Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 10: Liar's Game

“WERE YOU GOOD? When I was gone was everything alright?” Hannah asked me as soon as she came back from shopping with some unknown herbs and medicine. Helping her with decorating the items into the counter, I slammed the kitchen door open and followed her there.

Gulping down some water, I answered Hannah’s previous question. “Yes, Hannah. Everything was fine.”

I lied easily cause there was no way in hell I could have told her that I met my mother again. I hated this. I hated lying to her. But I can’t help but want my mother’s freedom too. After watching so many violent things in my 19 years life, if I can help one person who was supposed to love me as I deserve, save her from becoming a monster, then I was going to say thousands lies for that. And, I had questions. A lot of burning questions concerning my mother’s doing. Why did she kill my father? What was hidden in the grave?

So, turning down the guilty feelings crawling into my heart, I said instead, “You were right. We should find my sister and ask her if she knows something.”

“You are still thinking about it. Don’t you? We will find a way. Don’t worry.” She assured me with a smile. But that was ignored as she didn't understand the small time I had. Who knew if I was too late free her?

“But we don’t have time! You said the longer she is trapped there the more she is changing. I can’t allow my mother to become someone she wouldn’t ever want to become.” I whined desperately. I’m sure I looked like a pathetic begging like this but I was too far gone to care.

Sighing Hannah nodded. “OK. I’ll see what can I do but promise me you’ll not talk to your mother until we find your sister.”

“Will do.” I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from blurting out the truth of what I was doing. She must’ve noticed my sulking as suddenly she wrapped me in a warm hug.

“Kyra...what I am doing is only because it’s best for you. I wouldn't do anything that will hurt you in any way. And as your mentor, I believe you will do what’s right.” She spoke making me look away from her. What am I doing? I was acting like an idiot. She believed in me and I was flat out lying to her. But, what choice I had? I had to free my mother. And according to do that, I needed to find my sister.

She broke the hug with a smile. “Now come to the ritual room.” When she did not get any response from me, due to my confusion, she told me to follow her.

“I thought we were done with practicing today?” I asked walking along with her.

“Yes, we did. But I know when you are sad so I am going to find your”

Hearing her, I stopped immediately. Was she going to find her today? Hope filled me as I thought about my sister and then my mother.

I was this close to free her!

I did not notice but instead of the training room, we were going towards the ritual room. I was still weak in ritual magic. So, why she is going there?

“Don’t we should be in training room? Cause you know if I messed up anything then it shouldn’t the ritual room.” I asked her getting confused.

She took some candles and Rosemary’s from the shop which she handed me over and started to talk. “I’m doing the rituals to find your sister but don’t worry, you will be with me. And it needs clan leader to do it so I’m doing this.”

A gasp left my lips making me stand back. She was a clan leader!? How the hell that managed to overlook my brain? No wonder she was so wise and always knew how to calm people down. Clan leaders were the most powerful one in their clan. Everyone followed their orders and respected them. And little foolish me thought that she was only a clan member like me.

“I know what you’re thinking. Yes. I am the clan leader of this town. But, now I live alone. As you can see without family or any member clan’s leader has no power over anyone so why should I tell about it?” She replied with somewhat sad expression and I instantly regret ever having doubt in her and for lying.

Should I tell her?

“Hannah...I-I went to-” I started but stopped when I thought what she will think of me if I tell her. What if she refuses to help? No...I cannot do that. Goddammit! This conflict between whether to say something or not is killing me! So, making a decision of telling her later, I started again.

“Hannah, I’m glad I found you as my mentor. Not everyone can find this kind of wise person as a mentor. You also let me stay here when you knew nothing about me.” I said to assure her and she smiled. By now we already reached the ritual room.

“You remind me a lot of my daughter. I know this is crazy but yes it’s the truth.” She opened the door and I followed her. Only mirrors met my eyes as I tried to forget what I saw in them.

Now is not the time for freaking out Keira.

“What happened to her? You said you had also granddaughters.” Changing the subject, I asked her remembering back to our discussion.

