Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Eight


I'm a bit embarrassed with what I admitted to Eternal.

She's your mate, it shouldn't bother you. Timber scoffs.

I know, but Ashley is a pain in the ass. I can't wait for her to find her mate so she'll annoy him instead of me. I grumble.

Eternal is sitting at the kitchen island, and Charlie is cooking at the stove.

"Morning, Charlie." I greet.

"Morning, Alpha," Charlie responds, over his shoulder. A few moments later, the smell of bacon, sausage and egg wafts into my nose, making my mouth water.

Charlie places two plates of pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs in front of me and Eternal.

"Anything else, Alpha?" Charlie asks. I shake my head. "You, Miss, er,"

"Eternal, just Eternal." Eternal responds.

"Would you like anything else then, Eternal?" Charlie asks.

"No thank you," Eternal says, smiling shyly at Charlie. "Thank you for the stew last night. It was lovely." Charlie grins.

"No problem." Charlie busies himself with washing dishes, and finishing up cooking the breakfast.

I wolf down my food, and almost guzzle down the orange juice, before I notice Eternal watching me amusedly.

"For someone who should be quite sophisticated for an Alpha, you're not very neat,"

Did she just insult us? Timber asks.

I don't know. I guess I have an offended look on my face, because Eternal apologizes right away.

"It's fine," I sigh. "You want to get changed?" I ask. Eternal nods, and I grasp her hand and head upstairs.

"I need to teach the martial arts class," I say, and Eternal nods, and what she says next surprises me.

"Can I join?"

"Um, the martial arts are normally for just males. Hardly any females survive the first week." I respond. Eternal arches an eyebrow.

"But I'm not even a werewolf," Eternal breathes in my ear. "I bet I can take you down." She then nips on my earlobe and pulls back, leaving her sweet, sweet scent linger.

I suck in a deep breath, trying to shake off the affect she has on me.

Mate! Timber howls. You can't fight it off for long! Sooner or later, you're gonna want to tear her clothes off. Especially with Heat coming up tomorrow.

"You can come, but I doubt you can join." I blurt. Eternal nods eagerly, and hugs me.

"Thank you!" She squeals.

I swallow as I feel her softer curves press against mine.

"Come on, then."

"That's a weak punch, Daerius!"

"Kick up higher!"

"Aim for his solar plexus!"

"JESUS! It's not like we're attacking each other with hot pokers!"

"Don't poke! Jab!"

Irritated, I run a hand through my hair. These males are useless.

But, I feel like some are distracted by the dark-haired beauty beside me.

"Hey! You there!" Eternal shouts suddenly. A young boy, maybe about six, looks up.

"Me?" He asks, startled. The entire class has paused, and is watching the reaction between the two.

"Yes, you. Step forward when you punch, your posture is too stiff." Eternal steps forward, and helps to guide the little boy in his movements.

"Alpha, James snuck into your class aga-" My Beta stops short as he sees James, and Eternal.

"It's fine," I dismiss him. Once my Beta leaves, I clap my hands.

"Everyone! Back to work!" Everyone pairs up again to practice sparring, and I step to the side to watch Eternal and James.

James is giggling as Eternal guides him through a punch. He's perched on top of Eternal's feet, and she gingerly moves so James doesn't fall.

She's good with kids, Timber muses. Didn't she say she'd been out in the woods for years? Impressive.

Yeah yeah, I murmur back, distracted.

I wonder what she'd be like with our kids, Timber adds.

Mm-hmm-wait, WHAT? I yelp. Timber laughs.

Yep. She's be a great mother of our pups.

Or dragons. I grumble.

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