Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Ten


(explicit chapter)

I’m pressed against something so warm, so soft and so sweet. I nuzzle into the warmth, and a few moments later, it shifts.

Skin presses against my mouth, and I inhale deeply, my teeth scraping the flesh gently.

Mate! Timber howls. Our mate slips from our arms, and immediately, my eyes flash open. She looks so beautiful, and she smells so... enticing.

I groan loudly and stuff my face in my pillow, arousal flowing through my veins.

Mate! Mate! Timber whimpers, pacing. I feel myself twitch down below, and I can't take it any more.

"Lock the door," I grunt. I can sense Eternal's movements as she shifts, and there's the soft click of the lock. I shift, moaning, and press my stomach to the mattress, my hand sliding down my body and going past the front of my waistband.

I fist myself once, twice, and I suddenly sense someone next to me. Immediately, I rip my hand from my boxers, and look up, quickly grasping my mate's wrists and yanking her beneath me.

The word escapes my lips;

"Mate." Her body freezes beneath mine, and I moan, straddling her small and slim body, I lean down to kiss her.

"Damon, no," She struggles, and I growl, gripping her wrists tighter.

"Yes." I growl. Timber is going absolutely crazy, and he strains to bite into the sweet and soft flesh of our mate's neck.

"Damon! I'm a dragon!" Eternal hisses in my ear.

"So?" I growl back. I shift and press myself between her thighs, and Eternal pushes against my chest.

The pleasurable haze I'm in does not disperse, it doesn't even dim.

Eternal is refusing us, our mate is refusing us.

This sends a flare of anger through my veins, and through my lust-filled haze, I pin her arms above her head and attack her lips.

I urge her to move her silky and soft lips against mine. I nip at her lips, and slip my tongue into her mouth.

She doesn't move.

I let out a groan of exasperation and slowly roll my hips against hers.

Finally, she begins to kiss me back.

A rumble of approval emits from my throat as I kiss her with vigour, harsh and quick breaths escaping my lips.

Eternal breathes sharply as I press my body tightly against hers, and I'm positive that she can feel me pressing against her.

When I release her wrists, she slips her fingers into my hair, one hand pressing against the nape of my neck. I suddenly tear my lips from hers and straddle her hips. I'm up on my knees, towering over her, and I slowly slide my hand down my stomach.

Eternal's eyes are on my lips, and mine on hers. Her lips are swollen and slightly wet. She licks her lips, and her eyes dart to my hand. They widen slightly as I push past my waistband, and wrap a loose fist around myself.

Eternal suddenly surges up, and pins me down, taking my hand from my pants, she straddles my hips lightly, sitting up straight, and looking down at me.

I'm panting, my head clouded with thoughts.... dirty thoughts.

Mate, must mark! Must have! Timber howls, and he wants to pounce. Eternal leans down, her hair splaying against my stomach, and brushes her lips ever so gently across mine. I whimper when we lose contact, but she then trails her lips down my throat and chest.

I groan as she kisses lightly across my stomach, and Timber howls, bucking. My hips jerk, and Eternal pins them down. Dragging her nose ever so lightly across my skin just above my waistband, I shiver, and drag her head up so I can kiss her again.

"Follow me," Eternal murmurs against my lips. She draws away and my body follows.

Eternal gracefully trots over to the bathroom, and I can hear the running of water. Eternal comes back out and beckons to me, and immediately, Timber leaps to his paws, forcing me to stalk towards her.

Her arms wind around my neck, and I shiver, because her hands are cold. She presses her lips to mine, and all is lost in a pleasurable haze.

Suddenly, I can feel a freezing cold substance, and I blink. Eternal has shoved me into the bath filled with cold water.

She climbs in after me, and chuckles.

"You're cute," she says. I pout at her, and she straddles my hips, bracing her hands against the end of the bathtub, kissing my throat.

I wriggle beneath her, the cold water not doing much to help satiate my Heat. She rubs against me, and I can feel myself hardening, despite the cold water.

"Et..Eternal," I groan, and pull her head up to kiss her. She responds, and trails her fingers down my chest lightly, and a shiver runs through my body.

My Heat spikes up a notch, and I let out a whine, burying my face in the crook of her neck.

Timber howls at me.

Mark! Mark now!

I can't, though, because Eternal suddenly pushes me back so my back is pressed against one end of the tub. I wriggle beneath her, and suddenly stiffen as my erection presses against her thigh.

My boxers are showcasing a huge tent, and I'm too affected by Heat to be embarrassed. To my surprise, Eternal presses her palm against my crotch, and I let out a loud moan, flexing my hips upwards.

"Please," I whimper, squeezing my eyes shut as I feel her hand gently grasp me.

Eternal leans forward and presses her lips to my throat. My pulse is pounding, racing, and I know she can feel it against her mouth.

I gasp, my hips bucking jerkily, and suddenly, I feel my boxers being pulled down.

But, both of Eternal's hands are framing my face. It takes me a second to realize it's me.

I somehow manage to flip us over in the cold water, and thrust my hips against Eternal's. The fabric of her sweatpants that she borrowed from me gives me delicious friction, and I moan into her mouth, my hips flexing.

My Heat wanes slightly.

Eternal gasps beneath me, pulling her lips away from mine. I trail my mouth down her neck, licking and sucking her skin as I basically dry hump her in the bathtub.

Is it dry humping if it's in water? Timber muses.

I don't care right now, I need her. I need to satiate my Heat. I growl, and Eternal suddenly grips my erection in her hand tightly.

My entire body jerks as she begins to run her hand up and down my shaft, the other teasing my base. My body convulses, and my throat constricts, dropping my head into the crook of her neck.

Water is sloshing over the sides of the tub, and I finally place one hand on the small of her back, tugging her soaked sweatpants off and tossing them out of the tub. I straddle her petite body and grind down.

Eternal lets out a small squeak, and closes her eyes. I kiss her with hunger, my tongue pushing past her lips. I thrust my hips against hers, craving and wanting that satisfaction of my Heat being satated.

"Damon," Eternal begins to protest.

"No," I growl. I'm too aroused to stop now, I'm beyond aroused.

"If you mark me, you'll be killed," Eternal growls back.

"Why?" I respond, flexing my hips against hers.

"I have fire flowing through my veins. If you bite me, it will burn you from the inside out." Eternal breathes.

"But if I'm inside you will it be the same?" I ask bluntly.

Mate! Timber howls. Must mate!

"Um, no," Eternal mumbles.

"Good," I respond, pushing my body against hers firmly, my lips crushing hers.

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