Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Eleven


(explicit chapter)

"Damon, stop," I breathe, trying to escape from his grip. Damon lets out a growl, his lips attacking my neck, and his hips tight against mine.

I can feel him pulsing between my legs, and I try to push him away.

Why are we doing this again? Star asks.

I don't know. We should've taken the empty room. I mutter.

No, I mean why are we pushing this hot guy away? Star responds.

WHAT?! I nearly choke.

Yeah. Why are we doing that?

I don't want to have sex with him! I shout. I'm a dragon, he's a werewolf, he killed our family!

True, but he's still hot. Star mutters.

How can we get him to stop?

Well.... a lot of times tension is released by.... um. You know. Star says.

Yeah, yeah. But I'm not going to touch that part of him anytime soon. I mutter.

It's basically already touching you. Star muses.

EW! STAR! I shout. Star laughs.

Make him find a release without touching him bare then. Star chuckles. I internally shudder.

"Eternal," Damon groans. I push at his chest, and he falls backwards, the water in the tub splashing up the sides. I clamber out of the tub quickly, and dart into his bedroom, locking the bathroom door.

With the help of Star, I quickly bar the door with a desk, a chest and the bed.

I can hear Damon inside the bathroom, letting out irritated growls.

I guess that kind of works. Star says.

We can just wait until he passes out from hunger or something. I muse. I can tell that Star is rolling her eyes at me.

But, that doesn't seem like an option. A few moments later, the ded, desk and the chest all explode forward, the door hanging from its hinges. Damon is in the doorway, panting, and stark-naked. I forgot that he had taken off his underwear in the bathroom before he began to grind on me.

Shit. Star gapes. He's strong!

Yeah, but his strength won't match up to ours, I almost scoff.

Damon is on me in a second, pressing me against the wall with his body. I clench my teeth, trying to jerk my head away as he attacks my neck with his lips.

"Damon," I growl, angrily pushing his head away. Damon snarls, and suddenly jolts his body against mine. A small gasp escapes my lips as his hips flex into mine, pressing his arousal between my thighs. That's when I remember all I have on is a soaked shirt and my panties.

"No. I need you. Now." Damon growls, his tongue lashing against the skin of my neck, nipping me. He tosses me down onto the carpet, before straddling my body, his head darting down to press his lips to mine.

I struggle beneath him, ignoring the pleasure I feel as his bare core and my mostly-bare core press together. Moans of satisfaction escape his lips and he slowly begins to thrust his hips into mine.

"Damon!" I snap, managing to shove him off of me.

He's heavy. Star mutters.

I'm the one who's lifting him. I mutter back. Star rolls her eyes. Damon sits back, his back resting against the wall. He watches me with dark, hungry eyes as I run a hand through my hair.

His face is contorted in an expression of need, and want, and I watch, somewhat embarrassed as he slides his hand down his stomach and down to his....

I feel myself flush as Damon begins to rub his erection, and flexes his hips into his hand. He lets out a low groan, and uses his other hand to cup himself as the other hand busies himself.

Well I guess that works too. Star muses. I roll my eyes at her. Star wrinkles her nose back at me. I get to my feet and move the chest and desk back to where they were, and turn the bed back over.

When I turn around, I'm met with Damon's bare chest, droplets of water from his hair still dripping onto his chest.

I look up and meet his hungry gaze and within moments, our lips are crushed against each other. My hand slides up the back of his neck and into his hair, and his hands grip my waist, walking us backwards until my back hits the wall.

Damon hoists me up, our hips snug against one another.

"Please," Damon whispers against my neck. "I need you. I won't mark you," He thrusts his hips into mine, and I gasp as his erection moves the fabric of my panties to the side, and I feel the smooth skin of his cock brush against my core.

Damon stiffens, and his erection seems to grow harder. He whimpers, lips sucking at my neck.

"Please," he whimpers. I groan against his mouth, and slide my hands down his chest until I reach the tense V of his hips. He gasps and bucks his hips, hands clenching at the flimsy fabric of my underwear.

He suddenly tears my shirt off, the wet material sticking slightly as he chucks it somewhere across the room. His head ducks and latches onto my breast. He slides me down his body so my feet are on the ground. I slide my arms up around his neck as he sucks on my nipples hungrily.

My hands slip down his abdomen, and I grip his shaft in my hands. He gasps, and jolts forward, his lips trailing back up to my mouth. He suddenly tosses me on the bed, and rips my panties from my body before pressing his entire bare body to mine.

I can feel the smooth skin of his cock, and the sacks of his balls pressing against me, and with one smooth move, he buries himself inside of me.


I moan into Eternal's mouth. She feels so perfect beneath me. It feels perfect to be inside her. Eternal's inner walls clamp down on my length, and I choke back a cry.

My Heat finally begins to dwindle. I flex my hips, and begin to thrust. I move back so only my head is in her, before plunging in to the hilt. Eternal gasps beneath me, and arches her back. I kiss her roughly, satisfied when she responds.

A few moments later, I realize how hot Eternal feels beneath me, and it's hot to be inside her. I guess I hadn't realized at first.

That's because she's a dragon! Timber howls. Do you think we'll lose any part of our body?

No, I don't think we should, I grunt, jolting my hips forward to thrust into Eternal again. She wraps her legs around my hips, drawing me closer.

I'm surprised I haven't come yet. As if I had almost jinxed it, I feel my cock throb and pulse, before I explode inside of her. I groan loudly, feeling my balls throbbing and my cock pulsing as I fill her up with my semen.

It was such an explosive release for me, and I slowly realize why.

It was my very first release inside someone.

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