Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Five


Only a few moments later, the Beta comes down with a pair of shorts and a large shirt, which the Alpha quickly tosses to me.

I dress and stand up, sweeping my hair back behind my back. The Alpha clears his throat, and meets my gaze again, his cobalt blue eyes guarded.

"What's your name?" He asks.

"Eternal." I respond. "You?"

"Damon," the Alpha responds, running a hand briefly through his dark hair. The muscles in his arm flex, and to be honest, it's a bit hard to keep my eyes from roaming freely over all of his exposed skin.

Damon notices, and cocks his head, almost playfully.

"Checking me out?" He asks.

"At least I'm being more appropriate. When you were checking me out I had no clothes." I mutter. To my amusement, his cheeks flush slowly with color.

He clears his throat, and then looks up at the ceiling, before looking back at me.

"Are you actually a Winged Flare?"

"Yes! How many times do I have to say this?" I groan, exasperated.

"I still can't believe you're the last of the Winged Flares." He murmurs.

"Well all of the Winged Auras are dead, and I don't know about the Winged Aquas, let alone the regular Winged Dragons." I growl, and Star hisses in the back of my mind at the young Alpha. Damon bows his head slightly, and suddenly moves forward, gently cupping my shoulders.

"I'm sorry." He says, his eyes scanning my face. I shrug.

"My parents always told me that werewolves are killers, that they're ruthless."

"Come live with me and my Pack. We're not ruthless, we're honestly really nice once you get to know us." Damon offers.

This is perfect! Say yes! Star commands. We put our plan into action.

"Um... you really want to let in a fire and lightning breathing dragon into your Pack?" I ask, ignoring Star's cries of protest.

"I trust you," Damon murmurs, lowering his gaze for a moment. He looks up from beneath his eyelashes. "And I want you to trust me. You can't shift anywhere near my Pack. We're lucky that this dungeon specifically has been designed so no scents are detected."

I sigh, and drop my head, pressing my forehead against Damon's bare shoulder. His skin is hot, and I can feel his muscles flex as I breathe out from between my pursed lips harshly.

"Okay." I sigh. Damon then shifts, and presses a palm to the small of my back before leading me out of the dungeon.

"Yes, she is staying with us for a bit." Damon snarls. I bite back a laugh. This is the fifth person who's asked about me, and about the tenth who's looked at me.

I gently place a hand on his shoulder, and his entire body tenses, before he glances at me.

"Calm down," I chuckle. Damon frowns, but he starts to guide me again through the house.

"Damon!" I stop, cocking my head to the side as a pretty blonde pushes through the crowd and stops before Damon, blinking flirtily.

I bite back another laugh. This girl looks constipated. She pouts at Damon as he shifts uncomfortably.

The girl looks over at me, and disdain fills her gaze immediately. I think she expects me to back down, but instead, I place my hands on my hips and raise my chin defiantly.

"What are you looking at?" I snap. The girl sneers.

"My name's Ashley. I'm one of the most dominant females you'll meet." She growls, before smiling sweetly at Damon.

Does she think that since she's dominant that she's automatically with an Alpha?

How do werewolves even function? I ask Star, my nose scrunching up in disdain.

Eh. They're too complicated. Star snorts. Whoever this Ashley is, I don't like her.

Eh. I copy Star and shut her out for the time being.

Ashley places her palms on Damon's bare chest, and discreetly shoves me to the side.

"Damon," she purrs, before leaning up to speak into his ear. Damon's entire body goes ram-rod stiff, and he shoves her away.

"Dammit, Ashley. I've said this a thousand times, no I will not be getting together with you any time soon! We have mates, and you are certainly not Luna material!" Damon snarls. Ashley doesn't look deterred and she shrugs a shoulder before turning, winking at Damon.

"You'll change your mind soon enough!" She calls, before sauntering away, her hips swaying.

Damon looks up at me, and gives me a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about that." He mumbles. I shrug one shoulder.

"Seems like most of the females here are infatuated with you." I point out a small group of girls who seem slightly older than me.

They gawp at Damon's half-naked form, before their gaping turns to a scowl as they take me in. I know I probably look dirty and terrible, no thanks to Damon locking me up.

"They just want to be Luna." Damon mutters, keeping his gaze fixed ahead.

I mean he is good looking, Star muses.

Oh shut it, I roll my eyes. Damon leads me up a staircase, and down a hallway, before ducking into a room. I follow him, and he pauses, before shutting the door softly behind me.

"This is, er, my room." Damon says, gesturing.

Damon's room is quite spacious, and most of his things are black or blue. His walls are white, and the floors are covered in a thick, blue carpet. His bed is haphazardly made, black bedsheets askew. I arc an eyebrow when I see articles of clothing scattered across the floor, and immediately, Damon darts forward and snatches them up, tossing them in a basket.

"Sorry. I didn't clean this morning." He mumbles, a blush forming on his cheeks.

I laugh, and his head snaps up.

"Did I do something?" Damon asks, looking confused.

"Nah, I've never seen anyone that fast to pick up stuff on their floor." I say. Damon chuckles slightly and runs a hand through his hair.

"Go ahead and shower, and I'll bring you a set of clothes." He walks me over to the bathroom.

"Um. Damon?" He pauses, about to step out of the door. He turns back.


"How does this work?" I ask sheepishly. "This is the first time I've been in a... a house."

Damon's eyes widen, and he nods, showing me how the taps work.

"Thanks." Damon nods, before walking out of the bathroom, the door closing with a click.

Alright, let's do this. Star says. I can literally feel and see her jumping up and down in excitement.

Star. Star pouts and sulks. I strip of my clothes and step into the stream of water.

It's COLD!! Star yelps.

But it's almost the hottest setting, I respond, confused.

I'm a dragon. You're a dragon. We basically LIVE in fire! Star snorts.

Those are phoenix.

But we can be reborn from fire. I point out. Star huffs and shakes her head.

Use that soapy stuff to wash your hair. Isn't that was Damon said to do? Star asks. I pick up the bottle, and open it like Damon taught me, rubbing it into my scalp.

It bubbles and foams, and gets into my eyes.

It BURNS! Star wails. I shove my face beneath the spray of water, but only more suds and soap gets into my eyes.

There's a knock on the door.

"Are you okay in there?" Damon calls.


No! No! It still burns!! Star wails.

"My eyes are burning up," I admit.

"Er, c-can I come in?" He asks, stuttering through the door.

"UM, no! I have no clothes on! Just tell me what to do!!" I yelp, squeezing my eyes shut.

Stuff your face in the water! Star yells.

I'm doing that!!! I yell back.

Rub your eyes and stuff your face in the water! Star yells again.

Groaning slightly, I rub my eyes and wash the suds out of my eyes.


Ha! Told ya! Star says, triumphantly.

You're the one who was complaining it burned. I mutter. "I'm fine now, Damon." I call. I hear a sigh of relief.

"Not to be offensive or anything, but I'm relieved. I barely know you and - you know what, I'm not even going to say anything. I'm going to embarrass myself." Damon rushes out. There's a creak of a door, then, "um. Yeah. Your clothes are on the sink."

"Thank you."

When I get out, I dry myself off with the towel by the sink and slip on the clothes and undergarments.

When I step out of the bathroom, I catch a glimpse of Damon's hand half-way down his shorts, before he jerks his shorts up on his hips.

"Oh, you're done." He stutters.

"Why are you all so nervous all of a sudden?" I ask. Damon freezes.

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