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Along Came Her

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Chapter 2

She was the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her hair was jet black that trailed all the way down her back. Her piercing Green eyes that lit up the night, She had pale white skin which glowed under the florescent lighting, and she looked about five-foot-one. She had the face of an angel, no makeup or anything. She wore, a black long sleeve shirt with black jeans and black boots.

Her emerald eyes scanned the room as everyone was looking at her, until her eyes landed on me. She stared at me what felt like centuries and before I knew it she was in front of Dakota and I’s table still not breaking eye contact with me.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” she spoke and her voce made my heart flutter, I’ve never felt this way before I was speechless.

“Of course not! Go on have a seat.” Dakota motioned to the chair in front of us.

“I’m Dakota, and this is Julian, but everyone calls him J” Dakota introduces us and I gave the girl a little wave.

“It’s lovely meeting you both, I’m Scarlet.” she spoke still not breaking eye contact with me, as she takes a seat at our table.

Not only did she look like an angel, but sounded one as well, her soft pitch voiced made my shoulder relax as if I was listening to a nice classical tune.

“So where are you from?” Dakota speaks up causing Scarlet to break eye contact to look at her. Scarlet started to look around the classroom until focusing her eyes back on Dakota and I.

“Florida.” she replied with a little half smile and Dakota returned it.

It’s no been two hours and still no sign on Mr. Henrick guesses he isn’t coming. The bell finally rang and we all headed to lunch, I still haven’t said one word to Scarlet. Maybe I’m nervous, or I’m just a coward or a good in-between of both.

Heading to the cafeteria, Dakota and I sat at the lunch table in the corner where Nicole was seated. Dakota sat next to her pecking her lips as she took a seat and I sat across them. Gross, was all I thought, I began scrolling on my phone, as Dakota caught Nicole up on the whole Shabang. As I began to scroll my mind would wander back to her, Scarlet. All I knew was her name and she was from Florida. Who moves from Florida to Washington? Who was she?

“Wait so it’s true we actually have a new student! And she’s from FLORIDA!” Nicole screamed excitedly, and people in the cafeteria started staring at her and she shrugs her shoulders at them.

“GO BACK TO EATING YOUR LUNCHESS FREAKS!” She screams and everyone carries on with what they were doing.

Moments later I hear the seat next to me pull open and someone sitting on it. I turn my head and there revealed her beautiful jet black hair and emerald green eyes.

“Oh my god, you must be Scarlet! I’m Nicole, Dakota’s girlfriend, so nice to meet you!” Nicole introduces herself and Scarlet gives a little wave. Scarlet and Nicole seemed to get along well and Dakota as well, they carried on there conversations with each other talking about random shit, like makeup and hair and blah blah blah and I kept myself distant.

“So, Scarlet kill anyone today? Just making sure you aren’t a psychopath or anything.” Nicole asks out of the blue and we stared at Nicole giving her the what the hell look.

“How did you know?,” she replied with a sinister smile giving the most beautiful chuckle I’ve ever heard and we soon join in.

The bell rang and everyone was dismissed to their 4th and final period of the day. Walking in I decided to sit in the back of the class. People were looking at me in a sympathetic way once I entered the classroom guess I couldn’t avoid it forever.

Soon enough all that attention turned away to Scarlet. She entered the classroom slowly closing the door and instantly walked and sat at the desk next to me. She was silent and everyone was looking at her then at me but mostly her, guess I have her to thank for me to avoid these awkward conversations.

I turned and stared at her like a creep. She then turns her head slightly barely looking at me and gives a little half smile.

“You know most girl would think you were planning to assassinate them, with those stares.” She turns fully towards me and I gave a little smirk. I felt heat flush all over my face I was sure I was red as a tomato.

“S-sorry.” I choke out turning my face away from her focusing on my textbook on my desk.

“I’m just messing with you.” She replied, pulling her desk closer to mine.

“Ey! Put those desk back, I have my room setup like this for a reason! I dont need teenagers trying to best me!” scream Mrs. Brouwer.

With that Scarlet looks up at her and flips her off, causing the teacher to turn around and swear under her breath and continuing her lesson.

“So urm Scarlet.” I start as she looks deeply in my eyes.

“How was your old school?” I ask attempting to get alittle bit more information on her.

“Oh I’ve never been to another school.” She shrugs her shoulders.

“Oh were you homeschooled?”

" Sort of. I was forc- I mean volunteered at a uh factory.“she corrected her self.

I decided not to push it any farther then I have already gone. The teacher began doing the first day of school crap such introductions and whatsoever. Scarlet and I barley talked this period we shared a few jokes but that was it.

As we waited for the bell to ring to end this day, Scarlet turned to me with a confused face and then takes a large whiff of me.

“Uh, are you okay,” I ask leaning back a little away from her. She looked up at me like I just snapped her out of a trance. Did I stank or something?

“You have such a unique scent.” she replied, and closed her eyes and started whispering to herself, kind of creepy, Then again she is from Florida maybe she’s one of those Florida women or some shit that are always in the news.

The bell finally rung and I made it a priority I was the first one out. I rushed up and dashed out the back door through the hallways and straight to the front door of the school, and met up with Dakota and Nicole.

“Well, Scarlet is pretty cool.” I heard Nicole talking to Dakota, and Dakota nodding in agreeing.

“Well I think she’s little bit weird.” I spoke up and they turn to me in a confused look.

“Well your weird as fuck, but you don’t hear us talking shit.” Nicole responds grabbing her phone from her back pocket as I roll my eyes.

“You both do almost everyday.” I compain.

“Shut the fuck up Willy Wonka.” Dakota shushed me.

“Literally in biology she just sniffed me like a dog! and then started talking to herself.” I defended my statement and both Dakota and Nicole roll their eyes in unison.

“Well maybe you stank.” Nicole started getting her perfume and started spraying me with the pineapple scent, and I began coughing from it going down my lungs.

“Anyways, Dakota and I are heading to the movies wanna come?” Nicole motions to me.

“No ill pass, I’m gonna walk home.” They nod their head and calls an uber to pick them up to take them to the cinema. I began my one hour journey walk home, Fanfuckingtastic.


Finally arriving home completely out of breathe, I enter my run down looking house to find my mother in the Livingroom smoking a cigarette watching the Steve Wilkos show. I guess she didnt work the full day today.

“Hey, Mom.” I plop down on the old burgundy couch covered in stains right next to her.

“Hey sweetheart how was school?” She turns to me putting her cigarette out and placing it in the ash tray.

“It was okay I guess, Why you home from work so early?.” I ask, getting up and she copied my move.

“Julien, I-I got in contact with your father.” she spoke and by the tone of her voice I could tell it wasn’t very good news. I cross my arm across my chest listening waiting for the not so good news.

“H-he’s filing for divorce.” she began shaking and start bursting out crying. I bring her into a hug as she began breaking down, which just takes me back to the day at the funeral.

I wish I could lie and say this didn’t break my heart seeing the strong woman that raised your whole life just completely fall apart from her eldest son passing to her asshole of an husband to leave her right after.

“It’s ok, you have me mom, I’ll never leave you.” I promise her and she wipes her tears and running mascara from her face.

“Why don’t you lay down upstairs and Ill run to the store and grab us something for dinner.” I offered and she shook her head giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Julien.” she spoke in a low tone.

“Love you to mom.”

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