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My special Mate

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Aiden Winters is the Alpha of the Frost Pack. He has been looking for his mate for 8 years and is slowly going crazy. His wolf Ares demands to find their mate ASAP and has become temperamental and fights Aiden for control all the time. Will they find their mate in time? Or will they go completely insane? Jasmine has a secret she cant share. She is originally from the Red River Pack, but it was destroyed when she was young and has been living as a rogue in hiding ever since. Will she be able to trust her mate and new pack with her secret? Or has she been alone too long?

Fantasy / Romance
Mire Turner
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Chapter 1

Jasmines' POV

It's the same thing everyday. I hunt, eat, clean myself in the waterfall and then I sleep. This has been my life for I don't even remember how long now...living as an animal with no one in sight who I can communicate with. I don't even know what my human form looks like.

All I can remember is that I had to run away when I was 7 years old because my pack was attacked and I think everyone died. I was too young then to really know what happened and I've been alone since then. I could have gone to another pack and started a life there as I was so young .... but I'm a little different then other werewolves.

Both of my parents were wolves and my dad was even the head warrior of the pack, but somehow I'm not a wolf ... I'm a fox.

I've never even heard of fox shifters before, but again I was really young so I hadn't learned much. When I first shifted, only my parents were with me and I was 4 years old .... which is pretty early for a werewolf, normal age is about 16 and that's when you can find your mate.

Both of my parents were really shocked for me to shift so young and that I wasn't a wolf. They were really worried for some reason and told me I couldn't let anyone know about it ... ever. So I didn't think I could go to a new pack in case someone found out about it.

Oh another thing is most werewolves have a human part and a wolf part and they can communicate together and take turns being in control. I don't have that, it's just me here so it's very lonely. If I can't be around anyone because of my secret, I would at least like another half to talk to like the wolves do.

I'm pretty used to being completely alone by now so it isn't that bad anymore. And I've claimed a nice place as my territory here in no man's land. Not officially of course because no one can know who I am, but I kill any rogues that cross my territory and leave their bodies by my border so the others know to stay away.

I have been doing this since I found this place, it's beautiful here and has everything I need…. To live as an animal anyways. Plenty to hunt, nice big waterfall that hides the cave I live in and plenty of land to run and stay hidden.

Other than being completely alone and living as an animal for who knows how long now, I love it here and think I got really lucky to find this place. I also don't get many rogues anymore, mostly just ferals who don't have much sense to stay away.

I don't mind that much though as it gives me something to do and I don't mind the fighting, it's a good workout.

I do sometimes wonder if I have a mate though, I've only learned the basics as a child but it would be good if I had one. I don't know if I'd be able to tell if I do meet him one day though so it worries me or what do I do about my secret? Can I tell my mate? Would he reject me because I'm different? Would I even be able to live in a pack again after so long?

It worries me but the chance of meeting my mate here is low and I'm not leaving to look for him. It's too dangerous and I could be seen and I might not even have one.

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