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The Royal Heir

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“Our story is close to ending. But not until I get my revenge.” Part of the Royal Series. Book one - The Alpha King Book two - The Luna Queen Book three - The Dead End

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1 - Bonds

Benjamin’s POV

Life had a way of throwing curve balls at you. One moment, everything was fine. I had a pleasurable night and with a new mark from my mate on my skin, I felt unstoppable. I felt complete. Walking out of the shower to see that she had gone, for a moment I thought that she had gone to fine Aella. A small smile played on my lips as I thought of my mate, sitting on a couch with my daughter and my beta’s mate. Reading over stories and bonding.

Then, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. My hand instantly went over my heart to see if I had been stabbed as I gasped for air. Ren quickly went on high alert as I felt the rawness of the pain. As if someone was shoving slat into an aching wound. The roughness rubbing against my broken flesh. My hands grabbed the shirt I had on looking at my chest. Trying to find the source of this pain.

Then, I felt the bond. Elena. It was my mate’s sadness, her mourning. Her pain. It was suffocating me. My body rushed out of our room, my shoulder slamming against the door as I took in deep breaths until I found her down the stairs. The door was wide open, and Elena was sitting on the ground. Her head was hanging as her small body shook. Instantly I grew worried as I looked towards my mate. A pair of large transparent light wings rested around her body. She simply stated that someone was gone.

Then my worry turned into confusion as her wild purple eyes turned into a light shade. She stood up slowly clenching a book to her chest.

From the bound, I knew she was in pain. In a state of disbelief but she didn’t show any of those emotions when she declared her title, and then announced that she was going to destroy Rhya and Jay. Then she looked away from me. All I could do was stare at my mate, I didn’t know how I could help her. What I could do to comfort her. I watched as the wings shuttered along with her body.

When I did speak up and ask what happened, Elena didn’t respond. She only held that journal to her journal closer to her chest and stared away from me. Not spearing me a glance. The bond was slowly growing number, the pain subsiding as Elena started to close the bond.

Ryan was mind linking me, screaming that the two Alpha’s had arrived on our land with our guest. One in the a vehicle one by foot. As the Alpha and the King of this pack and palace, I had to go welcome them. After I got dressed that is where I was heading. Down to the lower floor so I would be close when they did arrive. But now, I didn’t want to leave. Not until I knew what had happened.

“Elena.” I said in a deep voice, “Tell me what happened? Who is gone?” I asked as my hand reached for her.

“I have to go find Kit.” Is the only thing Elena whispered. The wings started to disappear from her back. My eyebrow raised as I took a step closer to her, my hand wrapped around her shoulder as I tried to move her to my chest.

“Is he okay?” I asked as I tried to think of what could happen to him. It was Kit, did he disappear like he had years ago? Was he gone and Elena just found out? This was the room Elena was staying in. Why did she come back here? I looked around the bare guest room, there was nothing in here. Was it the blue journal she was holding, is that why she came in? Elena quickly moved away from me.

“I just, I need to speak with him. And Dany.” Elena said in a panic and then sighed, “Shit, I told Justin I would have breakfast with him.”

“Why don’t you go talk to Dany and Kit, I’ll take care of Justin. I’ll see if he wants to get some food with me. Then I will see if Zale will train with him while I welcome the Alpha’s?” I asked. Elena looked up to me and nodded quickly. Her eyes looked so sad, so broken. But when I reached out to hug her, she moved away from my hand. And she quickly walked out of the room, leaving me by myself.

Ren and I were both dumb founded. What had happened in just a short period of time? Was it the book? I know her and Aella read a lot, but this, this was more. I wanted to comfort my mate, but it looked like that was the last thing she wanted from me.

With a soft sigh I walked out of the room, and for a second I caught a glimpse of Elena pulling Dany down the stairs. Justin, the young man who Elena had turned into a light fairy looked over to me. A small smile filled my lips as I looked back at my mate, “Come on Justin, lets go get something to-”

“I’m not hungry.” The young man said quickly. He walked towards the stairs and glared down at my mate and her sister, “They left me.”

“Elena needs to talk to Kit and Dany, it’s important.” I said and looked down the stairs with him. Watching as the females left the palace.

