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Death's Awakening

By Dineshree All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Don’t we all wish we could fade into a world that exists beyond our dreams?  As I lay here sinking into this dark abyss, the fear that clutches my wishful  heart is somewhat stifling. There is a deep and desperate pain that soars  through my chest, cold and unrelenting, leaving me with a dizzy confusion of  what just happened. I can’t seem to remember clearly as I lay on the cold  floor, the crimson blood that thickens against my clothes shining like an ultra red sparkle in front of my eyes, I can smell the somewhat metallic scent of  the blood as hands rush to rescue me. Nothing is clear in this moment, I am  not awake yet nor am I asleep; it would seem more as though I am watching  the horrific scene on a high definition TV.


Don’t we all wish we could fade into a world that exists beyond our dreams? As I lay here sinking into this dark abyss, the fear that clutches my wishful heart is somewhat stifling. There is a deep and desperate pain that soars through my chest, cold and unrelenting, leaving me with a dizzy confusion of what just happened. I can’t seem to remember clearly as I lay on the cold floor, the crimson blood that thickens against my clothes shining like an ultra‐ red sparkle in front of my eyes, I can smell the somewhat metallic scent of the blood as hands rush to rescue me. Nothing is clear in this moment, I am not awake yet nor am I asleep; it would seem more as though I am watching the horrific scene on a high definition TV.

This doesn’t make sense. Who are these people? Where am I, the voices, the sounds…? And then, like a hammer to the back of the head, it smacks into me… I am laying here dying!!! Wait, what? ... The clarity is overwhelming now, with fear and curiosity all swirled into an unbelievable flight of freedom, I can feel the rhythm of my heart slowly direct itself from rock and roll to a soothing lullaby, each second becoming more brilliantly evident of its existence. The haze clears with a leisurely nonchalant pace, not at all in timing with the rising questions though. Why was I not afraid anymore? This isn’t normal, it shouldn’t even be happening, like a bad movie script. And yet I wasn’t even freaking out, maybe I was losing my mind, not dying… Nope, I was dying. Trace back Sport, come on … think… how did you end up dying…?

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