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Eventful Times

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Book 2 in The Slightly Unfeasible Tales of Landos. The demise of a planet creates a freak event and it's even a new one on Death. Spotting a promising chance to loom menacingly over future humanity (nothing beats a seriously good 'loom') he tags along for the ride anyway - in between the monotony of the day job. When the unknown - possibly impending doom - threatens the world, the rulers of Anglost turn to the experts for help. The School of Science, aided by the 'miserable tricksters and decidedly dodgy artists' (the somewhat laborious name given to the as yet untrusted wizards) quickly come up with two solutions... ignorance and brandy - possibly one solution, as ignorance can't be quaffed. Numerous religious groups blame non-tangible disbelievers for angering (insert here) and pray for forgiveness and mercy. In the background, someone of high standing turns to the unlikeliest of saviours... Gord excepted. But, is clumsy, reclusive inventor Albert Sonny ready for such a challenge?

Fantasy / Humor
Chris Whyatt
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Chris Whyatt

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