Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Fifteen


“Damon, you are one insatiable son of a bitch.”

I lift my head from between Eternal's legs, and peer up into her eyes. She rolls them, and presses me closer, her legs tightening around my shoulders.

I lick my lips and dip my head back down, lapping at her softly.

Eternal groans softly, and tugs at my head, coaxing me to lift my head again.

"You've had enough sex for today." She scolds. I pout at her, and she chuckles, before pushing me away. She pulls her panties and jeans back on, and tosses me some clothes.

I sit on the floor, dazed, and the jeans hit me in the face. Eternal groans in exasperation and kneels before me, yanking my shirt down, before forcing me to straighten my legs.

She manages to pull my boxers up my legs, and over my hips, my jeans following.

I reach forward and clasp the back of her head, pressing my lips to hers. Eternal groans exasperatedly, but responds, before pulling back.

"You should be satiated. It's almost nightfall, and after that you should return to normal." Eternal says. I frown at her, but flop backwards so I'm laying on the ground.

"Can I have a hug?" I ask, grinning up at her. Eternal rolls her eyes, and instead pulls me up and shoves me onto the bed.


"But I don't wanna!" I whine. Eternal's eyes narrow slightly, and before I know it, she's on top of me, her lips pressed to mine.

I respond immediately, flicking my tongue across her lower lip. Eternal refuses to grant me access, and I groan, reaching down to squeeze her ass.

Her body jolts against mine, and something touches my neck, pressing hard.

I tear my mouth from hers, gasping for air, but Eternal captures my mouth with hers again.

I moan, and I can suddenly feel my consciences slipping before everything goes dark, the warmth of Eternal fading as she shifts away.

When I wake up, I feel quite disoriented. My room reeks of sex, and my eyes dilate, Timber jumping to attention.

Did... oh my god... My eyes widen.

Yup. We had sex with the dragon. Timber confirms. It was great.

For you, maybe. I groan, covering my face with my arms.

And you. Timber scoffs. By the way, you let it slip that we were mates.

WHAT?! Are you sure it was me, and not you? Timber's silence confirms my suspicions.

By the way... where is Eternal? I ask. Timber doesn't respond, he only seems to be growing happy and excited. My cock stirs, a sign that Timber's getting aroused. I let my arm fall from my face to see Eternal crouching, seemingly fixing something.

I sit up, rubbing my eyes, and Eternal looks over her shoulder.

"Morning." I mumble sleepily.

"Morning." Eternal responds, seemingly a bit curt.

"What's that?" I ask.

"A broken door." She replies. "You broke your own bathroom door down." I feel myself flush, and I flop back onto the bed, groaning.

"Sorry." I say. Eternal makes a non-commital noise.

"Are you back to normal?"

"As normal as I can possibly be. I'm sorry if I forced myself onto you." Eternal's silent.

I'm not. Timber grumbles. I growl at him, and he curls his lips over his teeth back at me.

"It's fine." Eternal says. "There's no chance that you'll end up impregnating me."

"Huh?" The word slips from my mouth.

"I've said before, I'm a dragon. You'd die if you tried to mark me. The fire in my veins would burn you inside out, and your sperm would have died within seconds of entering me." She says this so bluntly, and she seems so unembarrassed about what she's saying, it makes my face and body burn.

"How many times...?" I ask, my voice barely a whisper.

"Six." Eternal shrugs, almost carelessly. My face burns with humiliation.

I had sex with someone I barely knew for two days, and my wolf and cock were already ready for another round.

"Damon. I can smell your arousal." Eternal growls. "I thought Heat was over."

"It is." I mumble, embarrassed. I turn on my stomach, burying my face in my pillow, trying desperately to find something to relieve the ache. I rub my stiff cock against the mattress, however, that makes things even worse.

I jump with shock as something touches my shoulder.

"Damon. Calm yourself." Eternal orders. I groan, and flip back onto my back, and meet her fierce gaze. I know that my jeans are showing a growing tent, and I can't help but to look down at myself.

Eternal rolls her eyes.

"This is the last time." Before I can ask what she means, her mouth has met mine.

Timber leaps to attention, and my hands wind into her hair, kissing her back with as much vigour as I can muster. My breath comes out choppily, and I gasp as she shifts, straddling my body, hovering over the tent in my jeans.

Her tongue prods at my lips, and I part them, and her tongue slips into my mouth. We battle for dominance, and Eternal ends up winning.

Her hips suddenly slam down on my erection, and I gasp loudly, my gasp turning into a groan as she grinds down.

I whimper, and my breath catches in my throat as I nearly choke on my whines. Eternal grins against my mouth, as if she knows what kind of affect she has on me.

Her hands trail over my chest and abdomen over my shirt, and my nipples strain against the fabric, most likely showing. Her mouth trails against my jaw, then down my neck.

Her tongue flicks against my collarbone, then she laps at my nipples over the fabric of my shirt. I gasp as her hot tongue touches them, and my erection stiffens even more. Her hands trail to my waistband, and unbutton my jeans, unzipping them and tugging them down my hips.

She sits beside me, her tongue still laving against my nipples, and her hand trails down around my erection, barely touching it over the fabric of my boxers.

I whine, my erection straining against the fabric. I feel as if the fabric might rip. Eternal hooks a single finger beneath my waistband, and tugs it forward. My cock springs from the confinement, bobbing in the air.

I have no time to feel embarrassed as Eternal's hot hand grips my shaft, moving up and down rapidly. My moans, groans and whines are swallowed by her mouth as she leaves my chest and fixes her lips to mine. My hips thrust up into her hand, and when she releases me, tracing a teasing finger on my balls, I reach down with my own hand, fisting myself.

My hips buck up into my own hand, Eternal's nails barely scratching my balls as her mouth moulds to mine.

Before I know it, my cock throbs, and I'm cumming violently. My chest heaves with my rapid breaths, and I blink quickly, as Eternal's warmth leaves me. I see her slip out of my room, the door closing behind her with an audible click, leaving me on the bed with my cock still spilling white, and the scent of sex hanging heavily in the air.

What the hell was that?

I don't know, Timber. I don't know.

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