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The short but fascinating STORY of the liberty of Shane and Kora whose love freed the bondaged special humans. Fire and ice, somehow they collide. The love that changed the world

Fantasy / Romance
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Dear readers, I am so sorry for the typographical errors, please accept my apologies. I hope you enjoy this story.... it's short but I think you'll like it. Xoxo.

The authoress

Enemosah Nora.


There wasn’t any sensible explanation. My parents were in ice in front of me and my once black hair was white. The psychic doctor said it had to do with my ‘meta human’ powers that finally surfaced, but it still didn’t make sense.

No normal person could influence and manipulate ice. I learned to live with it. Life as a meta human was full of isolation, we went to a special school, lived in prison like rooms and wore wierd uniforms. The special school we were sent to taught us to control our powers, there we sixty of us in this base. Meta human bases were all over the world, this was base 109

Another kid, Bree, could manipulate water. She was my best friend until they deported her to another base ,when the psychic doctor said her powers were becoming too strong, too uncontrollable, i remember that night clearly. Bree screamed in protest and i watched from the small window on my cell’s door.

That was six years ago, Bree was probably dead by now, They murdered the ones with uncontrollable powers…………………



Life was hell. Nothing really amused me any more. They were transferring me to a new base, somewhere in New york.I sat between two policemen, wearing the prison overall and handcuffed. On my neck was a special device, like a choker, it restrianed my powers. Every meta human had it. One wrong move and the device would paralyze me, even the slightest attempt to attack or use my powers. I’d seen it happen, to my rebellious best buddy. The van came to a stop and they blindfolded me “Move!” one man commanded and pushed me out of the van as we walked on, i couldn’t see. Until we were inside the building before they removed my blind fold. It was a high tech building, all cell doors were secured with difficult technology

y. In my right breast pocket was my card, Every Meta human had a card for information.

On it my name, age,parent, powers and powers level. There were three levels of powers, Extreme,Normal and Low. My powers were on the normal level. A young blond man came upto me and the police man standing in the big room and smiled at me. As though any of them cared about us, they saw us as weapons, nothing more. “Your card?” the doctor asked and the policeman drew my card and gave it to him. He inserted the card into a familiar small box device and all my information came on screen. He scanned it through his big glasses and smiled. “Welcome Shane” i said nothing and the policeman handed me to him, an ugly expression on the officer’s face. “This one’s quite stubborn” The doctor still smiled “I believe we can handle him”. Without a word, he turned and left. The doctor turned to me, his smile had vanished. As expected, They wanted to give the impression that they were nice to us and didn’t treat us like dogs. “Come along” He said and pulled me with him as we made our way to a Hightech lab.


It was lunch break and everyone held a tray. I didn’t expect any real food. All they fed us with was disgusting vegetables. Everyone was on the plain prison overall, our chokers forever on. We sat and ate silently, policemen all around us, with guns of course. A single door at the edge of the big mess hall opened and the psychic doctor-i really hated that doctor, and a different boy, probably another transfer, most likely. He was tall and lean but still muscular, his brown hair pushed forward, he was handcuffed. The psychic doctor handed him roughly to a policeman who grabbed his arm. “What’s ya name boy!” He said, almost spitting on the guy’s face. “Shane” He replied calmly, unsuprised. Probably used to being treated that way. “You’re in base 109” the lousy policeman said. Shane voice was still calm. “I know” He replied. The psychic doctor said “They say it’s stubborn”. The policeman smiled, exposing his dirty teeth. “We’ll see about that. Sit there Boy!” He shoved Shane roughly to the empty seat beside me. I watched him seat calmly and they placed a tray on the table in front of him. He raised his hands, the handcuffs still on “Can i get these removed” He asked politely and they removed them “Thank you” He said silently, calmly. I studied his face. Hazel eyes, defined chin and full lips. I wondered what his powers would be.


I paid less attention on the lousy men, the food,as usual,was disgusting. All the money government put into our sustainance were embezzeled. So instead of the real food we were supposed to be fed with, our corrupt keepers bought cheap farm waste. I ate slowly, not eating at all meant starvation.

