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Shape of Darkness: Between Dark and Light (Book 2)

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The continuation after the book 1 Shapes of Darkness. After the Event of what happened to Astenó, Eve went missing and unveil her true self as the dark bearer as Charger starting to discover something that belong in his past. But the whole things changed as another enemy has come to distract them, that's right! there are now more enemy, and people to met Warning: there are NSFW scenes in one chapter, not much but there are some

Fantasy / Other
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Attention: Please make sure to read the first book before this one! This is the second one.

It’s eight and a half o’clock in the morning. Eve wakes up from her bed and sees through her clock that she was indeed late for more than one hour. She was concerned very much as it was time to roam around and salvage everything she could found.

“Aagh...!” Eve awakens, fell asleep on some sort of poor bed

“Huh...awful,” Eve said, inspecting her body that is still tainted with dark power.

She goes out from her bed, to look outside. It is here shown that Eve built a tent shelter in the alley of Elis, deep far in a district that has less people entering it; the Justice districts. However, she might hasn’t understand yet why it is empty.

She lives under a sewer, where she made all of the place dark enough because of her power. There are at least one light for her since she needs to see well around her. This alley is assured to be safe since nobody came there for six days.

They alley was filled with neon-light and decorative styled-light all around the top of the way, with numerous wires and unused rusty door at the building filled the Japanese classic alleyway. Eve walks out around freely while wearing a red-hood styles robe covering her face while walking.

She rummages to around the walkway to see anything useful to use back in the tent. She found some abandoned broken car toy and some weird-but-beautiful looking flower to be brought with her. However, when she touches the tip of the flower petal it burns around the area of the hand that exposes the finger.

“Poisonous flower, or burning flower...where’s my ring, come on...come on,” Eve looks around for her ring, before freezes over the flower and pick it from the pot.

“There it is...walkway full of people, so many of them...” Eve said

“They are dangerous,” She said

She reaches into wide streetway, in which people are walking around making the walkway public. Eve takes a breath and braces for her strength, before going out and blend in with the people outside as well.

“Good...less suspicion and less talking, just like what I wanted,”

Eve looks goes around veiled by the hood as she made her way into the nearby restaurant. Looking at the clock, it was 8.30 in the morning as Eve enters the restaurant. Waiting on a front row, she looks at the menu in excitement.

“I still had enough money for...one more food,” Eve counts her money

“Welcome to Salty Biggie Burger what can I help you?-Ugh, not you again...“ the waiter said upon Eve’s turn

“Oh...hi...I want to order-”

“Ma’am this is the fifth time you’ve entered this place again. We told you before, we don’t serve people wearing any hooded robe.”

“But...I had enough money!”

“It doesn’t matter, there are policy here too,”

“What? No...I’m not leaving this place until I get my order!” She begs in a childish tone

“Ma’am step aside, there are people waiting in line,”

“What’s with the commotion here?” The manager comes to the receptionist

“Sir...this same woman from yesterday came back to order again, we had a policy not to serve anyone with a robe.”

“Ma’am, please leave this place now...”

“Well I’m not leaving anyway...I...I can’t...please,” She begs

“Well we can provide you with the burger but if you had a robe."

“But I don’t have a phone or house with me now,” She said in childish way

“Well in that case, we had another choices...it is...police,” the man threatens with using a phone ready to call 611.

“Alright...I’m leaving...” Eve said

She left the restaurant, in depressed like a child rather than being disappointed like her usual behavior. It seems that somehow the emerging of her dark power has changes her personality as well.

This Eve appears to be easy to afraid, helpless and unwilling to threaten even a bug. Unlike her old one, which is more independent, strong and closed to people Her stomach goes worse as she keep wondering for all the tasty food in her mind.

“I don’t have anything to eat, I can’t starve here...” Eve cries

“I would have eaten well today...but I always waste them into a trash bin...”

“Chirp sound”

“W-what?” Eve stops crying

Suddenly, a weird looking bird comes fly near her as it seems to looking for the seeds scattered at the floor. The bird has a weird feature imitating red parrot, but with glowing aura around it’s wings and it’s beak is dark and crystalized.

“Aww...come here!!” Eve begging the animal to get to her

“Look at you...a cute little bird,” Eve in awe over a bright creature for the first time

“You must be come from amazing family! Look at these feathers,” she pets the creature

“and your eyes...is so beautiful!” she amaze

“And...full of flesh to eat too...” Eve inspect it, before comes to one idea

“I’m sorry little one...” Eve said in hesitation and fear, before freezing the creature with ice and suffocates it with no oxygen to breathe.

Eventually, she puts up the fireplace and cook the creatures in the old way. She tries not to look at the dead animal, as she

“It’s not tasty, just like mom steak...” Eve takes the last bite on the creature.

Bleh...the beak is made of crystal!” She threw away the beak from the bird into the street.

In the evening, Eve cleans off the plate and the fireplace after cooking off the weird creature and eat it. But suddenly she hears a footstep and a shadow of a person walking pass the alley she uses.

“What was that?” Eve said when she hears the footsteps getting closer

“Ooh...a gold!” she look from afar, a shining yellow bit of gold-like nugget laying on the floor that was dropped by one of the man.

“Ooh...that stone looking kind of great isn’t it?” One of the old man looks at her from distances

“Yeah...the man dropped this stone and it seems to look like gold to me...”

“Hehe, right right...must be very valuable too in your world right?”

“Yeah...but I haven’t seen raw one before,”

“A good way to impress your friend who is currently looking for you isn’t it?”


“You know...a child like you didn’t need them...so why don’t you just give it to me,”


“Give it to me!” the man shout while grabbing the stone from her hand

“N-no! this is mine!”

“I don’t care, give it to me!”

“Stop or I’ll hurt you!”

“I said...Give it to me!” the homeless man tries to pull it away from her

“I said no!” Eve shout before casting her dark power to scare off the homeless man who was stealing her gold

“Yeah! Get lost! this is my stuff now!” Eve kicks and threatens them as he goes away

At night, Eve returns back to her tent as she prepares to sleep. After killing a poor animal to eat and fight against random people on the alley, she can finally rest in peace for this time. That rest isn’t to die surely.

“When will all of this end, maybe they’ll forget about it,” Eve said, tucking herself into the bed. It was crusty, so it doesn’t really give her a proper dream.

“Just few more nights, I suppose.” She said before sleeping, ending the day.

But a mysterious figure was seen passing through the walkway, that figure is followed with another man chasing over a woman that is now cornered at the dead end. It was the right-doer gang, who is wearing a silly looking guardian clothes like they are an Queen England’s guard.

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