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Empress Of The North

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The Northern Empire is a land with many secrets and danger lurking everywhere, such as the Belial. In the middle of it all is Empress Neyra. Plagued by feelings of guilt, doubt and fear, she is trying to fight all of her demons. But once she finds out, that her live was built up on a lie, everything changes. A great challenge will come her way and she must find herself to protect her loved ones.

Fantasy / Romance
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"S-she was suddenly gone, Your Highness. A moment ago she was still in her cradle and then..." The young man took a little break to catch his breath, "Princess Lumiel was just gone."

He felt the king boiling with anger, and he knew that everything would go up in flames. Literally.

"I want the whole site to be checked. Get everyone together. Find her." The young man hastily bowed and hurried to the heavy wooden door.

Just as he was about to open it, the king's voice sounded again: "And Deimos. Even if my little one has only one scratch, it's your turn to suffer."

Deimos swallowed heavily and hurried into the dark hall. The king rose and walked towards the Queen's chambers.

When he got there, he let himself in, knowing that no one would open. With quiet steps he went over to the bed where his wife was lying.


He carefully took her hand, as if she were fragile. Her hand felt gnarly. "Yes, my dear? "

"W-where is she? " She spoke softly and then breathed heavily, as if she could not breathe. Her eyes were closed and her once rosy cheeks had collapsed.

She was a beautiful woman, with long black hair and shiny green eyes,

but a bad illness plagued her and no doctor could explain what caused her suffering.

"Don't worry beautiful. We will find her. I Promise."


"Take good care of her. She is not safe there."

Tentatively nodding, the man took the little girl in his arms. "She's in better hands now."

While he was saying this, he lovingly stroked the child's head. The little one laughed and grabbed his thumb with her small hands.

Once again, the two figures made sure that everything was as it should be. The man, giving attention to the little girl, didn't notice, as the two figures silently left.

When he looked up again, with a smile on his face, they were gone. "Who is this, Father?" A little boy with big brown eyes, came out of the small house and looked at the man questioningly.

The man looked back at his son and his smile widened a bit. "This, my boy, is your little sister. Take good care of her."

The boy stood on his toes, trying to catch a glimpse of the little girl. Then he started to shine all over his face. "I have a little sister! "

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