I saw him as a friend who was in the same class as me and lived nearby.

I never saw him as a cruel Alpha, and he knew that just like he knew that he would capture my heart one day soon, a year later.

I felt it in our first real kiss.

I felt his desire and mine for him, when we lay on the grass, under the night sky.

He was patient, never asked anything from me, saying that he wanted to wait until I was 18.

Boy, I was wrong...

He didn’t ask for sex, but he had it all over the place, and I couldn’t know it or feel it.

The reason was simple, I wasn’t his destined mate, Even if I were a werewolf like them, I still wouldn’t be able to feel it.

The more people knew the harder my life became.

He was officially Alpha, but his father had too much power over him, especially since his mother died giving birth to him.

That day when his best warrior was killed, everything went to hell.

I was at home, the school was over, and Amy was on the porch with Beka, looking at me as if I was a criminal.

“You did this, you stupid brat!” Amy’s words hit me like a fire, not to mention her hand, which was pretty hard.

Beka laughed, and her eyes burned me with hate.

“You think you will be his Luna?” She asked, making me confused with all that was happening.

“He was sleeping with me,I’m his true mate, I’m his Luna!” She almost screamed that last word, which shocked me.

Then I saw the others behind the door, who watched everything, and I felt sick in my stomach.

Whispers and hard steps were behind me, and then I saw him.

He was standing there, with his warriors and former Alpha Leon, looking at me with hate.

My eyes watered, because of all I heard, but most of his disappointed look, which was telling me I’d done something, that I wasn’t even aware of.

“Raven Bellon, were you at the woods last night, around 7?!”

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