Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Four


“We dragons don’t like being confined. If you hit one, that’s a one way ticket to hell.” She spits.

My blood chills. She is a dragon.

She's still hot. I know I felt something when we locked eyes, we can't kill this dragon! Timber says. I roll my eyes at my wolf.

The girl's cheek is slightly red, and she's breathing heavily. My eyes follow from hers to her heaving chest. I swallow thickly, and lick my lips as discreetly as I can.

When I look up, I'm surprised to see that her eyes are staring at my lips. When I quirk a brow at her, her face twists into a snarl.

Are you going to tell her we're mates? Timber asks.

No. Because her kind destroyed all of the hard work my family has been building for centuries. They've taunted us. The list goes on and on.

And our father killed her parents. Timber mumbles.

"I'd untie me now before I blow this place up." She threatens.

"And risk you attacking?" I shoot back.

Damon.... Timber warns.

"This proves my point that all dragons are ruthless and vicious." I say, arching my eyebrow.

The girl struggles against the chains.

"That's because I'm a Winged Flare." She says.

Also known as the Winged Furies for their temper. I thought they were the first to go extinct? Timber mentions.

"There are no more Winged Flares left." I respond. There's suddenly a flare visible in the girl's eyes.

"I'm trying to, Star!" She snarls beneath her breath.

Star must be her dragon. Timber muses.

"I am a Winged Flare." The girl says defiantly. "Last of my kind, no thanks to you and your family."

"Prove it. Prove that you're a Flare." I challenge. The girl's eyes spark, and she suddenly rips her bonds from the wall. I take a step back, and I feel lucky that we put her in the biggest dungeon.

The girl's body trembles and suddenly, there's a loud bang! and a flare of brilliant light and energy that throws me back.

When I regain my bearings, I notice that the girl is gone, and in her place is a dragon.

The dragon's head is slim and narrow, a cobalt blue with amber-golden eyes. She has silvery-blue flares around her neck, and she has a speckling of white across her nose. Her long and elegant neck is a lighter, aquamarine blue-green, with a pattering of scales of different shades of blue arranged in a supernova shape on the backs of her wings.

Further down the dragon's body, near her haunches, her scales become a lighter color, a turquoise blue, with silvery-white scales. Her tail is long and narrow, with a whip-like end that has small ridges that can retract and flare out.

Along her back is a narrow line of ridges, where the scales/skin flaps can stand up before collapsing back into her neck.

Her tail is a light blue, and it looks quite dangerous, really. It looks powerful enough to cut a tree in half.

Her talons are massive, the size of my entire body alone. Her wings are still pinned her her sides, so I don't know what her flanks look like.

The dragon stretches her large and elegantly shaped body, and peers down at me.

"Can you stretch your wings?" I ask. The dragon shakes her head. One of the only ways to find out what kind of dragon they are, they have to open their wings.

The Winged Auras have patterns and colors like an aurora borealis.

The Winged Flares have a supernova of colors, in the middle of their black-scaled inner wings.

The Winged Aquas have scales that look like raindrops visible when they open their wings.

"Then how can I believe that you're a Winged Flare?" I challenge. The dragon lets out a growling noise.

She says that she'll most likely obliterate anything too close to her. Timber says. I frown, and sigh, before I duck my head, and slump against a wall.

What do I do, Timber? Our mate is the last of her kind. She's a dragon, and we've all been trained to kill any dragon on sight.

Accept her into the Pack, force her to be nicer, almost tame her. Timber suggests.

I look up and see that the dragon, Star, is shifting uneasily. Her forked tongue tastes the air, and suddenly, the dragon starts, and she suddenly shifts back.

Within seconds, a naked girl crouches in the corner, hissing slightly. I can hear the pounding of feet, and I instantly move to shield my mate's body.

The door bursts open and soldiers file in.

"Sir! We heard a growl too loud to be a wolf's. Was it a dragon?"

I shake my head.

"The girl shifted to a wolf, and tried to attack me, but I forced her to submit." I respond. I hear a low growl behind me, and resist the urge to snarl at her.

"Alpha," Captain Jeremy says, dipping his head and departing, his soldiers following.

As soon as the doors close, I whirl around, trying to ignore my wolf who's thinking up vivid images of our mate.

"So you're a Winged Flare, the last of your kind?" I question, forcing my eyes to be trained on her face.

"What's it to you?" The girl mumbles, avoiding my gaze.

"I'm going to need to trust you," I mutter beneath my breath, Timber shooting me a dry look in my head. "If you're accepted into my Pack, you're going to need to learn how to be around us werewolves without wanting to tear our heads off."

And she needs to learn how to be around a bunch of werewolves who want her dead. Timber scoffs. I shut him out of my mind.

"I'm going to need to trust you as well." The girl lifts her face, and glares at me.

"Fine. First things first. What's your name?"

"First things first," the girl almost mocks. "I need clothes. "There is no way I'm getting to know you while I'm naked."

My eyes betray me as they sweep over her form. Most of her chest is covered by her long, brown hair, but I know that her body is firm and petite from when I first saw her in the pit.

I feel a thrill of arousal rush through my body, and I quickly turn, clearing my throat.

"I'll have my Beta come down with some clothes."

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