I was entirely focused on my food until i tilted my head to meet icy blue eyes watching me. She was a pale girl, unatural white hair and a curious expression, she seemed fascinated by me. I looked away, of course, everyone would be curious about a new inmate. I still felt her staring and i looked at her again, her eyes grew wider as she noted my annoyed expression.I was never the social type, and i didn’t relate well with girls. She didn’t look away, just gaped at me.I sighed and looked around, all the policemen were gathered far away, they could’nt hear me. “Why are you staring” i asked the…………….well i had to admit,she was beautiful, even cute. “I’m Kora, nice to meet you, i’m sorry……..it’s just that………you’re so calm,normally,Transfer inmates are rebellious at first” She whispered, her voice sounded like the whistling wind during winter. “I guess that’s a compliment” i said casually. “No,lt’s not” i grunted and we both looked away.


I was moved to my new cell, kind of small but livable. I couldn’t stop thinking of that Kora girl. She would be younger than me, her eyes were stuck in my memory all night. Kora was, in fact,the first girl i had spoken to in six month. My mother was the only female i used to care for, but when i accidentaly set her ablaze, fire everywhere, i wasn’t joint to the feminine world much. I missed my powers, i remembered roasting marshmellos with my fire. That was before they took me away, i became a lab material, a science project. Kora didn’t speak after that but i wanted to hear her voice again, it cooled my insides somehow. I waited impatiently for lunch time and when the frigid bell rang, i headed out.

You know those times when your body is in control and your mind lacks restriant?, It was one of those moments. I walked out of my cell as the door realeased automatically and joined the long line to the mess hall. My eyes were in action, i spotted her but…………………the doctor was speaking to her. What was wrong? Did she do something wrong?. They spoke for a while and she joined the line, her head was downcast. As i entered and took my tray, i sat exactly where i sat yesterday and prayed she would sit beside me.

Out of sheer luck,she did. She looked scared,frightened to the bones. The policeman nearest to us had headphones on. “Kora,what is it?” She looked suprised i was speaking to her, tears were pricking in her eyes. “They say my powers……..are gaining……even my choker can’t surpass it anymore…………..i have two options. Transfer or death” she sobbed and i was stung at once “No,they can’t…….they can’t kill you……..they have all the hightech they need to create a more advanced choker” She sobbed more “Of course they do….but do you think those scientists would stress themselves, it’s not like they don’t pay them. Let them kill me,i’ll join my parents happily, i’m sick of living like this” Her voice was hoarse and it affected my mental sanity. I didn’t know what to do, i was powerless and hopeless, nothing i said would change reality. “Kora…..what if we could escape” i whispered to just her. She looked stunned. “That is impossible,everyone who tries get killed or fails” True.

“Our powers…….what if we could let them free”. “How?” we whispered intently. “Our chokers….what if we got them removed”

“Shane, That is impossible, we’ll be paralyzed,forever”

“Not us kora” The policemen roamed absently, looking dubious.

“What do you mean?” Her teary eyes were wary. “I’ve got a plan” Before we could say more, one policeman came very close to us “What’s all that weespering for, Huh?” He demanded roughly. When i was with my mother, things hadn’t been easy. She was a widow, a poor one. Sometimes i’d go to the street to ‘earn’ some loots. An excellent pickpocketer for six years. In his pocket was a capable gun,fully loaded, small and handy. Kora shook her head and he stared at her, asking a few questions. I was at work and the gun was carefully drawn. I shoved it below the table and i looked up innocently. He was unaware, so was Kora and everyone else. Oblivious. Kora was young, innocent. For twenty years my life had no purpose, no reason. I had found a reason to fight back, a reason to fight at all. It was either i won or die trying.


I had terrible dreams, I dreamt that they came into my cell and took me to kill me. I jerked from sleep and stared at the blank metal wall. One face was in my mind. Brown hair, hazel eyes and the energy of a wildfire. He said something of a plan. I was touched by his concern, but this was my faith, he didn’t need to die too. There was Heat in his words, a certainity, a burning emotion. At least i got to meet him. Footsteps came around my cell door, The blond Psychic doctor was visible through my window. He used the authorized key and the impossible door opened. “We’ll check you’re power level again,if you’re lucky enough,you can live” He said coldly. “No!” i shrieked as my dream was becoming reality. Four policemen trooped in and grabbed me roughly. We went through the long way to the lab, all the way i shrieked in protest.


