Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Two


“What are you exactly? My soldiers and Beta may believer you’re innocent, but I don’t! So tell me! What are you?” I snarl, pinning the girl to the tree. To my surprise, an almost malicious snarl crosses the girl’s petite face.

“I know what you are,”

“A werewolf?” I interrupt, arching a brow. I know she saw me shift back to a human.

“Yes that, and also the murderer of my parents!” She snarls. I almost stumble back. I haven’t killed anyone.... lately.

Suddenly, the sensations of something that can only be described as electrifying fire shoots down my arm.

Yelping, I drop the girl to the ground and immediately, my guards are around me, having been watching from the trees.

For some reason, I think this girl has known that they were there.

The girl struggles against the guards and shoots me a dirty glare. The guards suddenly scream and drop the girl, stumbling back. Their armor is smoking. I stride forward and grab her on her upper arms.

“You hurt someone again and you’ll be killed on the spot.” I threaten. To my surprise and almost horror, a condescending smirk crosses her face, but only for a millisecond.

“Of course, Alpha.” Even her voice is taunting.

If she knew what she is to us she wouldn’t speak like that! I snarl to my wolf, who’s taking a snooze right now. TIMBER!

My wolf jolts awake.

Yeah yeah sure, Timber grumbles, obviously not happy I woke him. Then, his nose twitches. Mate! He howls. I knew I felt something when our eyes met!

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, if you haven’t been sleeping all the time!! And that sounds incredibly cliche.

“I suggest if you don’t want me to escape I’d stop talking to your wolf.” I jolt out of my trance and glare down at the girl.

Feisty. Timber approves.

"What. Are. You?" I snarl, and Timber whimpers.

Don't scare her away!

I don't care!

You know, you can only last so long before you're going to want to tear her clothes off and ravish her like a -

Alright, that's enough. Shut up Timber. I snap. My wolf gives me a grin and trots in a circle before settling down to sleep.

"Why do you care?" The girl spits.

"Take her away." I order. The guards wearily eye her, and she ignores them, keeping her hazel-golden eyes fixed on me.

A wave of heat rushes through my veins, filling me up with longing. I want to kiss her. Pull her close to my body. Hold her tight. I want to feel her lips on mine, the softness of her skin.

No. I can't think like this.

Well why not? Timber interjects.

I just can't! I snap.

"Remember my warning, girl." I growl. "We won't hesitate to destroy what hurts us."

But you will.

Shut it Timber.

Just as the guards begin to move in to take the girl captive again, she snarls, and they move back warily.

I hear a soft whiz then a thip! as the girl stumbles forward suddenly, a tranquilizer dart in her neck.

"Thank you, Beta Jaelyn." I sigh. She won't be much trouble now.

"Alpha, the girl is down in the dungeon." Jaelyn says.

Good. Time to pay her a visit.

I stalk down the hallway, and it seems that my Pack-Mates have picked up on my sour mood because they scamper away as soon as I enter the room.

I shift, and press my paw to the scanner. The metal doors slide open, and I lift my gaze to see the girl, kneeled, her hands shackled behind her.

She lifts her head, and when she sees me, her lips curl in a sneer. Growling, I pad into the room, as the door shuts behind me. Twisting my head, I rear up to grab the pair of shorts hanging from a nail and shift, pulling them on.

"What are you?" I say, running my fingers gently over the different weapons hung on the wall.

"I could ask you the same damn question." The girl mutters. "Murderer."

The only things we've murdered are rogues. Timber protests. She doesn't smell like a rogue.

You're right. She smells more like.... I pause, and sniff the air. I'm immediately hit with the scent of sandalwood and vanilla.

Sandalwood and vanilla... hmm. I like that. Timber grins.

I can smell a slight rain scent on her. I admit. The girl is yanking on her chains, and to my surprise, I can hear a groaning noise.

She's going to tear the chains out of the wall!! Timber howls. I quickly snatch up the butterfly knife and with the help of Timber, I use my amplified speed to rush over and slam her against the wall.

The girl winces as the chains dig into her back.

"Tell me what you are, and I might let you go." I hold the knife up to her neck, and she smirks.

"Let me go and I'll let you live." She bargains. I remember what happened to my bodyguard's armor, that had been made from the strongest metal.

Slowly, I release my tight grip on her. The girl slumps down, and coughs, before standing and meeting my gaze fiercely.

She's the first female to defy me like that.

Most of them are on the floor, submissively, or just plain out gaping at me. I glare at her fiercely, and normally it's enough to send anyone running for the hills.

"I won't say this again, tell me what you are. You're definitely not human or a werewolf." The girl shrugs one shoulder.

"Step back, we have a genius." She taunts.

Even Timber's fur is being ruffled the wrong way.

I lunge forward and press her against the wall, trying to ignore how lean her body feels against my bare skin. Her torn shirt and leggings are the only things that keep me from touching her.

Suddenly, a jolt of fire sends me reeling, and I release the girl's throat, stumbling back. The girl is thrashing against the chains, and I quickly exit the dungeon, closing the doors, using the two extra doors we have in case we have any dangerous creatures.

Jaeyln. We need more security. The girl is powerful. I order, before cutting all links and blocking them out as I head to the Pack-Healer.

"This burn... I haven't seen one since the dragons ruled the skies." The Pack-Healer exclaims. "It could be a witch as well..."

She can't be a dragon. Our mate can't be a dragon! Timber howls.

She's not a witch, that's for sure.

Whatever she is.... I'll find out. And it'll be soon.

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