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The Clockmaker’s Son

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Ruby Watson is a seventeen year old girl living in a nightmarish world ruled by the Nightwalkers, terrifying creatures that have escaped their realms and have one purpose: To wipe out humanity. Struggling to survive, Ruby and her caretaker, Arthur, flee from the dangerous walls of Helm Castle and find safe haven at a peculiar clocktower in London. Rue’s story of survival, discovery, and romance ensues as she makes new allies, encounters forbidden corridors full of old magic, and meets an unusual boy names James, whom she’s tied to from a distant past. With the help of her friends and an old wizard, Ruby uncovers dark secrets about the realms and discovers how her destiny ties to the fate of the world.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Long ago, there was a wolf and a boy.

One winter’s eve in a wooded hollow, the wolf went on a hunt searching for food when she discovered a boy lost in the woods.

Having not seen many humans lurking around in the dark wood before, the wolf curiously watched him from a distance.

The wind howled wildly around him and she could faintly make out the sound of his chattering teeth.

The boy appeared to be very ill, and the wolf sensed that he didn’t have much time left.

Taking pity on the boy, the great wolf approached him, snow melodically crunching under her paws.

The boy was not afraid of the wolf, for he knew that his time was approaching its end. He bravely reached out to stroke the wolf’s muzzle and smiled, a gentle gesture that the fierce wolf had not been accustomed to.

The wolf, impressed by the boy’s bravery and touched by his kindness, laid down beside him and offered up a piece of her soul.

The boy eyes opened in wonder as a bright orb withdrew from the center of the wolf and buried itself into the boy’s chest.

The wolf fell into a deep sleep, weak and tired from the parting of her soul.

The boy was stunned, realizing what the wolf had done.

He became whole again and was no longer close to death.

He sat beside the sleeping wolf for many hours, watching the sun rise and set past the horizon. The warm colors of the sunset brilliantly painted the sky between the openings of the barren trees.

When the wolf finally awoke, the boy smiled and said, “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you.”

He reached out and touched the wolf, transforming it into a beautiful girl.

The girl stood before him with an expression of uncertainty, watching as the boy extended his palm towards her.

She watched him for a moment, before coming to a firm decision.

Hand in hand, they began a long, treacherous journey towards their uncertain fate.

With that, the man closed the book and ruffled his daughter’s hair.

“Please father! You must continue the story.” She said with excitement, tugging on his shirt.

The father sighed, “That is a story for another day, my dear. For now, you need to get some sleep.”

The girl whined, wanting to hear what became of the wolf girl and the boy. “Do they at least get to have a happy ending?”

The man smiled at her, but that familiar twinkle had left his eyes. “Another time.”

“Is it a true story?” She asked curiously. “Did the wolf really turn into a girl?”

“That’s what they say, but it is a tale of old, from many many years ago. Now rest.” He ruffled her hair again and left the room, switching off the light behind him.

The story was long forgotten from the girl’s mind after that night.

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