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Kush's Potion Shop

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When Kush inherits his father's potion shop. As a beginner in the world of potion-making, he makes mistakes and faces challenges at every turn. But with the help of friends and a burning determination to succeed, Kush gradually improves his skills and establishes himself as a respected potion-maker in a competitive industry. Along the way, he encounters a range of characters, from allies who stand by his side to enemies who plot against him. As Kush struggles to keep his shop afloat.

Fantasy / Adventure
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At the Roya Forest, a large forest in Potasia. The land is known as the fertility of the world. This nickname comes from the landscape of Potasia, which is extremely fertile, with plants and animals from other lands, and unparalleled scenery.

At the edge of the Roya Forest near Paro City, there was a small potion shop. The store has beautifully arranged lanterns. And there are various potions arranged to show for customers to see.

The shopkeeper's man is Kush Labati, or Kush for short. He is a bit muscular in appearance. His appearance is considered ordinary and quite good by the standards of the people in Potasia. He has brown hair and light blue eyes like clear water droplets.

This potion shop originally did not belong to him. He got the shop from his father's will that passed away about a week ago. Originally, he didn't know how to concoct potions at all, he had only seen his father concoct potions sometimes. But he didn't pay much attention. until his father passed away.

From his father's potion book, Kush began to study how to make potions.

It was good that he didn't have to buy new equipment. Because potion concocting equipment was quite expensive. For example, a cauldron costs as much as 1 red coin!

Hey, hey, hey, even if it's only 1 coin, it's worth 100 brown coins!

Have you seen the picture yet? Then compare the price of the cauldron to the price of Eppo. It's only 5 brown coins each. You can buy 50 Eppos for 1 red Coin. One Eppo is enough to feed a person when they are hungry.

This doesn't even include other things. Ugh, just thinking about it gives me a headache. But he had his father's equipments. He didn't have to spend money on other equipments. What a good thing!

Kush gave up his thoughts and picked up his father's book and started reading

In the book there were many potions recipe, a lot of different types. Whether it's a heal potion, a poison, or a potion used in a specific situation.

"My father also knows how to make poison? I didn't even know that my father was also selling poison."

"Well… what if someone who is a potion maker doesn't know how to make poison is weird, right?"

The first potion he tried was the heal potion. A very ordinary potion that can be bought anywhere.

"Ah... Let's see, what do I need to make this potion..."

Kush scratched his head as he read the ingredients for the heal potion.

Although the heal potion is a normal potion, but it is widely used. Because it has properties necessary to fight if injured. Just drink it or pour it over the wound. The wound will gradually heal depending on the efficiency of the potion.


<Heal potion>


1. 2 leaves of blood grass

2. Distilled water 20 ml.


"Blood grass? If I'm not mistaken, there should be one in Father's herb storage room."

Kush walked into the storage room behind the counter. In the storage room, many medicinal herbs were stored then wnt inside and picked up the blood grass Storage Box.

"Now I've got some grass. Next is distilled water."

"Hmm... If I'm not mistaken, my father once said that distilled water is made by filtering ordinary water using a special filtering device."

Kush crouched down and started looking for a filter under the shelf.

"I remember that the filter is here. Oh! Found it"

After getting what he wants. Then he placed the filter on the potion-making table. And then he went to the faucet and poured water into a glass.

The characteristic of the water filter is a funnel with a filter at the end.

Kush pour water into the filter. Kush took out a glass of distilled water. Then pour into the water measurer to get 20 ml. Then pour into the cauldron. Because he wasn't brave enough to concoct multiple bottles of heal potion in one try. So just do it one time.


<Heal potion>


1. 2 leaves of blood grass

2. Distilled water 20 ml.


1. Boil distilled water over low heat for 2 minutes.

2. Put the blood grass into the cauldron.

3. Keep stirring until the distilled water in the cauldron turns bright red.


1. After adding the blood grass, slowly stirring is a better option. Because it would be the best way to squeeze out the blood grass's effectiveness.


1. Do not boil for more than 5 minutes. The potion will burn and cannot be used.


After reading it, Kush did as the book said.

Turn on low heat, wait 2 minutes, then put blood grass and slowly stir until the color of the water turns bright red(?) and pour into a glass bottle.

"huh!? Wait... why the color doesn't look bright? It's a bit... too much dark."

"Nevermind! First time anyone can make a mistake! Let's try one more time."

If someone knew that Kush couldn't concoct a basic potion like a heal potion. He would surely be ridiculed and humiliated.

After that, Kush started to do it again. Even though he still couldn't figure out why the potion's color was like that.

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