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The Shadow War

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Shadows cloak The Middle Realm as the gods prepare for war, and spirits not seen in ages reappear. Political battles are meant to distract while hidden agendas play the game of the cosmos, with some unaware that Arapet's Prophecy will be fulfilled no matter what. In this first book, The King of The Nordur Imperium has died, and House Hrafn is convinced it was an assassination. Åse, The High Priestess, knows more than she lets on but trusts precious few as she attempts to stack the cards in The Imperium’s favor over the shadowy, mysterious enemy she’s convinced has traitors on the inside. Meanwhile, powerful foes close in on The Vrilic Order, where Drogos and Petris are attempting to liberate humanity from the whims and battles of The Gods. There are a few who start to see the bigger picture. They quickly realize that the entire Middle Realm is under assault from within and that nothing around them is as it seems.

Fantasy / Thriller
Hunter Ambrose
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Arapet's Prophecy

The words of the prophet Arapet, an Oracle of The Creed of Eyn Sof, in the 27th year of the reign of Emperor Atenzi, eleventh Ruler Supreme of The Silician Empire in its 332nd year, The Second Age.

I saw a vision in the twilight — that of a crossroads. Vril engulfed it, pulling in one direction towards liberation and prosperity, pushing in the other towards destruction.

Push and pull, this way or that — we all must choose.

Convergence and shift — we have the power.

Long past may be the ages of darkness, where scheming minds controlled the races of men, if that power which is greater than any other, if the one who is eternal is kept close to the heart.

It is, itself, the crossroads, the splitting of souls, the weapon of time.

Keep close to the womb, all you who seek the road to be traveled,

Keep close to the heart, and you will find the answer.

Long past they may be, if you have the courage to face what lurks in the shadows.

A power rises in the north — and still one greater alongside it.

Swirling warrens of light and dark,

Of bitterness and hope,

Of eternity and youth,

O what a wonderful, fearsome foe.

The sun rises and the sun sets,

But The Veils remain everafter,

And the crossroads vanish shortly after they appear.

I saw a vision in the twilight — that of a crossroads.

On one path: extinction.

On the other: light and life.

Push and pull, this way or that — we all must choose.

Convergence and shift — we have the power.

But not all may wield it.

Beware, dear children of The Infinite,

For strange things lurk in the shadows,

And nothing is as it seems.

Do not let your hearts be deceived by tricks and game, lest ye lose the light of life forever, and Blekkjand’s curse becomes your own, for the game of the cosmos takes no pity on the foolish and lame.

Do not let your hearts be led astray by the blind and deaf, those who have ears but do not hear, who have eyes but do not see, and intellect but without wisdom. Beware of them, lest ye lose the light of life forever, and be overcome by the shadows and darkness.

The game of the cosmos takes no pity on the foolish and lame.

We are not the only ones here any longer.

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