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The Crystal Cube

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Berda takes her first double shift in a cube.

Fantasy / Erotica
Sex and Savagery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Berda held the cum in her cheeks, deciding if she could swallow another mouthful. Her full belly already protruded under her round breasts. She had been warned the double shifts were a lot to handle, but she severely underestimated the number of men one fort could hold. Another cock slid through the hole in front of her, and she decided not to swallow. Instead, she took him into her overflowing mouth, letting the cum run down onto her chest as she began sucking the newcomer.

The sunlight refracted through the walls, and her chubby body glistened as the fresh cum dripped down her torso. It eventually pooled with the other unswallowed seed, now nearly an inch deep at the bottom of her crystalline cube.

Ever since the mages guild partnered with the pleasure house, The dwarf had spent at least six hours a day in one of these boxes. Said to be indestructible, the crystal cubes could be teleported across the leylines, each stuffed with a single whore and adorned with a round hole. The cock spasmed and coated the back of her throat. Her legs were going numb again and she put her wet hand against the opaque wall for support as she tried to adjust. It slipped down the smooth surface, and she grunted as her bare ass splashed into the pool. The warm fluid ran down the lightly runed walls, settling between her legs and around her prominent ass cheeks.

Another cock entered, and she leaned forward, sitting cross-legged in the cramped space. She licked the large head with an exhausted sigh and put her palms against the wall on either side of the hole. Her head rocked back and forth as she sucked the long cock for a time. Berda looked up at the fractured shape of the man outside the box and imagined him as a handsome soldier. He began pumping his cock in and out more rapidly, and she pushed her mouth onto him until her lips pressed against the hole.

She leaned her face hard against the wall letting him throat fuck her, and he pushed deeper than she was expecting. Her body protested, and she tried to push herself off the cock, but her cum covered hands slipped again as the cock shoved deeper. Her stomach lurched, and she burped up a mouthful of old cum. Her nostrils sprayed seed across the top of the cock, and she leaned her weight back, curling against the opposite wall. The cock bounced inches from her face and she grimaced.

She coughed and gagged, the smell of cum too strong for her to handle. She suddenly felt trapped, and panic seized her throat and chest. Her stomach wretched up another mouthful of cum that ran down her chin as she tried to steady her breathing. She knew there was no way out, the boxes were sealed for her own protection and could only be opened by the mages that sealed them.

“Focus, Berda. Think of the silver.” She closed her eyes and took one long inhale. She was grateful it was only cum she was smelling. The girls had advised her not to eat for at least a day before taking a double shift. Now she understood why. She couldn’t imagine sitting in her own shit for sixteen hours. On the plus side, starting on an empty stomach made the first hour of drinking nothing but seed actually enjoyable. A pounding on the top of the box pulled her from her thoughts. “Breaks over, I guess.”

She wiped her nose and smeared the cum across her chest as she got back to her knees, careful not to slip. She cupped her hands and dipped them in the pool beneath her, then spread the viscous liquid along the shaft. Most of it dripped down onto her breasts and belly in long globular strands as she stroked. She squeezed his girth hard and pressed her tongue against the cock-head, running slow circles around the tip and adding more lubricant as she stroked. There was so much cum running down her forearms and chest she couldn’t tell when he finished, but eventually, the cock softened. She kissed the flaccid cock goodbye and another took its place.

This one was smaller, and she pushed her lips against the hole again, letting him face fuck her until he released his spend down her open gullet. She stayed leaning against the wall for five more men, obediently gulping as they dumped more into her. Then a small, soft cock entered the box, its large balls taking up most of the hole. She grabbed the sides of the sack with thumb and forefinger, massaging the fleshy balls until the cock came alive.

She worked the little cock for a long time. She rubbed the giant balls and bobbed her head until her neck ached, but it wouldn’t cum. She stroked until her arm was sore and huffed in frustration. Finally, she released the cock and turned around awkwardly in the little box. She got her feet under her and slowly slid her dripping ass up the wall. She was now bent at the waist with her shoulder and ear pushed against the wall opposite the hole.

She felt the head of the cock push between her ass cheeks, and she arched her back to better align herself. Then she felt it. The little cock probed tentatively at her ass. Her hole was already slick with cum, and it didn’t take much force to slip into her. She breathed a loud sigh, trying to focus on the pleasure over the discomfort of her neck.

She liked to start anal with the smallest cock possible and build up to larger cocks. She also knew no man could last long in her tight ass. The small cocked man pumped into her hole for only a few minutes before she felt his final three thrusts. She was glad to be rid of him until her next client stepped up to the box. He shoved into her tight rim with an alarming girth. Her ass wasn’t properly warmed up to accept the new monster, and she squealed in pain.

