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Disastrous Dreams

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Zephaniah has a power, or “a gift from the gods” as her mom likes to call it. She dreams the future. She dreams only of disasters and horrible events before they happen. Her family is keeping a secret about her powers from her. When a new student joins her school and befriends her the truth comes out and her world is flipped upside down. This story is for 18+. There will be some sexual scenes and violence.

Fantasy / Romance
Devyn Socha
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Zephaniah’s power started when she was a young child. Only about five years old. She had woken up screaming one night, claiming she saw a large water storm coming to her home. Sure enough a day later the news was talking about evacuations because of a hurricane.

Her mother had always been there for her. Held her when she awoke screaming and crying. She never seemed worried though. She would tell Zeph that she could see the future and it was a blessing from God to have this power.

Zephaniah also had an older brother. He is five years older than her and has always been her protector. For a few years, he worried about Zeph’s dreams, but eventually, he stopped worrying and was just comforting to her.

Zeph has disdain for her power. Her worst fear is that she is going to dream about something happening to her family.

Now Zeph is in entering college as a freshman. The same school her brother and his best friend currently attend. They were both late bloomers and didn’t start classes until four years after graduating high school, so they are only in their sophomore year.

She was ecstatic to be starting her college life and with her best friend Brook no less.

Zephaniah and Brook have been best friends since they could walk. They have been neighbors their whole lives. They went to the same schools and were always attached at the hip. Brook knew about Zeph’s dreams and it scared her. She was angry with her mother, Erica, for helping her or getting her medical attention.

Zeph’s and Brook’s parents have been so-called enemies for a long time. Erica hates Brook’s mother Axandra, but when your daughters have been best friends since they could walk, you learn to find a balance, even if it is only for the sake of your baby girls. Brook's dad wasn’t in the picture the same as Zeph. They both left shortly after the babies were born. They left in the middle of the night. No letters or explanations. They both send a good sum of money every month to their mothers to live off of. Neither of their mothers has ever had to work, though they both do now that the girls are grown.

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