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Elves of the Many Kingdoms

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War. That's what it was. After the humans brutally murdered the dragon queen, ruler of the Many Kingdoms, and killed her only heir, the dragons went into hiding, leaving the elves without a ruler. When the High King receives information about the sender of the assassins, he scrambles to put together his own group of warriors to seek revenge on the humans. ---------------------------------------------- “Who is the target?” the weather elf suddenly asked. “We were informed that King Dustin sent the assassins.” “Was it a reliable source?” she questioned. “Yes.” Father snapped. “It can’t be him.” she said leaning back in her seat. “Oh?” I asked. “Why not?” “Dustin is only 20.” she said as if it was obvious. “And?” I demand. “And Queen Adalind was assassinated almost 30 years ago.” -------------------------------------------------- Rowan the only 50 year Forest Elf in centuries, Astra a moody Weather Elf with a dark past and darker secrets, Reed a young general desperate for attention from the woman he loves, and Lilac, a undermined princess willing to do anything to impress her father High King Onyx. Their mission, kill King Dustin of the North Kingdom, and avenge the dragon queen. But plans change when dark schemes and buried secrets are brought to light.

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Chapter 1- Rowan

My parents were the worst! I mean parents aren’t supposed to play favorites, but mine totally did. It was no secret that they favored my little sister, Willow. My father said I was a terrible palace guard. My mother was furious when I told her I was moving to Queen Maple’s palace to begin my training as a royal guard. I was dreaming that someday I would be able to be a member of the Elites. The Elites were the best of the best. They were the one who guarded the High King and his family day and night. Of course I had no idea my dreams of going to the Royal Palace were closer than I thought.

I was sitting in my room after a grueling session of training. I was startled from my flopped position on my bed by a nock on my door. I sat up quickly ignoring my smelly sweaty tunic and mud covered face, I opened my door. There, standing at MY door was Queen Maple! The QUEEN of the Forest Eves herself!

“Um…” I stammered, “Your Highness, what a surprise!”

“Yes, yes.” the queen said. “Rowan is it? My General has told me great things about our own 50 year elf.” I was a bit confused because General Reed has never said two words to me. I knew all the stories about him though. He was the youngest elf ever to become a high officer in the Forest Kingdom Palace, he wasn’t much older than me, only 18.

“Oh, uhhhh, thank you?” I said awkwardly.

“Don’t be so modest.” I looked at her with a blank face, “Oh you must know how relieved the people are that we have our own 50 year elf.”

“Uhhh, yeah of course.” I mumbled, “Of course.” The queen chuckled.

“Well,” she said her face went back to business, “I have received word from the High King, that because you are the only 50 year Forest Elf still alive, you have been requested to come to the Royal Palace.”

“Wait? What? When? Why? I’m confused.” I fired off questions at rapid speed.

“You’ll leave in the morning tomorrow, I’ll have a caravan prepared for in the morning, 6 o’clock sharp. Don’t be late.”

“Wai-” but the queen had already left my room. “What does he want me to do?” I asked the empty room.

Everyone was staring at me when I walked into the Mess Hall that evening. I wasn’t anything special, so why was everyone staring. My best friend, Ivy, had saved me a spot at our table. It was a good thing too, our normally almost empty table was super crowded.

“How does it feel to be famous?” Ivy whispered into my ear.

“What?” I asked her.

“Oh,” she said, “General Reed PERSONALLY suggested you for the High King’s assignment.”

“Hah!” I barked, “General Reed has never given me a glance.” Ivy raised an eyebrow, “I didn’t even Know he Knew my name, much less who I am.” At that moment General Reed walked in, and over to our table!

“Ah,” he said, “Rowan Is it?” I was speechless, so I nodded, “I thought so, well congratulations on being chosen, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Then he winked.

“Ummm…” I stamerd, my brain tened to turn into mush around attractive boys. “Y-yes General.” Great now he probably thought I was a stamering idot.

“Reed is fine.” he smirked. Ugg now he knew he was getting to me. Then he turned around and walked away. My face was on fire.

“He has no idea who you are?” Ivy asked, “Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.”

“I had no idea what that was about.” I said.

“Reed is fine.” Ivy said in a perfect imitation of Reed’s voice, “You two would be soooooo cute together!”

“Shut up, that is never going to happen.” I shoved her.

“She’s right Ivy,” sickenly sweet voice cut in, “why would THE General Reed want to waste his time with a strange little girl.” Rosewood, my worst enemy. She was extremely jealous, because her birthday was only a few days after mine. She would have been the 50 year elf, had she not been born late and me early. She and her family made it no secret that they thought she should have been the 50 year elf, instead of me. But sadly that got her nowhere, because you can’t change the past.

The next morning I was packed and ready to go. And true to his word, General Reed is waiting for me in the courtyard. He holds out his hand for me as I climb into the carriage. I caught his smirk, which grew wider when I blushed. Damn, he knew he was getting to me. The ride over was long, boring, and embarrassing. Namely because Reed kept nugging my leg with his knee. By the time we stopped for camp I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment. The guards set up camp while Reed went out to hunt. I sat around trying to stay out of the way.

Diner was a quiet event, at least for me it was. I had always been kept separate from the other knights, and nobles. Most likely because of my ‘gift’. So while Reed and the other soldiers laughed and joked, I sat quietly and ate my food. Excusing myself for bed soon after. Although it was still early, I felt exhausted. My tent had been set up, with all my stuff inside. It was not like I had packed a lot. Only the bare minimum. I was sore from sitting all day in the small carriage, pressed up against Reed. I was grumpy that I had been ignored all day, and excluded. I knew we would reach the capital in about a week. I was not sure that I could survive another long, boring, embarrassing day locked in a tiny carriage with Reed. Let alone a week. God save me. I’m on the road to hell with Reed.

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