“We were supposed to go for breakfast together.” Justin whispered, a frown filling his face. Slowly the young man turned and looked at me, “What happened?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted and looked at him, “Do you?”

“I have a feeling I do.” He said and then shook his head, “I’m staying here.” He said quickly. His body pushed past me and quickly escaped in the first room. The sound of the door slamming echoed in the palace.

Part of me wanted to pursue the young light fairy. Try to get him away from the room. But, I didn’t know much about the young man. Truthfully, I’ve only seen him a few times. He was usually with Bellamy or Kit. Staring at the door I slowly shook my head. I’ll have to try to get Zale to go to him. Perhaps they could form a friendship, and Zale will have someone older to do his bidding. Giving Grant a break from getting in trouble with Ryan would be more ideal.

With a light sigh I started to walk down the stairs. The worry in my mind was distracting, so much so that I didn’t realize that one of the Alpha’s were already in the palace. “Benjamin!” A voice boomed loudly. My cousin came hurling towards me. Zack ran up the stairs with a wide smile on his face. Once he got to me he smacked my back roughly, “It is so nice to see you!” He said as he yanked me down the few stairs I had left. We both stumbled on the flat surface as Zack tried to wrap his arm around my neck. Quickly I fought my way out of his chokehold. A smile filled my lips as we started to softly punch and jab at each other.

“Zack!” A voice softly complained. We both stopped fighting and looked up to see Julianna holding a child in one arm. She was trying to pull a rather large bag in her hand. Her thin arm tried to lift it up to her shoulder, but it fell on the ground. She looked at us with an exhausted and annoyed expression. Zack quickly rushed to her side as she started to tilt to the side. He grabbed the bag and placed it along the wall. Once Julianna’s hand was free she rubbed her large growing stomach.

“I told you to leave the bags in the car.” Zack growled but rolled his eyes towards his mate. Then he looked out and dashed out of the entrance quickly.

“Last time I did that, the car left and we didn’t have clothes.” Julianna said out the palace, and smiled widely towards me, “Alpha King, it is so nice to see you.”

“Same goes to you Julianna.” I said and smiled at the human, “And which one is this?” I asked and looked at the blonde headed boy she was holding.

“This is Leed.” Julianna said and smiled towards the toddler who looked like he was about to burst into tears. I could see the soft lightening of the werewolf trait in him. I’m sure if I moved closer to him he would start crying. That is something I’ve learned, werewolf children can sense the power I hold as their King. Once they hit their toddler years, they tend to grow rather upset when I’m around them.

The children that aren’t really connected to their wolves seem to overlook it, but those who were would cry and shake when I was around. Grant was like that. He always had a strong bond with his wolf, and even though he lived right across the hall from me, he was always fearful of me. Since Zack was an Alpha, it wasn’t a shock that his children all had close ties to their wolves.

And as if on cue, five more children rushed into the palace. They instantly reached for Julianna. A young girl was grabbing at her blonde curled hair, and another young boy was gripping her legs. Julianna’s smile softly faltered as she tried to regain her balance. My hands reached out to help her, and the boy in her arms instantly started to whimper in fear. Julianna grabbed hold of my hand as she took a step to steady herself. The children around her all seemed scared, I sighed as I offered a small apologetic smile. “The damn driver almost got away.” Zack said as he carried three more suitcases. Three older children followed him into the palace, all holding a suitcase.

Nine children and one more on the way. They produced almost as much as my parents. Zack sighed as he sat the bags down. Once his hands were free, the young girl who was reaching for Julianna’s hair rushed to him. As he opened his arms to catch her three more children ran from Juliann towards him. Even the young child in her arms seemed to want to reach for him. Zack’s eyes widened as the herd rushed towards him, knocking him into the wall.

Once Zack regained his balance, he walked towards Julianna and looked at me. All of the kids were now tugging on his clothes, “An Alpha meeting.” Zack said as he gently removed the younger boy’s hands from his shirt, “What is it about?”

“War.” I said, instantly Julianna’s eyes widened as she looked back at Zack. My cousin sucked his lips into his mouth as he looked over to Julianna and then took a step towards me.

“What is going on? Who are you going to war with?” Zack asked, I could smell the scent of fear as his eyes started to lighten up.

