Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 9: Past Life

“ARE YOU OK? What’s wrong?”

I was still screaming. I didn’t care if it was Hannah or anyone else at this point. This was not supposed to happen. I was not supposed to see my mother, and I definitely was not supposed to see my mother digging someone’s grave.

“Hey, look at me. It’s OK. Everything’s OK. It’s over now. Snap out of it.” A hand was rubbing my arm soothingly and another one was slowly making me look at the person. In my blurry haze, I noticed a pair of mismatched eyes looking at me in despair. Hannah... She was murmuring some spell to make me calm. But how can I be calm right now?

Was it really over?

“Nothing is right. What I saw couldn’t be possible.” I sobbed out and gritted my teeth at the sudden cold that made my bones chilled. Hannah gave me a tight hug as I grabbed her shoulder desperately trying to forget the look my own mother gave me.

It was hideous and was creeping into my bones everytime I opened my eyes.

“You saw what? What is it?” Asked Hannah impatiently.

“I-I...saw my mother. It is not normal. Is it?” I choked out looking at my trembled reflection in the mirror. Hannah looked confused at my confession but still tightly held me.

“No. But what happened? Tell me from the start.” Her words soothed me so my raspy voice started to talk.

“I was just seeing my childhood. I saw I had a sibling, a twin sister. Then suddenly it changed. It started to show a woman just like me. She was digging a grave. Then she turned and talked to me... She was freaking hell talking to me! How can anyone talk like that? It was supposed to just life... Not my mother’s...” I glanced back at Hannah to see she was watching the mirror in interest.

“I don’t understand. Whatever you do, it always turns into something different. I thought people always mess up some spells, but you? You create a totally different outcome for any spell you use.” She frowned looking at me but I looked away. I did not have the answers myself why I was different. I still did not know if it was a bless or curse.

“It isn’t a good thing, right? What do you suggest me to do now?”

She looked torn to answer me but after a few moments, she started talking with hesitation. “Look, I’m not sure but I think your mother is trapped in somewhere between past and present. You said she’s dead but maybe she’s really not dead, instead, she is living inside a mirror that can create portals outside of our world.”

“What do you mean she’s trapped? You mean she’s trapped in her past and want my help in freeing her?” I whispered to the only possible answer my brain can take.

“You are pretty close. She is trapped in a mirror but there’s must be something wrong cause no one just got trapped without any reason. So be careful.”

“Why are you saying that and why she was in a mirror?” I asked looking at her through my tearful eyes. I really tried to stop the tears to fall but like a stubborn, they kept falling.

Seeing my uncontrollable tears, Hannah helped me wipe my tears and started to explain. “Mirrors are known for portals from very old time. It can create portals anywhere. Someone must have banished her there and as you are special, she wants you to free her. And now that I think about it you said you had no power or knew any spell before coming here, so if she wants your help, she definitely knows that you are training. And that’s why, I think we have to find your twin, fast.”

“No! Definitely not!” I stood up wobbly on my feet. “What this has to do anything with my sister? I do not even know where she is. She can have a life outside of our clan life. Hell! She might not have any idea that magic exists or there’s witch clan in every town. Cause what I saw, my mother gave her to an adoption center when she gave me a family of our clan. I don’t want to drag her into this. I don’t want to destroy the beautiful lie she might’ve created...” I dismissed the idea of having my sister go through the same pain I did. I suffered enough, the last thing I needed to share half of the pain with my sister.

“I know you are scared, Kyra. But what gives you the idea that she doesn’t know? What if she does? Think it is this way, you both are her children. So if your mother has reached out to you then she has to want to talk to both of you. Maybe your sister already knows something.”

It was too much. It was like I have come to the same circle again where I don’t know what to do.

As if noticing the look of defeat in my eyes she patted me and smiled, “For now. Get some sleep. I've noticed that you haven't been sleeping very well. We can continue tomorrow and you have a lot of training to finish, so get rest and be careful.”

“OK. I will try.”

