Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Seven


Hey... Etty! Wake up! Star calls my name. I let out a small whimper of protest, snuggling deeper into the soft, downy material beneath me.

Something warm is beneath my cheek, and I feel something around my waist.

Opening my eyes slowly, I shift and look down to see the peacefully sleeping face of the Alpha of the werewolves. Damon’s hair is ruffled this way and that, and most of his body is exposed, the sheets just below his hips.

I let my eyes roam over the expanse of skin, from his firmly sculpted upper body, to his six-pack down to his happy trail that went past the waistband of his shorts that were precariously low on his hips. His biceps look firm, and they bulge as he shifts ever so slightly, the v of his hips flexing as he breaths. Damon shifts in his sleep, and turns on his side, half of his shorts slipping down his hips, slowly showing more bare skin.

Damn, he may be a werewolf but he’s se- Star starts.

I guess.


Damon suddenly frowns in his sleep, and moments later, his eyes flutter open, catching my gaze.

His blue eyes are still disoriented, and he blinks a couple times.

“Morning,” He mumbles.

“Morning.” I respond, quietly. “How am I going to go about your Pack without them knowing what I am?” Damon yawns and stretches, his muscles dipping and flexing before he sits up. To my embarrassment, and to Star’s excitement, the back of his shorts slip down as he sits up, exposing part of his ass.

Damn, he got a fine ass too. Star laughs.

Damon seems to notice my uncomfortableness, and his eyes widen. He yelps and quickly tugs up his shorts, before muttering;

“Could’ve told me sooner, Timber.” I hear him mutter. He glances at me, and sighs heavily, before swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He looks at me, and I blink. He smiles softly at me, before offering a hand to help me.

I stick my tongue out at him and stand up myself. Damon throws on a shirt, and grabs a pair of boxers from a drawer before stepping into the bathroom, coming out a few seconds later.

“Hungry?” He asks.

“I guess,” I respond, stretching a little. I can still smell his slight embarrassment and uneasiness, and I raise an eyebrow.

Damon just smiles shyly and I follow him downstairs. Suddenly, Ashley comes rushing down the hallway, and she throws her arms around Damon's neck, trying to kiss him.

Damon grunts and tears her arms from his neck. Ashley tries again, and I can't help but watch in amusement as Damon grits his teeth and tries to fight the crazy she-wolf off.

"Damon!" Ashley complains, her voice high and pitchy.

Damon growls in annoyance.

"Get away from me." Damon snarls. Ashley bats her eyelashes.

"That's not what you said when I gave you a -" Ashley starts, but is cut off.

"WAS I FULLY CONSCIOUS?" Damon howls, his voice deepening. "NO, I was not! I could turn you in for a rape attempt. Now if you'll excuse me, I am getting some breakfast." His voice has taken on a hard edge, his Alpha tone.

To my surprise, Ashley rolls her eyes and talks back.

"You'd miss me too much," Ashley winks.

"As much as I'd miss a raper." Damon snarls. Ashley pales, and then bows her head submissively.

She hurries past us, but not before shooting me a dark, and hate-filled glare.

"What's wrong with her?" I ask, amusedly.

"Everything." Damon mutters. "She tried to give me a blowjob while I was asleep. Hell only knows how she got into my room." He rakes a hand through his hair.

"But it got you up, didn't it?" I smirk. Damon flushes, and coughs.

"That's not something you ask your Alpha," Damon says seriously.

"You're not my Alpha." I respond.

"Yet," Damon mutters softly. "But yes, it did, and I knocked her out purposefully as soon as I woke up."

I smirk, and follow my nose to the kitchen, Damon trailing behind me like a lost puppy.

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