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In the depts of mermaidia there lies the tales of the magical music that was long lost, but the birth of one mermaid will change everything both for the world above and under the waters

Fantasy / Romance
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Queen Celina went into labour and everyone in the palace was so busy doing so many things then the queen's personal maid said: "someone bring the potion for the queen", and a maid quickly rushed in with it, after being fed the potion the queen gave birth to a very beautiful baby few hours later.

The baby had blue hair mixed with silver and her tail were blue with silver diamonds that sparkles when she moves, her eyes were so blue it almost looks unreal as if it were the sea itself, the baby was so pretty that anyone who saw her loved her immediately.

The babies arrival brought about change to the oceans current and the climate on land. In the deepest trench of the ocean a harp lying close to a statue started playing an ancient music to all the creatures in the seven seas and all of them were compelled to bow in the direction of the underwater palace.

When the king was told that the princess had been born his joy was abundant and immediately he ran to the queen's chambers.

When he saw the baby his love for her was immediate then with love in his eyes he said: "I shall name you Aquafina", my lovely Aqua as if the baby understood she laughed and immediately the magical harps began play the music once again and then mer-people were so shocked to witness this phenomenon because the ancient harps had been extinct for centuries and only the one it acknowledges as it master can play it.

But some were wondering did all this phenomenon happen to welcome the arrival of the princess or the arrival of the other baby girl that was born the same time as the princess in the province of the underwater kingdom, since both are of noble birth as the other baby Celise is from the prime ministers family.


well only time will tell.

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