Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Fourteen


Damon's heart is racing a frantic tattoo beneath his skin, his pulse pounding in his body. His skin is flushed, and I imagine that it would feel hot, if I weren't a dragon.

His body twitches beneath mine, trying to find some kind of release. I smirk against his mouth, and he whimpers.

"Mate." I force myself to remain relaxed, not to stiffen up. I can't be the mate of the wolf who killed my family. Who killed my kin.

I could kill him now. But then, everyone would know it was me, and they'd be out to hunt me down.

I have to wait for the right moment.

Damon's hands grip my shoulders, before trailing down to my hips, pulling me tightly against his body. His hips grind up, and I press my hands to his hips, pushing them back down.

A whine escapes his lips, and I pull back, watching with satisfaction as Damon tries to follow.

His eyes are wide, and dark, his pupils dilated. His chest is heaving with each quick inhale and exhale. His cheeks are flushed, and his hair is a mess.

I push him back against the headboard, and he sits there, stunned. I trail my fingers down his ridiculously defined chest, then to his stomach, before brushing a finger right above his crotch.

Damon's hips buck, and a groan escapes his lips. He tilts his head forward, looking at me forlornly.

"Mate." He whimpers again. I sigh, and lean forward, pressing my lips against his briefly. Damon's hands come up and weave themselves into my hair.

I straddle his body, my thighs against his hips, as he begins to kiss me with more strength, with desperation.

"Damon," I say, but his tongue slips past my lips, dipping into my mouth. His tongue is hard, unrelenting, as it pushes against my tongue, coaxing me to respond.

I push my tongue against his, and we end up fighting for dominance in my mouth, and of course, I win. I grip Damon's wrists in one hand and pin them above his head, against the wall.

Damon bucks his hips up, and I bite back a moan as his erection presses against my jean-clad core.

Damon's arms tremble as he tries to get them free from my grip. Using my free hand, I reach down and grasp him lightly in a fist. Damon gasps sharply, tilting his head back. I tilt my head to the side and begin kissing at his neck, nipping and licking my way down.

His pulse is thrumming against my mouth, and I bite him, gently, warningly. It's not hard enough to break through the skin, but it's hard enough to leave a small mark.

Damon's hips are bucking into my hand, the tip of his cock brushing against the fabric of my jeans. Damon's movements become jerkier, as the rough fabric continuously rubs against his sensitive head.

Damon lets out a low growl as he comes, white cum flooding from his tip. I use my hand to smear the cum around his head, moving down to his shaft, rubbing all the way to his balls.

Damon moans loudly, and manages to wrench a hand free from my grip, tugging at the waistband of my jeans.

I sigh, and release his hand. Keeping one hand on his cock, I shimmy my jeans down my hips, and he immediately clenches at my panties, tugging at them, pulling them to the side so he can buck his hips against mine.

The tip of his cock kisses my entrance, and I lean down, pressing my mouth to his, rubbing him furiously with my hand. Damon's moans become gargled, muffled. I release him, and a disappointed groan escapes his mouth.

I arc an eyebrow at him, and move back, before standing up. I walk away from him, and stop at a dresser, peering into the mirror, at the reflection of him behind me.

His cock is still ridiculously erect, white still spilling slowly from his tip. Slowly, Damon gets to his feet, and approaches me quietly. His hands grip my hips, and suddenly, he uses his feet to spread mine further apart. Pushing me down onto the dresser, he guides himself to my entrance, and rams into me.

I gasp. He's being rougher than I though he'd be. Damon grunts into my ear as he presses his bare chest against my back, his hips bucking into mine, his fingers playing at my entrance, getting me to open up more so he can slide in completely.

I clench my inner walls and Damon gasps in shock and pain. He bites my shoulder, warningly, before he pulls out, rutting into me again. He continues this, until he lets out an incoherent bellow, coming violently inside of me.

There's no risk of me getting pregnant from a wolf. All of his sperm would die within a few minutes. My blood was too hot, my inner body temperature was too hot.

Which reminded me...

How was Damon inside of me without feeling excruciating pain?

Because he's our mate. Star tells me. I groan.

Does that mean....

Nope. There's a very low chance that he can impregnate you. Star says, shrugging her elegant wings.


"Mate." Damon whispers for the third time. His mouth presses against my neck, his cock hardening inside of me once more.

"Damon, don't you dare mark me." I threaten. Damon groans, and pulls his mouth away from my neck.

"Okay." He groans.

I push back with my ass, reaching down to stroke the remaining of Damon's length that he hasn't pushed inside of me yet.

Damon's hips buck almost immediately, and pushes himself inside, balls deep. He groans, and presses his weight into me, his heart beating rapidly against my back.

Damon suddenly twists my hips, lifting one leg up to my chest, he turns me, keeping his cock deep inside of me. Keeping my leg bent against my chest, he pushes it to the side, and begins to rut into me roughly, going much deeper.

He manages to hit my cervix, three times, and moans as he comes once again. I shudder, feeling my body release around him, my inner muscles clamping down on his length, milking him dry.

He lowers my leg, and wraps my legs around his hips, and shifts, moving back to his bed. I gasp as each step he takes jolts himself up deeper into me, harder, rougher.

Damon buries his face in the crook of my neck, pausing. His breath is hot and heavy, and his body shudders as his cock throbs inside of me.

How many times can this wolf come? Star asks.

No clue.



Damon stands in a wider stance, tilting his hips up slightly, and he wraps an arm around my waist. He begins to bounce me on his dick, sensually, standing up. I can't fight back the moan, and I press my mouth to his.

Damon growls into my mouth, and twists his hips, before walking back to his bed. I raise myself up on his body using my elbows so he doesn't jolt any deeper into me with every step me takes.

Damon roughly throws me on the bed, keeping himself inside of me. He wraps one leg around his back, and pushes to other to the side, before bucking into me like a wild animal.

I clench my inner walls, and grit my jaw as Damon forces his length to move past my barriers and back into me. Damon suddenly pulls back completely, and before I can ask him what the hell he's doing, his mouth latches onto me.

"Damon!" I yelp, sitting up. Damon has both of my legs slung across his shoulders, as he grips my hips, his head bobbing between my thighs. I sigh, and weave my fingers through his hair, tugging at his strands.

His tongue finds its way inside of me, and he begins to lick, eating me out hungrily.

"Damon, you are one insatible son of a bitch."

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