I told her I will try but I miserably failed. That day or night whatever the time was, I could not sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw the burning hole of my mother’s face. Her words cut through me like a sharp knife. Sweat beads on my body after every awful nightmare I woke up to. In this new problem, I almost forgot the sudden kiss I got from Darkness. But I can’t think what was more dreadful; that when he was vanished after kissing me like he drank a poison or this mother in a mirror thing came along...

“I want you to stay focus, don’t lose it at any cost. That’s when your enemy can take over you.” Hannah sighed at the number of mistakes I was doing the next morning. I had a really little nap last night and on the top of that a hammering head. Yesterday my whole day went by trying to sleep only to wake up with horrible nightmares. And, training? Forget about that cause I might as well start shooting fires in the wall as my energy was working along with my emotions. I was upset, sacred, & confused and all of them triggered me to mess up every damn time.

“I can’t. It’s almost noon. We are training hard. Why are you getting so worked up?” I asked throwing the offending book at the other side of the training room and began tying my hair back. How many freaking times I tried, the spells aren’t just working! Instead, it just made a hole in the floor.


Hannah hesitated a response and then spoke ever so slowly. “You think it’s going to be probably easy but it’s not. You have to learn every spell perfectly so that no one can think of harming you. Including your mom.”

I almost glared at her. What did she mean by my mother? I know she can be pretty dangerous if she wants to be but hey! She’s my mother for God sake! She is not going to hurt me. But a nagging feeling was telling me I wasn’t so sure about that. No... I shouldn’t be sure of that.

“I know you’re thinking I’m insane but after trapping in one place for so many years such as your mother, they start to change. They could be sometimes quite dangerous. They can be so desperate that they start to manipulate you.”

I didn’t want to hear any more.

“I don’t want to talk about that. Can we take some break?” I snapped but inwardly flinched at my own mistake. She just wanted to help me...

“Sure. Anyway, I have to go to the shopping center for some ingredients for our shop. We’re low on sells and customers are just afraid to come to this town. So, can you watch out for the doors? After the murders, this area has become more dangerous. And it’s not like the cops will be any help, they don’t even want to involve themselves in witchy business.” She rambled on blowing off the candles and taking her fistfuls of cash with her.

She was right in a way. Cops and the government always avoided crossing paths with us. We had to give them money for opening magic shops. And, the cruel rule they threw upon us that still makes me sad human can know about us. The clan who will break the rules and give refuge to humans, they would be burned down.

The whole clan.

More of all they didn’t believe what we did. They thought we were only freak humans joining cults and doing some fake shows for money. So the bigger and powerful clans became dangerous. They risked our lives for their benefits. They sacrificed people to gain more power. To always live on the top of the food chain. So, we didn’t have anyone to ask for justice. No one to give us freedom.

Like I only have myself to fight for my freedom.

“I’ll keep an eye out. You take care too.” I tightly smiled and gave her a bone-crushing hug. She will understand.

I told her I would be in the shop, keeping an eye out, but I did the other. Leaving a 'We're Closed' sign in front of the shop door so that no one can enter, I went to the hidden room in the kitchen and started to do the rituals of seeing past lives. I knew if she wanted to talk she would come again and guess what? She came... again.

"You miss me? I knew you would come for me.” The raspy voice claimed.

“What do I have to do? H-How can I help you?” I shuttered at the look on her bruised face. I’m pretty sure my face has lost its color. If my shaking hands were anything to go by, I’d say I was this close to bolt or smash the mirror.

“I knew you were always the strong one. You are one of us. Do what your mentor says.” She hissed tracing her bloody lips with her teeth. Didn't she heal?

"Keiraaaa?" She drawled out when she noticed where I was looking.

My voice cracked. “W-What?”

“Find your sister. Then come to the grave and collect the box.” She whispered with a loud laugh and I gulped looking at her with wide eyes.

Deep breaths, Keira. Deep breaths. Don’t lose control.

I reminded myself quietly, before having the heart to ask her what she meant. “What grave?”

Her grin stretched almost making her look like she was going to split her face in half. “Your father’s or who’s... The one I killed.”

That’s when I knew I have made a deal with a devil and this isn’t going to be my first time...

Cause, It was just the beginning of a past after all.

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