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The Alpha’s Hidden Fairy {on hold}

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Onyx Moon, ruled by Alpha Walker Rollins, was a place where magic roamed freely. The pack lands were not just sacred to werewolves who lived there. The school which taught all magical creatures was also located in that region of the realm. Onyx moon has been hosting creatures from wolves and bears to witches and dragons for hundreds of years. On the run from the past she hasn't begun to understand. Leighlana Edwards finds herself sent to live with her stepbrother, a pack member of Onyx Moon. Leighlana’s life is anything but ordinary when she meets Emilie Rollins on the first day of her senior year. Dastardly deeds, and evil schemes threaten the new found happiness Leighlana found in Onyx Moon. With danger lurking around every corner, and curveballs being thrown in every direction. Can Leighlana keep herself safe while trying to discover the truth about her past? Or does time truly catch up to everyone?

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Onyx Moon


"Come on Walker, come back to bed baby" Cheri whined in her trying to be cute but actually was being annoying as fuck tone. I was known for sleeping around, at least for the last year anyways. Cheri was just the newest addition to the growing list. Problem is I get bored easily, no girl has held my attention long enough to be more than a fling. "Cheri, why the hell are you still here? And what the fuck are you doing in my t-shirt?" I coldly asked as I walked back into my bedroom after purposely leaving to separate myself from the woman I had most recently fucked. The relationship, if you could even call it that, had run its course and clearly Cheri hadn’t got the memo. Looking up at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes as she twirled a piece of dyed blonde hair around her ring finger. "Why wouldn't I be babe, we don’t have any plans today?" Cheri sweetly replied and I swear I could feel my eyes roll into the back of my head.

"Would you just get dressed and for goddess sake get the fuck out of my room!" I commanded in my alpha tone. I usually never took that tone with anyone within the pack unless absolutely necessary. When it came to Cheri I had just grown so impatient and tired of her being around me that I was barely holding my cool unless I was balls deep inside her. Bending down I picked up a few articles of what Cheri would call clothing and tossed them on the bed in her general direction. “Make sure you change out of my shirt before you go anywhere.” I said sort of offhandedly not caring if my demeanor bothered her or not.

Cheri quickly stiffened at the command I had just given her. She was likely caught off guard by how quickly I became such an aggressive Alpha. Again, her opinion as the flavor of the week didn’t really matter to me. I watched as she quickly got dressed in the same clothing she had shown up here the night before. To be honest, whatever the hell she wore made her look like a bigger slut than she actually was, and that was saying something. Cheri was easy, that was part of the reason I had already grown tired, there wasn't any challenge, any excitement. There sure as hell wasn’t any spark there, no emotion, no anything. Cheri was stalling and it was agitating me even more, she would take a few small steps forward and sigh. I was ready to lose my shit on her in the most unprofessional way when the sharp knock on my door snapped my attention back to reality and I found my escape from dealing with the woman who wouldn’t take the hint and hit the road..

“What?” I barked at whoever was standing on the other side of the door. My patience had run thin already and it wasn’t even nine in the fucking morning yet. “Emilie, don't be such an asshole Walker” my younger sister Emilie Rollins said. Emilie was seventeen, close enough to her eighteenth birthday but far enough away that I could still get away with calling her my kid sister. “Come in Emmy,” I said knowing that it would piss Cheri off even more. Cheri and Emilie have never seen eye to eye with one another. Cheri always claimed it was because I always took Emilie’s side and she wouldn’t be wrong. Emilie believed Cheri was a gold digging whore that would open her legs to just about anyone for the right price or title. The description really wasn’t that far off so I was rooting for some drama to unfold and make my morning a little more entertaining. "Making your daily rounds Cheri?" Emilie said sweetly with a subtle eye roll. I knew my sister all too well and she would kill Cheri with kindness because she knew that was what set her off the most. Cheri in her typical fashion shrieked in frustration and stomped the remaining few steps to the bedroom door, slamming it behind her as she left.

“Well, that was anticlimactic.” I said with a hint of disappointment in my voice. “Why do you bother wasting your time on her? Is she actually that good of a fuck? Is her vagina magical or something?” Emilie asked as she shook her head. "I'm bored, and she's easy," I replied nonchalantly. Emilie burst out laughing. No one liked Cheri and everyone was thankful that she was not in any way shape or form my fated mate.

"Ready for your first day of your last year of school Em?" I asked my younger sister. Throwing on a plain black V-neck shirt to cover my naked torso, so my sister didn’t have to see my nakedness. I still had on his pajama pants on so that was a good thing. Thinking to myself how much more awkward that could have been. "Yeah, I’m just excited to finally be free of that prison of a building." Emilie said with a hint of excitement in her voice. "Are you still driving me this morning?" she added the question to her statement. I didn’t even need to think twice. Nodding my head, "meet me downstairs in fifteen minutes and we'll head out.” I said with a smile. I wouldn’t miss this day for world. I had been taking Emilie to school on her first day of school since the first day she started. Smiling, Emilie gave me a big hug and quickly left the room to finish getting herself ready for the day.

