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Prince Meliorn

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Meliorn Whitelow has a carefree life as the future king of the werewolves in Idris, a world where werewolves, vampires, fairy creatures and witches are at home and live together. This changes after his father, the current werewolf king, is killed and Meliorn is suspected of having committed the crime. Proving his innocence, finding the perpetrator and accepting his place as the new king, turns out to be difficult after Prince Meliorn enters the human world through a portal that should not have been open. Something happens there that he did not expect: he finds his mate. Layla Swarts is a normal girl and a self-proclaimed artist who recently began her art studies in New York. At least she always thought she was normal. However, one night in a club she meets a mysterious young man to whom she is immediately drawn to and who turns her life completely upside down. What happens when their two worlds meet?

Fantasy / Adventure
Zoey Sky
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Chapter 1

Meliorns P.O.V

Two weeks have passed since my father – the werewolf king Merlin of Idris died. Or rather, he did not just die like that, but was murdered. Someone just killed him, poisoned him. Idris is the magical underworld for creatures like me. We werewolves live here together with other creatures such as vampires, fairy creatures and witches. Our world is interconnected with the human world "Earth". With the help of a witch or a warlock, a portal can be created through which all mystical beings can travel back and forth between Idris and Earth. There are even people of our kind who live sporadically in the human world, albeit only a small percentage. However, humans or "mortals", as we call them, know nothing about us or Idris. Our world consists of the Kingdom of Werewolves, the Vampire Kingdom, the Fairy Kingdom, and the Supreme Warlock who led his clans. With us werewolves it is the case that each pack acts independently of the other packs, but each of them has to submit to the royal wolves. With the other mystical beings it is more or less the same. The grief over the death of my father, the Werewolf King, can be felt all over Idris, but it does not even begin to come to terms with what my mother, sister and I feel. If I catch the douche bag that has plant my father an overdose of wolves-bane which is poisonous to werewolves I will tear him or her to pieces. And that's not even all. On top of that, I am suspected of killing him. I always got along well with my father. Who the hell claims I would do such a thing to him? I bet I owe it to my idiotic uncle Gregor. He is not my father's biological brother, but an orphan who was eventually adopted by my grandparents. He and my father have always hated each other like typical step-siblings. Moreover, Gregor has always wanted the throne, so it suits him very well that I am currently being investigated for the murder of my own father. After all, it means that I cannot take his place as king at the moment. The only ones who are still on my side are my mother, my sister Reyna and my best friend Rowen. We feel that Gregor has something to do with my father's death. He either hired someone or it was he who poisoned him. The problem is that we have no evidence so far. "Well, how is our golden boy doing?" I heard an annoying male voice behind me as I walked to my room. When you talk about the devil... "What do you want Gregor, I thought my mother would have made it clear to you that you are no longer wanted here in the palace?" He seemed visibly annoyed by my words. My mother definitely tried to throw him out. "Wait until YOU are no longer wanted here as soon as it is proven that you killed Merlin. The court hearing is soon. You get the death penalty and the high council has no choice but to make me the new king." He says with a smug grin. The high council consists of one member of each mystical being. Whenever new laws are made or a new king has to be crowned, it must first be approved by the high council. "I think we both know who is really responsible for my father's death. The Council will see it soon, too." I replied. I didn’t wait for his answer as I turned around on my heel and continued on my way. Arriving at my room I opened the door and it hit me in shock. In the middle of my room, huge and sapphire blue shimmering was a portal. fuck. Who sneaked in here and opened a portal in my room? Usually you can only do this in a safe, specially designed environment with a warlock who retains control of the portal. Otherwise, every person who is near the portal will be sucked in. You have no control over it. It's almost like dealing with a black hole, just that no objects are sucked in, only people. I was about to run away and slam the door behind me but it was already too late. I felt like I was being sucked in. A weightless and electric feeling passed through me as I was transported through the portal. Shining flashes swirled around me. Damn! Where am I going to land right away? Wherever it would be, I hoped there won't be a large crowd there who would see me show up out of nowhere. I would certainly be in a great need for explanation. Because as I said, the mortals don't know anything about us and it should stay that way. We must keep our existence secret. I hoped I would find a way back to Idris. After about a minute I felt solid ground under my feet again. I looked around. I landed on green lawn. Around me were trees with dense green leaves, but they are not as impressive as those in Idris. Some people walked around me but luckily none of them were close enough to seeing how I ended up here. The portal was gone. In other words, there is no way to return. Not until I find a warlock who opens a portal to my home. I was inspecting my surroundings again. It looked like I was in a park. In the background I saw high-rise buildings. Since I haven't visited the human world for years, I can't immediately classify where I am. Normally you have to imagine a place where you want to land. But just now everything went so fast and I was too shocked to think clearly at all. The last time I was sixteen Jears old when I was in Los Angeles. I haven't traveled between the worlds since. I am twenty-one years old now. Which big cities are they again that have eye-catching scyscrapers? Could it be Dubai? Or maybe New York City? This park here looked more like Central Park in New York, which I could remember pretty well. I've been here before as a kid. I really wanted to hope that this was New York, because there would be an apartment here that belongs to my parents. My father bought it so they would have a place to stay when he and my mother were in the mortal world for business. Once again, I was saddened by the thought that my father is no longer there. To top it all off, I have landed here in the human world. At an unthinkably bad time when I already had enough on my plate in my world. Someone must have specifically hired a witch or a warlock to create a portal in my room so that I can be catapulted out of Idris. From here, there was nothing I could do to catch my father's killer. Nor could I prove my innocence as long as I was stuck here. I bet I owe that to Gregor, too. He has his henchmen everywhere, probably also among the witch-beings. I have to go back to Idris as soon as possible before he causes serious mischief. I was worried about my mother and sister. If Gregor really killed my father, he wouldn't hesitate to do something to my mother and Reyna, wouldn't he? I really didn’t know why my corrupt uncle was looking to ruin my family and my reputation. After sorting my thoughts, I finally set off to leave the park. Now, at the latest, after arriving in the turbulent downtown, I realized that it's actually New York. With a little effort and hardship, after some time I was finally able to orient myself in the city, which was both foreign and familiar to me. Luckily, I knew the address of my parents' apartment and was finally able to find it, as well as the key that my mother kept in a flower pot. The apartment was large and modernly furnished with a spacious balcony that borders the living room. Since it has become late, I took a shower and went to bed. I was wondering how long it would take to find a warlock here who opens a portal to Idris. I was going to search tomorrow. Besides, why did it bring me exactly here? Someone must have teleported to New York City before me since I couldn’t really think of a specific place while being sucked in here…

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