From my slumber, Kora’s protest woke me. It was time. Safely under my bed i hid my collectibles. An authorized key, stolen,of course. The gun and a piece of my last note, Just in case i got killed but Kora must escape. Quietly, i sneaked to the door and raised the key to the key hole. It responded and the door slid open. With the gun in one hand i tiptoed to the guard on duty. The moron was asleep and i took his bunch of keys. Key to all escape doors and the lab. I continued to tip toe to the lab. From the side window i saw Kora lying on the flat rectangle, her wrists and ankles hooked down. Silently,i slipped the key into the lab key hole. This is it shane……death was looking at me straight in the eye. Four police man were present. The doctor operating the testing machine. Here goes nothing. I opened the door and all attention turned to me. “Shane!” Kora gasped. All policemen raised thier guns. I moved, first to the doctor. I threw a punch and he went unconciously flat on the ground. Bullets flew everywhere, all aimed at me. I hid behind the largest machine in the room. Kora eyes were wide with terror. I turned sharply and shot a bullet. It got one of the men’s leg. They rushed to my hiding spot and dragged me out. The end of thier guns hitting at my head. Pain was all around me. I was in the middle of the three men and they kicked, hit and punched me. I spat blood and blood flowed from my nostrils. “Shane!, NO!”.

I was dizzy, the gun was still in my hand and my vision was failing. I raised my hand, i seemed to see four. I aimed my last bullet at Her. At Kora. At her neck precisely, At her choker. I pulled the trigger and at the same moment fell faint.


As he aimed to me, i understood. It was better he killed me than them. I closed my eyes but didn’t die. As the bullet hit, i heard a single click and felt my choker fall off.

Everything. I felt it all. All the power held back for eons of time. It rushed in my viens, i tasted it in my mouth. My Ice. It filled me. The restriant of my ankles and wrist froze to the point they broke and i was free. At last. The warning alarm started. Shane was unconcious on the ground and as i floated, my hair dramatically wavy over me. The men paused and looked up at me. Thier expressions scared. My power was regained. With a light movement i froze all three men. The warning alarm continued blaring. All other policemen rushed to the lab, armed and ready. My Ice never melted, unless i wanted it to. I could have saved my parents but these monsters, shattered the ice. My parents shattering with it, they held me back and made sure i watched, putting the stupid choker on me. I raised my hands and all policemen were in ice. I let my feet touch the ground and went to Shaneand knelt beside him. He was still breathing. “Shane…can you hear me….stay with me shane…..stay with me.” I rushed to my feet and wentto one of the large screens. They had everyone’s choker control on it. Quickly,I checked for shane’s name and his choker’s option were there, I was sure releasing his powers would revive him. It had to. I selected release and a click came behind me. Shane’s choker fell off and…..His eyelids slowly fluttered open. His hair became blazing red………He could manipulate fire. Fire and Ice. “Kora,we did it” Without thinking, i went to him,stood on my toes and kissed him, long and yearning. I drew back when i realised i was being stupid. “Shane,i…..” His lips silenced mine and the kiss was both burning and cold. He whispered to me “I love you”. I was senseless as i began to yearn for more touching. He understood but whispered. “We can do this later…..we have a mission” i was still yearning. “What?”. “Our fellow inmates” i nodded and we went together to the machine. We disengaged all chokers and cell doors. Freedom.



You can say all hell was let loose, this is the short story of how i found love and liberty. Shane kissed me endlessly, his hot lips everywhere, greedy and wanting. His lips enclosed around my nipple, i moaned at the delicious pain as he sucked and bit, my pussy was wet for him and he licked that as well. I was crazy when his cock drove into me, powerfully fucking me. I was bouncing and our moans echoed until we reached our climax and my legs trembled.


We were once again,liberated.


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