Once Emilie was completely out of the room, I headed into my walk-in closet to change into what I planned to wear for the day. Knowing I had meetings this morning, I couldn’t look like I just rolled out of bed. Unfortunately, because of the Cheri bullshit this morning I didn’t have much time to get ready so I had to nix my shower. Still smelling like Cheri and sex, I made a mental note I needed to end things with her- and soon. Rummaging through the clothes in my closet, I decided on a deep red satin dress shirt, a pair of black dress pants and my black Italian suede dress shoes. I kept my hair cut short so it was easy to care for. Leaving the walk-in, I walked over to my ensuite bathroom and grabbed my styling gel. Quickly running through my jet black hair with the product I styled it just the way I liked. Once I was finished with my hair I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was pretty tall. I approximately stood at 6 foot 4 inches tall and had piercing ice blue eyes. I knew what people, mostly the she-wolves thought of me, but honestly I didn’t really care. I mostly used it to my advantage when I was looking for a new toy to entertain me. I could have basically any she-wolf I wanted, so why I picked Cheri was beyond me.

Satisfied with my appearance, I made my way from my room and headed down to the main floor of the pack house. I knew I needed to hustle, Emilie couldn’t be late on her first day or he wouldn’t ever hear the end of it from her. The school was at least twenty-five minutes away and I still wanted to eat something for breakfast before the start of my working day. When I got to the kitchen, my sister was standing there with a steaming hot mug of coffee in her outstretched hand. She was chewing on a piece of toast, the evidence of that was all over the counter and partially on her face. My Beta, beta Carter was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, which was a little unusual for him . "Morning Walker," he said briefly looking up "Anything interesting in there Carter?" I asked as I pointed to the paper he was holding in his hands. Carter simply shook his head and went back to his scanning the paper before turning to the next page. Gavin my Gamma, burst into the kitchen sweaty and totally shirtless. The three of us had been best friends for as long as we all could remember. Our fathers had run the Onyx Moon wolf pack before so it just made sense. We inherited this pack from them, they grew as close as family and now, that has carried on.

Handing Gavin the grey t-shirt that was hung on top of one of the chairs in the kitchen. He quickly threw it on over his body and smiled his award winning playboy smile. "Sorry, I was just coming back from the gym.” He said wiping a few beads of sweat of his forehead. “I didn't want to miss saying good luck to our little Emilie on her last first day of school" he added. Gavin loved to tease Emilie, but she could throw it back at him as well as he could dish it out. It was all in good fun anyway. Emilie was the only girl in the inner circle at the moment. None of us, the ranked members of the pack had found our mates yet. Bachelor life all around. It didn’t always make things easy for Emilie, but she was a trooper and patient as all fuck! She knew it wouldn’t be a forever thing, eventually we would all be mated and she would hopefully have more female friends.

“Walker, it’s time to go.” Emilie said as she grabbed her backpack off the floor. She turned her back to us and headed out to the garage where I kept my black Ford F-250. "Were we ever this enthused about going to school?" Gavin chuckled to the two of us who were still in the kitchen with him. I looked at Carter and we both just shook our heads and laughed along with him. “I have a few meeting this morning, but when I get back we can go over new training policies and patrol schedules. Sound good?” I asked. Gavin and Carter nodded their heads in agreement. As I threw back the rest of my coffee, I grabbed my keys of the table and headed in the same direction that Emilie had just gone.

Running over everything in my head as I headed to the garage. The merger meeting was most important. The company I had inherited from my father was booming and the construction business never really hit a decline. I was looking at taking over another firm and expanding my company, if everything went well, it would be a done deal after today. Emilie was waiting beside the truck waiting for me to unlock the doors so she could get in. Emilie was a few years younger than Walker, she hadn’t turned eighteen yet, so she hadn’t meet her wolf or had her first shift yet. Emilie had the same silky black hair I did, it was a trait we both inherited from our father. Emilie’s eyes were a deep sapphire blue; just like our mom’s. She was a fair bit shorter than I was, but still around normal height for she-wolves. Unlocking the car we both got into the front seats. Emilie tossed her backpack into the back seat and put her feet up on my dashboard. Rolling my eyes, I started the trucks engine and as I backed out of the garage I swatted Emilie’s legs off the dashboard so I could see.

I had the pedal to the metal most of the trip, even though the conversations had me busting at the seams in laughter. Like I suspected, it took twenty minutes to get from the house to Brierley Prep, the school I once went to and the one Emilie is still a student at. After arriving and parking the car, Emilie and I both got out of our designated seats. I focused on the people, the current students and trust me there was a wide range. Brierley Prep was home to not just werewolves but really any magical or shift-able creature in the five realms. Besides the werewolf population there was: Dragons, Werebears, Witches and random other species. Fairies weren’t as popular but we did have a few of them at the school, mostly the earth and water fairies. Ice fairies have been unheard of for decades and the fire fairies don’t usually come up this far.

"See you after school Em, I have to jet or I’m going to be late for the most important meeting of my life." I said opening the front driver’s door again and climbing into the front seat. Emilie waved back as she turned her back to the truck and walked away toward the front stair case of Brierley Prep. I really didn’t have time to wait around like I may have to catch Emilie’s group of friends. It would have to wait till later, not that I didn’t already know them, but it would be nice to have caught up with them. Racing from the school's parking lot, I shifted the gears of the truck, rolled the windows down and blasted the music. Besides the Cheri situation that was still weighing on my mind. Today seemed like it was going to turn into one hell of a fine day.

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