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Restoring Her Heart

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Abigail is a she-wolf who grew in the Wind pack. She stayed to herself to protect her and her family. For years the Wind pack was known as the cruelest around and she was stuck there with a secret that could get them all killed. She soon learns that she is mated to the Alpha of the Restoration pack and is afraid of what might happen to her. Sebastian is the alpha of the Restoration pack. He has been waiting for years for his mate. He finds her in the Wind pack but quickly learns she isn't going to just melt into his arms. These two will not only have to try and figure out the whole mate situation but there is also a war on werewolves to contend with. Will they be able to live through the war? Will Sebastian stay true to his mate or listen to those trying to tear them apart. Book 3 of Series

Fantasy / Romance
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Things have been weird in the pack for a while now. The patrols all seem to be more intense and the leaders of the pack all seem to be even tenser than normal. The rogue attacks have been happening for as long as I can remember, so I don’t understand why they are so worked up over them now. Maybe it’s because we have a new Luna?

The poor girl has gone through hell since she’s been here. Alpha August all but killed her and I can’t imagine the state of mind she must be in. Thomas is a sweet guy, so I’m sure that he has been doing everything possible to help her. Most of the people in this pack are nice once they get used to you. For so long, everyone was afraid of what the previous Alpha would do. I was still afraid that someone was going to learn that I have a power other than wind.

For years, anyone who had a unique power was treated differently and, even cruelly, by the alpha. He wanted to prove that wind was the top power, and we were the best pack there is. I don’t know what happened in the past, but it must have been awful.

Because of all this, the pack has not been as close as one might think. We’ve all been too afraid to get close to someone and have our secrets revealed. With the weak being looked down upon, I did everything possible to work on my physical strength. I wanted to be a fighter so that no one would question me about my magic. Being an earth user in a pack of wind users wasn’t easy.

“All pack meeting in ten minutes.” Alpha Thomas calls through the mind link.

“Wonder what that’s all about?” My father says.

“Maybe they’re finally going to tell us what’s been going on the last few weeks. Everyone knows something is going on.” Dad says.

My parents aren’t really my parents. They adopted me from another pack when they learned they couldn’t have children. Of course, this was done in secret because the old Alpha would have labeled them as weak and who knows what would have happened. No one knew anything about it as it was told that my father had a sick relative that he needed to see. Since he was a great warrior, the old Alpha had no problem with letting him go.

“Let’s go Abigail.” Dad says.

Walking to the meeting hall, I look around at all the people walking. I still know little about people here, even though things have changed. My parents are talking to others, but I still feel like I need to hide who I really am. We all sit and listen to the Alpha talk.

A new kind of rogue caused by evil is what we’re facing. I’ve never heard of anything like this before and it causes a whole new type of fear coursing through my veins. These creatures are coming for us and we do not know when. All we can do is prepare for them. The alpha announces that we all need to show our powers if they are different. He says no one will get in trouble or be punished. How am I supposed to believe that?

For years, my parents have drilled into my head that I can’t show anyone my power. It’s so bad that I haven’t even used it in years. Now I’m expected to show the world the thing that they taught me was shameful. I look around the room and see several people who won’t lift their heads. Are they thinking the same thing I am? Are they able to use other powers too?

My father takes my hand and I look up at him. He has a smile on his face and nods his head, letting me know that it’s okay. I plead with him through my eyes and he squeezes my hand. The alpha says that all those who can use other powers to go with the beta and his mate, the witch.

I stand from my chair and do as I’m asked. I look back at my parents and see them both smiling at me and moving their hands for me to hurry along. We head out to the training area and stand there. There are four other people besides me, and we all look nervous. The fear of being harmed is strong and we can’t get over it as quickly as we may have wanted to.

“I know you are all afraid that something is going to happen to you. I assure you that Alpha August can’t do anything to harm you anymore. Alpha Thomas wants this pack to be happy and healthy and for us to do that, we all need to be open about who we are. There is nothing shameful or wrong about being able to use other magics. Arabella is here to help you learn to control your powers.” Beta Josh announces.

One at a time, we are told to come to the line and use our powers. There are two water users and one fire and one healer. I step up to the line last and try to calm myself. In the past I could do a lot with my power, so I try to remember how I felt when I was younger and use the power. I open my eyes and look at the ground in front of me. I flick my wrist and see the ground raise up into a small mound in front of me.

I then take the hill and spread it back out as if nothing ever happened. I hear a gasp from one of the other users, and I turn and look at all of them. My face is crimson from embarrassment. I look over at the Beta and his mate and see he’s standing there with his mouth hanging open.

“You’re quite strong, aren’t you?” The witch says.

“Um, I guess so. I haven’t used my power in years, so I’m not really sure.” I answer.

“You’ve not used it in years and you could do all that?” The Beta asks.

I nod my head. The next thing I know, I’m training with the witch on how to do more with the power. A lot of what she told me were things that could help in battle. I did every task that she asked of me and I was shocked at how easy it was. I’ve trained nothing but my physical fighting, so this was different for me.

Once we were done, I headed home and saw my parents waiting for me in the living room. As I close the door, my mother comes over and wraps me in a hug. I’ve always been shy, so she knows I struggled with this much interaction with someone. I may have a fiery personality, but I don’t show it to anyone other than those who are close to me. The shyness mainly comes from the fact that I’ve had to hide my powers.

“I never want to leave you guys.” I say as we hug.

“Abi, you know that your mate may not be from this pack, right?” Mom says.

“Yes, but I can’t leave you.”

And that was the truth of the matter. I’m not good enough for anyone, but my parents loved me, anyway. When others threw me away, they loved me. And for that, I’ll be grateful forever. My mate will either have to move here or give up on me, because I won’t leave them.

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