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Revenge of the Broken Luna

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Hannah used to be a happy Luna. She lived her wonderful life with her destined mate, Eliot, the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. But everything turned upside down when Eliot framed her for cheating on him and sleeping with a man. But she had never been unfaithful to her mate. Still, he insisted and forced her to abort their baby. Her misfortune didn't stop there. Her best friend betrayed her. She killed her to take her position as a new Luna of the Blood Moon Pack. Was it the end of her life? Hell, no! The goddess gave Hannah a second chance to right her fate. She would take revenge on everyone, which caused her life to be miserable. She promised they would pay for that!

Fantasy / Romance
Elaine Cass
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


The sound of someone vomiting echoed throughout the room. She had been doing that for almost an hour now, yet it had not stopped. She kept vomiting as if to put out everything inside her, although there was nothing more. The woman sounded too hard to poke her throat and caused only bitterness to come out.

She seemed a pity, right?

Unfortunately, the female was me. I puked since I opened my eyes till I couldn’t find anything to throw up. No, I wasn’t sick. It was my pregnancy that caused me morning sickness.

I tilted my head up after finishing the last vomit. I just realized that the vomiting drained a lot of energy. Having nothing in the morning caused me to be too weak, like having no energy left. Still, I wanted this baby despite everything that had happened lately. I loved my baby.

Soon, I heard the door lock open, and I immediately knew who it was. Eliot, the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, someone that I gave all my love to. My mate. I smelled his cedarwood scent which instantly calmed my mind and body. I also felt the urge to vomit decrease. My baby knew the father.

“Are you vomiting again, huh?” His voice was full of satire, and I still didn’t understand why he did that.

I didn’t get to answer because something suddenly wanted to come out. So I positioned myself as before, hanging my head down in the closet to begin puking again. It pained me both physically and mentally, while it should be the other way around, as I had him nearby. A lone tear fell off to show how his words meant to me.

“Get up! We need to go to the hospital!”

And I couldn’t hold tears from streaming down from my eyes. I was still vomiting, but my mate didn’t even ask about my condition.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed my arm and then pulled me up forcefully. I tried to let go, but Eliot gripped it so hard that I felt pain there. And without words, he dragged me to follow him out of the bathroom.

“Let go of me! I won’t follow you! You can’t force me to do that!” I screamed like crazy at him to stop whatever his plan was for me. Unfortunately, he stopped listening to me on the day that changed my life upside down. I’m his mate. Even so, he refused to listen to me.

He took a forced halt, only to glare at me. I could feel anger surging out of him. “I’m not asking!” he hissed angrily before turning around and pulling me back with him. He didn’t care about me anymore, and I felt the pain caused by his action on my body.

“No! I can’t! I can’t lose my baby!” I still tried my best, though I doubted the result. Fury had taken control of him, including his love for me and our time together.

We were already outside the bathroom when he took another stop and pushed me hard onto the wall. But he still gripped me tightly so I didn’t hit the cold wall too hard and break my bones. I knew deep down he still loved me.

“Don’t you hear me? I’ve never asked you. Besides, I won’t let that bastard’s seed in yours. I’ll make sure I’ll get rid of it today.”

Or was it merely my hope?

“No, Eliot. Listen to me. This baby is yours. It’s always yours.”

He gritted his teeth while his eyes dilated into full black. “Don’t ever say that! That thing is never mine.”

My heart sank at that. Eliot didn’t believe me.

“It’s yours, El. It’s ours.”

His other hand flew up, grabbed my jaw, and tightened it until I could feel the pain there. “Which one you choose, to the hospital with me, or I beat you hard until that thing disappears?”

My hands automatically went to my belly and wrapped it as if protecting it from danger. “You can’t do that to our baby!”

“I can.” He breathed over my face. “And I have full right to decide the moment you cheated on me.”

“I’ve never cheated on you. What you saw wasn’t what really happened. I didn’t know why I ended up with him.” I tried to re-tell the story behind the incident that caused this situation.

“Then tell me about the pain I had. I wouldn’t feel that except if you went intimate with him.”

I swallowed hard. Honestly, I didn’t know how it could happen, though I never did something to cheat on my mate. I loved him very much, and there was no room for anyone but him.

“But it doesn’t matter anymore. I think Goddess understands what happened between us, so she already gave me a second chance. I found a new mate to replace you, to be my luna.”

“No!” I couldn’t help but scream at him. That couldn’t happen, as I still felt a mate bond between us. I still smelled him like before, and the sparks were the same. That meant we were still mated to each other, right?

“Please, El, believe me. I swear to the Moon Goddess that I’ve never cheated on you, and this baby is yours.”

Eliot gritted his teeth more, and his grip on my jaw tightened. “Be careful of what you say, darling, because everything will turn back on you at the very worst.”

“No, Goddess will punish you for that.”

An evil smirk formed on his handsome face. I used to adore him so much as I had never seen any male better than my mate.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t the day I could spoil my eyes with his perfect figure, and I didn’t know when I would get that opportunity again.

“Goddess is on my side now. She let me uncover you cheating on me and now giving me the second mate. What I only need to do is get rid of that fucking baby, and my life will be perfect.”

“No. Please, El. Don’t do that. I will do whatever you want as long as you spare our baby’s life.”

“Yeah, you will do that after we abort his seed inside you.”

“No, El. Please.”


My head snapped at the familiar voice joining in our useless conversation. I saw Casey, my omega and best friend, taking steps toward us. My hope was raised at the thought I would have someone to back me off.

“Let me take her to the hospital.”

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