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Secret wolf

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Sophie is a young woman who is ready for the next step in her life: University. She and her best friend Bonnie are moving to an apartment that belongs to Bonnies uncle. When Sophie meets Bonnies strange familie, including Bonnies cousins, she feels this strange pull to one of them. She ignores the feeling because she is already dating someone else. Will Sophie choose the handsome but possessive Will, or is it the dangerous looking and confusing Jake that steals her heart?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1


A hot wind was tickling my back as I stooped to pick up a box. It was so hot today that you almost couldn’t even breathe. With the last moving box in my hands, I turned around to take one last look at my old room.

What used to be a cozy and warm room, was now an empty shell. Only the purple and blue walls were a silent witness of my presence. I’ve had great times in this room. I remember the many sleepovers with my friends. The talks about school and of course, boys. I also remembered the nightmares I had, and since my sixteenth birthday, the strange dreams.

As I thought back to it, I felt tears pricking in my eyes, and with a quick motion, I wiped the tears of my face with the back of my hand.

“Are you coming Sophie?” my mother yelled from downstairs.

“Yes mom, I’m almost done,” I shouted back.

Moving has always been a part of my life. But the older I got, now 18 years old, the harder it was. Only this time there was a little difference. My parents weren’t moving with me. I went to go to the university. A big step in my life. I wanted to become a psychologist. And to achieve that goal, I had enrolled myself in the university. I have always been one of the best students of my year back in high school, so university was the only logical step to take next.

I turned around and closed the door of my bedroom. Now was not the time to become all sad and depressed. No, it was time to move on once more and be positive and happy.

With that thought I walked down the stairs. My parents were already outside. My father’s van already stuffed from the bottom to the top with all my things.

“Ah, there you are darling,” my father said. “Do you have everything you need?”

I looked at my father, his grey curls who used to be black, were short but still covering his head. His light blue eyes lay deep in their sockets. His wide nose and his thin lips were separated by a grey mustache. His mouth was pulled up in a wide smile. His slim body was covered in old working-clothes. His looks matched the job he was doing, moving me.

My mother on the other hand, who stand next to him, looked like she was going out. Her long blond curls were held in place on the back of her head with a golden pin. She had a minimum of make-up on to accentuate her blue eyes and high cheekbones. Her nose was small. Her full lips painted a bright red. She wore a short black dress with high heels. But although she wasn’t clothed for the job, she worked just as hard as my father and me, to get the job done.

I didn’t look like my parents, at all. But that was no surprise because I was adopted by them. I had no idea who my real parents were. If I tried to remember them, it was as if I looked into this big thick black cloud. So, I was just grateful for the man and woman who raised me as if I was their own daughter and whom I called my parents. But sometimes I wondered who my real parents were and if I looked anything like my them.

I was long, about 5,7 feet tall. My dark brown wavy hair fell on my shoulders. My big forest-green irises had a deep blue circle around them. My nose was a little bit upturned. My lips were not too big and not too small. I was slim but had a bit of a belly and wide hips.

My mother told me that I was a beautiful, curved woman, I just thought I was a bit chubby. Not that I minded.

My dad looked at me expectant. He raised his eyebrows.

“Are you having a conversation with yourself again?” he asked.

Oh, right, he asked me something. “I’m sorry dad, I trailed of a bit.”

My father shook his head and chuckled.

“But yes, this is the last box, my room is complete empty now.”

“Oh great,” my mother joked “now we can turn your room into a spa”.

I rolled my eyes at her comment but couldn’t help the smile on my face. “If it makes you happy, I’m not going to stop you”.

My mother laughed and took the box from my hands to put it in the, already very full, van.

“Well, I guess it is time to go then,” my father said. He got in the car and my mother followed.

My mother opened the window a bit and yelled “Drive carefully sweetheart, we will see you in a couple of hours.”

I nodded and waved. My dad drove off, leaving me behind in a cloud of dust.

