Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Twelve


Damon is completely unconscious, so shove him off of me before clambering out of the bed. I pull on some clothes and then open the window, crawling onto the roof.

Happily, I note that the roof is long and narrow. I hadn’t noticed that the werewolf’s estate had the perfect view of the ocean.

I now take notice that the entire castle that Damon lives in is in a addition sign, the uppermost part of the building leading up to the edge of the cliff.

I remember when wandering around, it was an all glass wall, showcasing the amazing view. I don’t know what the other quarters, or wings as I should put them, look like.

I need to stretch my wings. Star grumbles, shaking her body. If I don’t Shift soon, things might get.... heated.

How about we run and jump, dive into the water and shift? I suggest.

Yeah, but I’m not an Aqua. Star huffs. We’ll drown if we shift to my form.

Ok.... um... how about we run and dive off, but shift and skirt the edges of the cliff? I can see that it leads off into the distance. We should be safe. I muse.

But when we shift, the wolves will smell it. Star responds.

They’re all busy with Heat. They won’t notice. I mutter.

But when we shift... we’re a Flare; remember? Star adds.

Crap. Everything within a five mile radius gets a searing hot blaze when we open our wings...


Dammit. I really wanted to jump off the roof. I huff. Star chuckles. The two of us leap down from the roof, rolling and then beginning to run.

Racing through the woods, we dodge trees lightly and elegantly, until we’re a good distance away from Damon’s territory.

We pass the border, and after a few more minutes of running, I slow to a stop.

That was fun! Star squeals.



The burning sensation always starts at the pit of my stomach. Tremors run up my arms, and I squeeze my eyes shut.

Star bursts out, and stretches her forelegs in front of her. I become part of Star’s conscience, like she’s mine when I’m human.

Satisfied, Star paces, and lashes her tail.

Now for the moment of truth... I laugh, amused at Star. Star wrinkles her snout at me, then with a flourish, opens up her wings.

Immediately, the air around us ripples with power, and there’s a loud bang! as everything within five miles explodes in a short burst of flames before flickering out.

Good thing we’re in a clearing... I muse. Star nods, peering at her wings. Her outer wings are decorated with a supernova of different shades of blue scales. Her inner wings are a midnight black, with a shock of light blue, complemented with aquamarine and turquoise greens.

Star flares out the silvery-blue flares around her neck, the ridges along her neck, and spine flipping open and closed.

I want to fly. Star says. She lifts her wings and begins to flap, and in no time, she's soaring above the trees, silent, but joyous.

Before we know it, the sun has started to set.

What should we do? Star asks.

We need to head back... I say.

Can we risk flying back? Star asks.

I don't know.... I'm worried. Stra lets me shift back, and I quickly dress, before the two of us bolt through the trees.

I reach Damon's estate in no time, and easily climb up to the roof. Using my nose, I follow my own scent trail back, and duck into Damon's window.

"Where have you been?"

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