“Once Litch arrives we will talk about all the details, I’m going to need your help when that time comes.” I said and looked towards Zack he quickly nodded his head, “In the meantime, your family can start to settle in.”

“Of course.” Zack said as a large burst of air pushed into the palace.

The force of the wind was threatening. The floor started to shake as decor started to drop on the ground. My body started to brace itself as wind smacked against my face, I could hear shouts throughout the palace. Zack’s children quickly grabbed hold of each other as they started to tumble down. Thankfully, the wind only lasted for a few seconds, then died down and everything went still. Once I could move my body, I looked towards the entrance to see the top of trees swaying back in fourth.

“I thought it was going to stay sunny!” Julianna said and sighed loudly, “Of course not. Come on kids.” Julianna said and looked at me, “Where should we go?”

“Floor three, the left wing is where you all will be staying.” Julianna smiled and nodded as she walked towards the stairs, Zack quickly walked towards me as the herd of children moved as far away from me as they could. All except one.

The scent of a human quickly caught my attention as I looked towards the oldest, and the only one who walked in front of me. The daughter Julianna had with her husband, Collin. I haven’t seen her since she was an infant, before they had their son.

Since she was an infant Zack and Julianna kept her away from the palace. When they would visit the palace, she did not come. She didn’t participate with our balls, parties, or meetings. And when I went to their pack, she was always hidden away. Seeing her now was a shock.

She was a little bit older than my twins, her human body fully matured. She looked different than her siblings. Zack and Julianna had a mixture of dark brunette hair, and dirty blonde hair. The first daughter had hair like the sunlight, golden white in a way. She also inherited a mixture of her parents’ eyes resulting in a hazel bright green. Her siblings only had brown eyes, perhaps one of them had a dark green color. None of them as striking as her bright and light eyes. She didn’t look my way and I could tell she was beautiful.

And I hated to admit it, but I could see the boy that my mate once loved. He seemed to shine through her, making sure he was seen. The girl didn’t look my way as she walked up the stairs, helping one of the young children.

Zack smacked my shoulder gaining my attention. He gestured his head towards the door and I watched as Litch walked into the palace, his nose was up in the air. I could tell his wolf was in charge as he waltzed into the entrance without second thought. Behind him were Mandy and Troy who followed him into the area, “Alpha King.” Litch said once he noticed me. The man quickly bowed his head. I walked towards my new guest and smiled.

“Alpha Litch.” I said and then looked towards Troy and Mandy. I smiled towards the two of them. Troy had left us after he found Mandy and it had made me happy. Seeing a childhood- I guess friend- happy with a mate. But at the moment, I was surprised that Mandy came with them. She was due at any moment if I’m not mistaken she was past due.

Alpha Litched instantly showed his emotions when he looked around the area. I knew who he was searching for, and I couldn’t blame him for looking unhappy. But I offered a small smile as I took a step back and looked at Troy, “The rooms are all set up on the left wing of the third floor.” I said and then turned towards Litch, “I need to talk to you.”

“Where is my mate?” Litch asked in a soft voice.

“Wait, Litch has a mate?” Zack asked and looked at the older man shocked.

“Dany is with Elena.” I said watching as Zack jumped to reach for me.

“Don’t say that so loudly.” He said, I looked at the man confused as he sighed, “I haven’t told Julianna yet.”

“That sounds like a you problem.” Mandy said and walked towards the stairs. She looked back at Troy and raised an eyebrow, “Come on.”

“Got it.” Troy said quickly and picked up the bags rushing towards the stairs. Mandy was always a dominating she-wolf, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she was the one who wore the pants in her relationship. Mandy slowly walked up the stairs, softly chuckling as she smiled towards Troy.

“You didn’t tell Julianna?” I asked and looked at Zack, “Why not?”

“Elena is a sensitive topic.” Zack said and sighed. Slowly I looked over to Litch who seemed annoyed with the two of us.

“Let’s go to the office.” I said quickly and turned towards the stairs. Taking a deep breath I started to walk up the stairs and prepared myself for this talk. I was glad that Zack was here, looking at Litch a small frown filled my lips. Knowing that what I was about to tell him will ruin his mood even more.

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