“My daughter disgraced us; this clan was destroyed by her. She had out of control power. She used them for evil kind. She always used to tell me that it was not her doing. That she was possessed. But we checked her. She lied in front of my face. So I banished her from here. I heard she married two years later and had children. I’ve never met her husband. Heard he was a human. When her children were babies I used to see them but now she refused to let me see her kids. They must be teenagers by now.” I knew she was trying to keep her face blank with hiding behind her ebony hair but I was feeling more down. Why am I so stupid? Can’t I keep my mouth shut for a freaking second?

“I’m so sorry you have to remember that horrible moment for my stupid questions. Guess we all have our own problems.” I quickly apologized.

“Yes. Now forget about mine and come to the ritual room. We still have to find your sister.” She was ahead of me but I nodded anyway.

“Thank you so much for your help. Without you, I never had a chance to know that I had a twin.” I told her giving her a hug. And it felt like I was feeling at home.

That’s when I realized this has become my home. This little shop. Hannah... My most safe place in the world.

“No. Thanks to you, child. You let me believe that I can still be a leader. And without a member what use of a leader? Now come on.”

I nodded because I understand how much pain she must have gotten when she saw her daughter destroying her clan. I was also like this. I destroyed my clan members so I am a monster just like her. But I didn’t ask for this! Darkness did this and I will always hate him for this. And now he’s gone like he never even existed and left me in my own misery...

“So we have everything we need in here. You can wait there. Don't take it to heart but I’ve to bind your energy for this.” She said once she prepared the place for a ritual. There was now a bowl full of water and candles around it, in front of me.

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked confused.

“You know you always use your energy without knowing so if anything I don’t want an interruption in this ritual.” She said but I for sure knew it was for good anyway.

“Alright. What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t think you ever had power. And don’t start panicking; it will trigger your energy normally. I can bind your power for some time so you know...” She replied and got to her seat.

“Got it. Now do it.”

I saw her lit three candles and mix Rosemary in the water. Then she closed her eyes and started to chant. With her, I also started to chant.

“When the water will still be, show me the person I want to see.”

We chanted three times and when the water got still we both saw a figure. Hannah nodded at me to ensure that it worked. Then I saw her face, my twin’s face. She was smiling at someone. She was in one word...happy. And I had to take that away from her.

“She’s in New York City. Come on we have to find her.”

But I had to find a box too so I lied that today I was tired. We can always try tomorrow. She told me to take rest and sleep peacefully. But I knew today it wasn’t possible. I hate to lie to her but it was the only way to help my mother.

At least for now.

When I knew Hannah was sleeping I went to look for the cemetery. The odd thing was I saw the same cemetery when I first came here. So it should not be difficult to find it. The difficult part was digging a grave, which was father’s and taking the box. I don’t know what was in that box that she wanted it so desperately. Talk about creepy and that’s always me.

When I went inside the cemetery, I can feel the strange power coming from different graves. It was so dark that it was difficult to find the right grave. And I wasn’t wasting my time digging some random graves.

Then I heard it. There was something whispering near me. It should not be another person. It can’t be! But then... this time I heard it perfectly.

"I knew you will find me. Come, child. Let me see you.”

It was so soothing that I forgot why I was here. I started to walk towards the voices but my rational mind protested. My mind was screaming not to go there but my body was just listening to the voices. The terrible realization that your body is no longer under your control was so devastating, that I could fill it in my bones. Like hypnotized I reached there and then I saw it. It was the same grave. With the grovel I had with me, I started to dig.

After digging some time, I felt a metal box under the soils. Bingo! Taking the box in my hand God forbid whatever the reason, I felt like I was looking into the devil’s eyes. It was a strange type of beautiful to look at. It had three pitch black eyes shaped curving and something written in the silver bold middle of it. Did-did it has a black magic spells? I almost threw the box on the ground but forced myself not to do so.

Suddenly a soft buzz filled the air. The leaves rustled ever so slightly as if moved by a breeze, but there was no wind or whatsoever.

“Who is there?” I screamed at the lonely night. But nothing answered me. Ha, I must have been spooked out by the cemetery. Laughing at my own mistake, just as I turned a loud shriek left me.


A lot of souls stood there without moving, almost blocking my path. Souls are known to be cheeky little thing as they can manipulate people into doing almost anything. They give a false sense of security only to betray them at the end. I heard a lot of things...stories about them from Gema. And none of them was pleasurable to hear. Now I'm the only stupid one at their mercy.

