Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Thirteen


When I woke up, I noticed that Eternal wasn't with me. I do remember.... my face flushes.

I'm sitting on my bed, my sheets wrapped around my bare body, as I watch the window. She must have escaped through the window, then jumped down.

Did she really leave? Timber whimpers.

I don't know. I hear the light footfalls of feet, and immediately perk up.

Eternal jumps through the window gracefully.

"Where have you been?" I can't help but blurt. Eternal jerks her head in my direction.

"Oh. You're awake." She gives me a once over, and I can almost hear her thoughts.

"Once my Heat has been... er... you know, satiated, then I'm somewhat normal for the rest of the day."


"Um... It's easy for me to get... um.." I blush, and cup the back of my neck with a hand.

"I see." Eternal keeps her distance, warily. Her hand touches the wall gingerly, and the other is held out just slightly.

"What... what happened?" I ask.

"You basically forced yourself on me." Eternal says, shrugging.

"Why didn't you stop me?" I ask, bewildered.

"I tried to. I locked you in the bathroom, barred the door with several things. I didn't want to kill you, so I prevented myself from using my full strength on you." Eternal responds.

"How strong are you?" I ask, my voice soft. Eternal moves before I can blink, and within milliseconds, has me mummy-wrapped in my sheets and pinned against the wall. Eternal's just using her forefinger, and she arches an eyebrow at me. "Well damn," I manage to choke out.

Within another blink of an eye, I find myself lying flat on my stomach on my bed, the sheets askew. Eternal is perched on me, straddling the small of my back.

"I can also kill you within seconds," Eternal threatens, leaning down to whisper in my ear. A shiver runs through my body as her palms reach down and press against my shoulder blades.

"But you won't?"

"Not unless you or your Pack gives me a reason to." Eternal says, her voice sweet. She pulls back, and to my surprise, she nips my earlobe.

I bite back a groan of pleasure, and fight the urges that are currently running through my body and mind.

"I can tell you're getting aroused," Eternal laughs lightly.

"Please don't do anything else to tease me," I beg.

"What do you mean?" Eternal asks, her voice full of mischief. I'm so confused. I have no time to collect my thoughts before I feel something soft against the nape of my neck.

Eternal peppers kisses all on the back of my neck, before moving to my shoulder blades. I roll my shoulders back, and gasp, arching my back as Eternal laps at my spine. Her tongue is hot, and it feels good on my cool skin.

"W-what are you d-doing?" I stammer, swallowing the groan building in my throat.

"Nothing," Eternal says innocently, her breath fanning against the small of my back.

My entire body burns and my face flushes a deep red as she presses a kiss to my ass.

"S-stop," I stutter.

"Stop?" Eternal pulls back, and I find myself whimpering.


Mate, mate, mate! Timber howls. My body shudders in pleasure as Eternal drags her tongue up my spine.

Suddenly, I find myself on my back, staring up at Eternal. She's up on her knees, straddling my waist. Her hands are pushing my shoulders down, her hair tickling my stomach.

"Please," I say.

"Please what?" Eternal asks, cocking her head. I moan, I know that she knows this is torture for me.

"Kiss me." Eternal ducks her head, and presses her lips beneath my jaw, before sucking the skin. She nips me sharply, causing me to yelp. She swallows the noise, and our lips fuse together.

I moan into her mouth, wrenching one of my hands free from between her leg and my waist. I clasp the back of her neck, biting her bottom lip. I slip my tongue into her warm mouth, and she meets it with mine as we fight for dominance.

Eternal shifts, so she's straddling my waist. I choke into her mouth as her jean-clad core brushes against my bare core.

Eternal giggles into my mouth, and her tiny hands trail down my chest to my abs. They dip lower, and my body jack-knifes off the bed. Our chests press together, and my hands fly to her hips, clasping them as she straddles me.

Her hands are hot and soft, and they do nothing to help my rapidly growing arousal.

I inhale sharply, and press my face into her neck as she begins to stroke me, gripping me tightly.

My stomach contracts, and within moments, I hit my climax. White spurts from me like a flood, and I can't do anything about it.

I think that I can't go any further, but I'm wrong. Eternal pushes me back and slides down my body, pulling me into her mouth.

"Eternal!" I screech, and her hands pin my hips down as I try to buck up to get deeper in her mouth.

She giggles, and tingles shoot up my spine, as my lower body trembles with vibrations.

Eternal pulls back and pins my arms to my side, pressing her lips to mine, and I finally surrender myself as the pleasurable haze becomes thicker.

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