Mate of A Winged Fury

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Chapter Nine


I think Damon's attracted to us. Star mutters nervously, pacing.

What makes you think that? I ask.

Just the way he looks at you, and remember how you teased him when you nipped his ear? Also, he was super-super embarrassed and cute when he found out he was basically flashing himself to us this morning. Star rambles. And he's a werewolf, and this thing called Heat is coming up soon.

What's that?

Heat? Star asks.

Yeah, I confirm.

It's when all wolves, not just the females, but males, get really.... horny. They just want sex the entire day, and almost always, the Alpha orders everyone to stay inside and locked in their rooms. Normally, starving themselves knock them out for the day so they don't have to bear their temptations. Also if werewolves have their mates, it's basically just them banging the entire day. Star says.

Oh. So it doesn't affect us, though.

Nope. We're dragons. Star says proudly.

When does this... Heat occur?

In.... approximately sixteen hours, fifty seven minutes and twenty seven seconds. Star claims.


There's a hesitant knock on the door and Damon appears.

"Um, I wanted to let you know what's going to happen tomorrow," Damon begins.

"Heat. Yeah, I know." I respond, and surprise is evident on his face.

"Oh. Well. I'm going to go lead a Pack meeting about this..." Damon awkwardly clears his throat and leaves.

Why did he knock on his own door? Star asks. I shrug, before following Damon downstairs.

"Pack! I have gathered you all today in the warning that Heat is tomorrow. Everyone must be locked up in their room tomorrow, and everyone with a mate must stay together. Those unmated will stay alone in their rooms. Take whatever you need tonight, our chefs have been working exceptionally hard tonight." Damon pauses, his eyes scanning the crowd. "Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished. This meeting is dismissed."

A wave of unease ripples through the group of werewolves.

Where should we sleep? Star asks. I mean, in about twelve hours, all the wolves here are going to be horny but us.

I don't know, I respond. I mean we can fight off Damon if he forces himself on us.

But would we want to fight him off? Star asks, smirking. I roll my eyes.


Someone's in denial!!! Star laughs. Damon shuffles through the door awkwardly, and I break up contact with Star.

"Um, hey," Damon mumbles, looking at his feet.

"So Heat. Twelve hours, huh?" I ask. Damon nods, and cups the back of his neck.

"I'll try to find a room for you, it's probably not safe for me to be in a room with a female when I wake up." Damon says.

"I'm a dragon," I respond. "It won't affect me, and me being in a room shouldn't affect you, right?"

"No, last year, one of our unmated males raped a human girl, so even if the female isn't a werewolf, it still affects us werewolves." Damon says.

"Oh. I'm a dragon," I repeat. "I can fight you off easily."

"So you're saying that you'd be fine being locked in a room with "a horny as fuck werewolf who may try to force himself on you?"

"Basically, yeah." I respond, arching an eyebrow. Damon lets out shuddering breath.

"Okay. I'll try to control myself."

The next morning, I'm woken up by something nudging me. Blearily, I open my eyes and raise my head.

Damon has pressed himself against me, his head in the crook of my neck.

As I shift, I feel his lips press against my pulse, and his teeth scrape gently over my skin.

I slip out of his hold, and almost right away, his eyes flash open, the cobalt blue brilliantly bright.

Damon lets out a tortured groan and rolls over, stuffing his face in his bed.

"Lock the door." Damon grunts. I quickly move over to the door and lock the door. I hear Damon shifting, and moaning.

He's really horny right now. Star chuckles. I heard that if he's satated then he'll be quiet...

What are you insinuating?

You know. Star smirks.

I groan inwardly, but I don't want to be stuck with Damon groaning and moaning all day. I did not know that this would happen.

Damon's head shoots up the moment I reach the side of the bed. He lurches up and grasps my wrists, yanking me onto the bed.

What he says next has me and Star freezing.


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