The giant cock began slamming deep into her, and she regretted the new position. She was stuck between the cock and the wall, and she wouldn’t be able to reposition until he finished. The stretching of her ass didn’t stop, though. He pounded her until her squeaks of pain became moans of pleasure.

Then she felt it. The tell-tale sign of an orc’s cock was a row of bulging orbs beneath the surface, halfway down the shaft. Like the knot of a dog, these small fleshy half spheres served to keep their prey from escaping.

She started to shake as she understood. That meant what was already inside her was only half of his length, and the ridge of knots would be twice the girth already stretching her. He shoved into her, and the rim of her ass pushed deeper but held tight, refusing the thickness. She shut her eyes tight and grit her teeth as he pulled slightly free of her. Knowing it was an orc, she could now feel the flared tip of his cock drag against the walls of her anus.

The orc pumped a few more times up to the beaded knot, and she relaxed slightly, then screamed as he rammed the ridge of his cock past her tight asshole. She sobbed and moaned, it felt like her hole was torn twice as wide, but at least he was in now. “Fuck, no, please,” she begged as the orc slowly pulled his knot out of her. “Ghaads,” she cried as her hole snapped over the knots again. “Wait wait wait,” she squealed, but he didn’t wait. He shoved it back in and her ass had no choice but to submit. She heard muffled laughter outside the cube, and her body went rigid as she tried to endure her ass being destroyed. The knotted beads tugged on her sphincter as the ridge entered and left her again and again.

The glassy surface fogged in front of her face as she began to pant with each thrust of the devastating cock. It pushed deeper into her, and the pain finally began to morph into a masochistic pleasure. Her ass had never been stretched like this, and just when she was getting used to the beads of his cock popping in and out of her he pushed deeper. She let out an uncontrollable moan of worry and excitement, pleasure and pain.

She wanted it to stop, but she also wanted more. Drool ran down the side of her box as she focused solely on her breathing and the deep invasion of her asshole. She could feel the flared tip and the knotted ridge separately as the cock moved through her.

Her tender ass gripped the hard shaft as his thrusts slowed. He pulsed his orc cock deep into her until she finally felt the warm cum make room around his cock-head. She held her breath as he slowly unsheathed his weapon of a cock, and then exhaled with a whimper as his knot passed her entrance one final time.

She arched her back further, trying to protect her tenderized asshole until she felt the open air against the soft lips of her cunt. She knew her time was almost over. As long as she stayed lodged between the two walls, she could rest until it was over.

Unsurprisingly, her next client was much smaller than his predecessor. It slid into her easily and she felt cum spurt from her ass as the man quickly used her cunt to cum. She began to moan softly as the men outside filled her cunt until seed flowed down her legs and pooled with the rest. She enjoyed the pounding, letting her orgasm build as she waited for the one. A few came close, but none could last longer than a few minutes, and most were impotent.

She lost count of how many men seeded her womb, and she was about to give up hope on finishing when she felt him. A long straight rod, a cock of pure iron plunged into her battered cunt. She could feel his confidence. One solid thrust straight to the hilt, then he pulled it out slow and repeated. The third thrust was more forceful but deliberate, she felt the impact on the side of the box, and her eyes closed with a moan. She let her shoulder slide down the crystal wall and put her palms against the floor in front of her feet, completely submerging them in the pool of warm spend.

His steady thrusts slowly picked up momentum, and she began pulling her ass off the glass slightly before slamming it into him as he thrust. She bounced like this as he pumped, and she swore she could feel him. Like she wasn’t just a whore in a box getting fucked by another random soldier. It was like they were perfect lovers, and he knew just how to fuck her. She slammed harder and faster, and so did he. Her loud moans reverberated in the crystal, and she raised her voice as she came closer and closer. The box began to rock slightly as they both slammed against it. Her exhausted legs quivered, and her hands began to slip as her arms threatened to give out. She continued, panting and rolling her hips slightly as she pushed against the hard cock. With the last of her strength she rocked hard against the wall, clenched her cheeks, trying to suck his cock with her cunt.

She felt his seed flood her, and she grunted, squeezing his cock hard as they came together. She held herself up on shaking legs begging him to finish. She laughed a sigh of relief as he left her quivering quim. She collapsed to the floor with a quiet splash, tilting her head to keep her eye out of the pool, but she felt the warm liquid around her neck and cheek. Her orgasm quietly hummed and the crystal box began to glow.

The blazing blue light reflected off the interior of the tiny cell, the fair skin of the dwarf, and the pool of spent seed. Berda was thinking of the silver. She wondered how she would spend it, and then remembered the pleasure house had recently acquired an orc, and a mischievous smile crept across her face.

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