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My Book of the Sun, A Collection of Short Stories

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Hi. My name is Astrid, and what I can tell you, personally, is that life is hard. Life is hard for most people, but for me, it feels a little extra hard. I began writing when I had my first psychotic break, and the story I wrote was... phenomenal. It was phenomenal to me anyway, and I don't mean phenomenal as in "the best book anyone's ever written," I mean phenomenal as in I felt as though I'd discovered a new phenomenon. The first book I ever wrote documented the psychosis I suffered deeply and wholly, and it encompassed pieces of me that I didn't know existed until I began writing. I don't want to throw all of my best work into one book, my very first book, but I do want to write a book of short stories that have to do with religious, spiritual, and psychological concepts all tied together. I want them all to have symbolism and psychology, and I want them to feel as though I've pulled the matrix apart for the world to see how it works.

I haven't been given a complete diagnosis at this point in my life, but everyday I question whether the psychosis was just psychosis. I wonder if I'd experienced something other people just couldn't understand or fathom, and thus I was written off as delusion and psychotic, all while the world was slowly wasting away with no power to save itself, solely because they just won't listen. I'm here to make a statement- if you won't listen to me initially, listen to the legends and lore I can create, and I will show you something worth believing in.

With love and hope for the future,

Astrid de la Soleil

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