I can almost see my name and face in the tomorrow's newspaper.

'Poor girl found dead in a cemetery. She survived a sacrifice only to get herself killed for unknown reasons. And oh, her body was almost unrecognizable due to mutilation. Bless her soul.'

Yeah...that was going to be such a wonderful news.

Rolling my eyes I looked around me to find an escape plan. If I want to go now, I have to pass by them. Where did these things even came from? Then all of them started an ear-splitting screeching.

No, no, no. I don’t know how to control them! I took quick steps backward until I felt a presence behind me. My blood ran cold as I realized, they had me cornered.

The souls moved faster and faster around me. I think I am going to faint. I can’t-I can’t fight them. So taking a shaky breath and a quick prayer I ran the opposite way. As I started to run, they followed, surrounding me, circling me.

“Leave me!” I ordered still running. I tried to use my energy to help me. But it backfired as the souls hauled loudly and started to run faster with the wind to catch me. Before I knew, I was flying across something, making me scream.

They must have caught me!

"Let me go! I didn't do anything! Let go!" I screamed with all I had. But to my surprise everything was silent.

“Leave! Now!” A voice demanded, making my eyes widen.


The moment the souls heard him, with a screech they ran away to where they came from. When I was sure, they were truly gone; I stood up to meet a pair of angry eyes.

Note the fact, really angry eyes.

“What do you think you were doing?” He gritted out.

Not sure what to answer, I hid the box in my bag and turned to him. What is happening with us? He saved me.


“Thank you for saving my life again.” I smiled but he returned my smile with a bored expression.

“That didn’t answer my question. I asked what were you doing with the guardian souls of the cemetery.” He took a dangerous step towards me as I stared at him.

I can't tell him about the box. Without any question, he will take it from me. He had to be. So I changed the subject.

“None of your business. And what were you doing in here? Being my guardian angel?” I mocked him. He did not answer. Instead, he was starting to look more annoyed.

“You can not just stay out of trouble, do you?” He took my chin roughly, turning it towards him. I glared hard as he continued. “Just how many people I have to kill before it gets into your thick skull that you are nothing but a worthless trouble prone?”

His words should not hurt me. He didn't mean a thing to me other than a pesky annoying bug I wanted to get rid of. But they do. For a split second, it made me regret not jumping off the cliff. At least I did not have to hear such a thing.

Every mocking.

Every hateful comment.

Every pain he caused me.

“What? Now you are gonna cry?” He said, making me look at his eyes. They were as black as before but a hint of sadness mixed with them, making me confused. I looked away, closing my eyes.

He didn’t care. He can’t be.

“No. I am not gonna cry. And you know why? Because I am tired of you!” I pushed him away from me. Rage filled me as I spat the next words. “I don’t know what your game is but know one thing; your words do not matter to me.”

When I finally looked at him, my eyes were as cold as I felt. “And, you sure as hell don’t matter to me!”

“Keira I-” I cut him off shaking my head. He must have seen something in my eyes as he tried again but stopped when I said the next words.

“Save it for someone who cares.”

Without looking back, I returned from the cemetery as fast as my legs could take me but I did not dare to open the box. My legs almost gave away, the guilt and sadness creeping me. And why I even thought Darkness could have a good heart? He was just saving me for my soul. This had to be it.

Reaching the shop, I took the box from my bag. Wiping the few tears that kept coming, I rushed to the hidden room. I was no good than the people who wanted to sacrifice me. Because if this book is filled with black magic spells then who knows what damage it can do.

Sighing I chanted the spells for summoning and my mother appeared in the mirror looking like she was so tired. I had so little time before she started to look like a body which has been disposed of.

“I’ve found the box. Now, what do I’ve to do?” I asked her when I saw her shadow. A feeling of numbness came to me as I looked at her black eyes.

“Now find your sister. Do not touch the box until you find her. Remember to take this with you or it will not work. There I will meet with your mentor. I need her for something. And we will all be together then!” She chirped and I scrawled but said nothing.

“So be it. See you soon.” And she vanished.

But was this liar’s game ever going to be that easy?

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