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The Alpha Moon

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This book is about a simple orphan girl, Celina, who's life was perfect before she met him. Soon, her past flooded her life as she tried to solve the problems of the future. Read the story to find out more and enjoy the rollercoaster she goes through while she is shaken by what she finds out. If you're a werewolf fan like me, then I think you'll like my book. Happy reading!

Fantasy / Mystery
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He vanished in thin air….



He vanished in thin air….

Fire everywhere….. I feel the pain running through my body….. I hear screams in the background. With that, I opened my eyes at once. But I still feel the pain running through my body. “Just another nightmare…”I said to myself. I have been seeing these dreams for as long as I can remember. At first, I used to get really scared but now I’m just used to them. One can come up with so many theories about them but I don’t bother myself. I have a perfect life with a small job in a small town and I have no intention of messing that up.

Now, let’s get ready for the day. I always start my day with a little workout. After that, I brush my teeth, bathe and eat breakfast. So, after eating blueberry pancakes, I exited my small two-roomed apartment. It has a small washroom and a kitchen with a small balcony in the front.

I know it’s not much but it’s all I need. I don’t mind either as I never got the luxury since I grew up in an orphanage. My parents died when I was one, in an accident. No one knew exactly what happened. I also had a grandmother who died when I was five. It might sound very sad but I don’t remember my parents at all and I only have some memories of my grandmother like when she told me stories before bed. Unlike other grandparents though, she told me stories of werewolves and the history of gods and goddesses. I am told that she was quite a storyteller and was known for her creativity and crazy stories. I am not like her though; at least not anymore. As a kid I believed in all her stories but growing up all alone made me stop believing in magic.

Well now I made a very depressing reflection of mine but my life is really not so bad. I love it actually. I have a best friend with whom I go to work every day. I earn just fine for my needs and I am about to get a promotion.

Anyways, I am on my way to work right now.

“Ring……Ring” my phone starts to ring.

It was my best friend, Vanessa. “On my way V.” I said, picking up her phone.

“Celina, you promised to stop by the café before going to work with me. I already drank my coffee but….”

“I got the nightmare again. I missed my alarm and got late. I did text you though.” I said cutting her off.

“Wait really? Oh, you did. My bad! Anyways, I am already here. Where are you?” “Right in front of you.” I said before cutting the call and waving to her.

She waved back at me and we walked in as I told her about my dream. “Maybe these glimpses you see are from your previous life. Or maybe it’s something from the future. What if it’s from a parallel dimension?” She started bursting with theories about my glimpses. We like to call my nightmares ‘glimpses’ because they are really short; a maximum of two seconds and according to Vanessa they are either the memories of my past or a glimpse of my future.

I gave her my sarcastic smile and nodded and said “Yes of course and I am a goddess who has magical powers to see different dimensions.”

She gave me her annoyed look and sat down on her table and started working. I too walked to my desk and opened my computer and checked up on some emails before I started working.

When it was finally evening, I waved to Vanessa and went down the street. That’s when I got a call and guess who it was…. Vanessa. I chuckled and picked up her call. “Hey C! I can’t come for the dinner today. ‘The She Boss’ gave me another assignment today and I need to stay late to finish it.”

She was still talking when I bumped into someone. I was about to say something but then I felt an electric current flowing through my body. I felt the whole world went completely blank for a second and that I was flying. My heart started beating really fast. When I came back to my senses and turned around to see the man who bumped into me. I found him very far from me. Don’t ask me how I knew it was him but I just did. I glanced at his blonde hair, the heart tattoo on his neck, and blue sweats. Wait…… rewind. The heart tattoo on his neck; one exactly like mine. I always had it there. I don’t remember how or when I got it. I assumed it was like my birthmark or something. I suddenly felt a zap on my neck right where the tattoo was. My focus shifted from the man to my neck. A few seconds later I looked back up to find that the man was nowhere to be found. It’s like… he …..he vanished into thin air…..

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