I coughed a couple of times and walked back to my car. It was time to pick up my best friend in the world, Bonnie, or Bee, as I called her.

Bonnie was my best friend since the time I moved here, about three years ago. We had similar interesses and looked very alike qua personality.

I got in my anthracite SUV and drove a couple of miles outside town, to pick her up by her parents’ house. I stopped in front of the house and pressed my horn. The front door flew open, and Bonnie ran to my car.

She had her short blond hair tight up in a ponytail. Her brown eyes sparkled as always. Her full lips in a big grin. Bonnie was very muscular, if you didn’t know any better you thought she was a fitness freak. But believe me, she never went to the gym. I was a bit jealous of her fabulous body.

She wore a blue pair of jeans, just like me, and we had a matching pair of light blue blouses on. As soon as she got in my car, she looked me up and down and bursted out into laughing.

“Oh my Goddess Soof, we look like twins,” she squirmed.

I laughed and shrugged my shoulders. I never really understood why she always said ‘Goddess’ instead of ‘God’ like most people did. I asked her once, but she mumbled something about emancipation and that was it. Well, I never thought anything about it, so it was fine by me.

“So, Bee, are you as excited as I am?” I asked her.

“You bet I am,” she responded. “My parents just left half an hour ago so I guess, with your driving style, that we will be there at the same time,” she winked at me.

I had a bit of a reputation if it came to my driving style. I was a spicy driver. The faster, the better. But I always drove safe, so it wasn’t like I was some sort of a maniac driver.

Bonnie never minded this. She herself didn’t drive too often. She thought it was boring.

The ride to our new home went fast. Before we knew it, I parked in front of our new apartment. Bonnie and I rented an apartment outside university ground. The rent was very low because the apartment belonged to Bonnie’s uncle.

I grabbed my bag and looked around. There was no sign of our parents yet.

Bonnie and I already had our keys, so we went in the building. We took the stairs to the second floor and opened the door with the number 9 on it.

We entered the apartment and our eyes almost popped out of our heads.

The room we were standing in was huge.

A big black leather sofa centered the room. In front of it on the wall hung an enormous flatscreen tv. We walked further into the living room.

On the left was a modern kitchen. It was large enough to make dinner for a whole orphanage. In the middle of the kitchen stood a bar with six bar stools around it.

On the right of the living room were three doors.

Bonnie opened the last door and discovered a bedroom with a king-sized bed in the middle of it. On one side of the bedroom was a wall wide closet with enough space to hang all our clothes and more.

Bonnie claimed this bedroom for herself.

So, I went to the first door. Behind the door was an exact copy of Bonnie’s bedroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wasn’t a student supposed to live in a tiny bed- slash living- slash everything room? My lips curled up in a big smile. I certainly could get used to this.

Suddenly I heard a scream coming from the room in between our bedrooms. I ran out of my room and towards Bonnie’s scream. As soon as I entered the room she was in, it was immediately clear that this was the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen.

Bonnie’s hands covered her mouth. As soon as she saw me, she spread her arms and hugged me. “Oh my Goddess, Soof, look at this beautiful bathroom. I think I never want to leave this place again!”

I looked around as Bonnie hold me tight. There was a twin sink on the left with a mirror wall behind it. The rest of the walls were in a warm terracotta shade. In the back of the bathroom stood a big round bubble bath. On the right was a huge walk-in shower.

I looked at Bonnie and pecked her on the cheek. “Your uncle is the bomb, Bee. We should really thank him for this great apartment.”

Bonnie smiled at me. “Well, that shouldn’t be a problem,” she said, “because we were invited next weekend to have dinner with him, my aunt and my cousins.”

“That’s great,” I told her. “We should get them a gift to show our appreciation.”

“I already beat you to it Soof,” she said, “my mother went shopping and bought gifts for both my uncle and my aunt, so we don’t need to worry about that!”

I turned around and walked in the living room. I was so lucky! My best friend and I were going to have the best times of our lives together in this magnificent apartment. Life couldn’t get any better.

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