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A boy. No one knows his name not even him. The constellations decide to help a poor boy. What will happen? The first of a starry series.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Empty. He was spinning, spinning through an endless space. He felt unconscious but that was the problem, he wasn't.




Silence. He coughed up stoney grains of an unknown substance. He looked down at the ground around him. Sand. He was in a desert. Absent mindedly,he dusted off the sand on his face. He stood up. He wore dark blue jeans with a yellow t-shirt. He shaded his eyes from the sand in the air as he searched his surroundings. After an hour or so of walking, he spotted a pryamid in the distance. Without thinking, he began the long and tiring climb up the pyramid. The further he climbed the less sand clouded the air and he found it a lot clearer to see the sky above. By the time he reached the top, it was night and the constellations shone high above. He was tired from the climb so he settled down on the flat top of the pyramid and fell into a deep sleep. The constellation of Capricorn shone brighter than the rest above his sleeping body.

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