Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 11: Play With Fire, Burn With Ashes


In these few weeks, I was practicing hard, had my first ritual exam and I was still confused out of my mind. And all of it had to do with a certain someone named Darkness. He was always there with me, whenever I was assisting the shop, was outside or was sleeping. But, he didn’t come to talk or demanding for a marriage or not even for that weird obsession he has with my soul. Basically, he was looking out for me behind shadows.

And that confused me to no end. I mean, he insulted me and then suddenly he was everywhere I go, protecting me secretly. I didn’t have the right to ask him anything. Did I? What are we to each other? Nothing. My heart just felt something when he was close, that’s it.

That had to be an effect for saying I do. Maybe I should start writing journals to stop future generations from saying I do if they didn’t want to feel something from their other halves.

And, top of it, not to mention my mother’s disposed body popping up in my dreams asking to be free from the mirror resulting me to have nightmares night after night.

Uh! I am going insane!

“Kyra! You are losing concentration. Again!”

A groan left me as I angrily lifted the knife and threw it on the wall, all the while not even using my eyes and hands. After three tries, I was dismissed. So, I spoke the first thing running through my mind for days.

“Why do we have to wait for this long? Didn’t we find my sister weeks ago? And now even I’m ready.”

Apparently, when Hannah told me she found my sister I thought we were going to go after her the moment I got the box my mother wanted. But Hannah stopped me from going without another training or more like a couple of training sessions. I did not know what she was afraid of. It was my family we were talking about. My mother just can’t hurt me and as my mentor and a clan leader, she can’t hurt Hannah too.

“You know the rules. Everything we do always comes with some price. And we’re not allowed to release someone who’s trapped for so many years.”

I knew more than anyone that release someone like that was a disaster. I’ve done that mistake before that I’m thrown into this life without any consent. But this time it was different, this time it was my sister and mother. Before I can go deeper into my thoughts, Hannah broke the silence.

“But you’re right. You are ready now. It’s time we come across her. And oh we won’t go through any transport, we will teleport to the exact place.” She informed and immediately my stomach coiled in distress, my face paled.

“We will teleport? Um... Why?” I pouted remembering my first-time teleport. The first time I teleported, I vomited away everything I eat. It was so embarrassing! Hannah had this perfect idea that we should teleport into a market so that we don’t have to walk. So, I teleport in the middle of the market and boom, there goes my lunch. People were looking at me in disgust and Hannah had a weird smile on her face. I think even Darkness was present in my glorious moment.

I really don’t want to reminisce that time...

“Hannah? Can we not-”

“First, we don’t have time.” She cut me off with a shake of her head. “And secondly we can’t just waste time traveling to where she lives. Then again I remember perfectly your own quote;

‘I don’t have a passport,’

So we don’t have any choice other than that.”

The damn passport again...I almost forgot I can’t transport other than teleporting. Ugh!

Sighing I agreed, “OK. How do we do it?”

“Go to your room and bring back some bags. I’ve already packed them for you. We don’t want to go without any ingredients. We won’t find any there.” She said and I turned around to see she’s already started working on the spells, chanting softly.

“Alright. I’m coming back in a second. See you there.”

Walking back to my room I noticed everything has been packed into two bags. Giving a relieved sigh, I was just walking towards my bed for the bags when I was grabbed from behind, my mouth sealed shut with cold hands. Sacred I screamed out loud but that didn’t come out as I wanted. I was beginning to panic. When Hannah started any ritual, she couldn’t understand that I was panicking. What if I was getting kidnapped!?

What if I get killed!?

“Stop struggling like an animal. I’m not gonna bite you.” A voice whispered in my ears but before I could register who said that I screamed for help. And that help came in a form of-

“Te Relinquo!”

The moment I yelled that out an electric buzz left my fingertips making the intruder curse and thrown off me. Whirling around I was just going to finish the spell when my eyes widened seeing the person on my floor, clutching his hands.

Oddly I found myself in front of my... Tormentor or future husband slash soul stealer.


What the hell?

Shaking himself he looked at me like I just offended him. “Fuck kitten, if you just wanted to desolate my arm, then why heal it in the first place?”

Ignoring his words, I noticed something else like his eyes looking more like a green shade instead of black. He was in a good mood but something was going on wrong in his head, it was clear. But I wasn’t going to give him my precious time now, not when I can be with my family again. I have already wasted these weeks only focused on him.

“You! How dare you come here now?” I glared at him and he just chuckled standing up.

“Dare!! Oh quite feisty, aren’t we?” He mocked making his way to me. I seriously think he has some freak issues.

“Look what do you want now? Last time you vanished with quite a show and now I don’t need anything or anyone else in my head other than getting my family back.”

I was tired of his sick games. First, he told me to give him my soul and get married. Then he got all confused and kiss me, saves me from dying, which was twice, and potentially stalks me.

At my answer, his eyes got dark again. “Oh, you shouldn’t talk about things that you can’t handle.”


He looked like he wanted to say more but closed his mouth and walked till he was standing right in front of me.

“I just want to stop you from doing any mistake. Or it will be a hell losing war between everyone.” He told me becoming serious. Now that I’m looking at him, his eyes have once gone back to black. Is this some emotion trick? Frowning at him I noticed he was waiting for my answer. My anger came back.

“What do you know about what I’m doing?? And do you think I really care what will happen in your life?” I told him getting angry. Why should I care!?

When he opened his mouth, his voice has gotten cold and sinister. Like the jerk he is, he gave me a mocking smirk that had my blood cold. “So mommy dearest didn’t tell you everything. Oh well, why would she? She’s the most manipulative bitc....”

I couldn’t stand him anymore. Insulting me was one thing but calling names on my mother was another. It’s like my hands had the same idea as it flew over and not a second later a loud slapping sound echoed through the room. To my satisfaction, his cheek had my hand’s mark all over.

“Finish that word and you won’t see the world again!! I will banish you where you truly belong!! Under a fucking grave!! How dare you say something disgusting towards my mother! You don’t even know her enough to say.....”

This time I couldn’t finish my sentence. He spun me around and pinned me to the same wall he was devouring me a few weeks ago. His eyes were dangerously narrowed like he was looking into his prey. I knew this look very well. This was the look he gave me in my dream that one time. I’m officially dead. He suddenly grabbed my throat and I choked back a sob.

What’s happening?

He tightened his pressure on my neck and a whimper left me. “Let go.” But he didn’t.

He didn’t even listen to me and made me look at his emotionless face where I saw my whole life flashed away. A wave of nausea rushed through me as I desperately tried not to faint. My throat scratched, my lungs burning when I tried to crawl his hands from my neck. I tried to push him away, but he was stronger.

Way too stronger.

I can’t breathe. I can’t-

I can hear my heart’s beating really loudly with fear. I can also feel my whole body’s turning down. God, why it is hurt so much?

‘Please, leave me.’ I silently begged as my vision blurred. Just a few seconds and then-

Then his hands were gone.

I managed to open my eyes and frowned. I should have a mark or something on my neck by the force he was choking me but from the mirror opposite of me, I saw nothing. There wasn’t even harsh breathing from me as I should have. This isn’t possible. It can’t be! He was no longer choking me and was now looking at me with a sneer.

“What did-”

“This is what will happen if you don’t listen to me. I just gave you a glimpse of what I can do.”


Did he just-


“You- you played with my mind,” I whispered horrified. He tried to kill me. I saw my life flashed before me in my head.

It wasn’t real.

It was all in my mind...

“It’s not good to be so excited, little soul. And I know enough of that shame of a woman.” He all but growled. I tried to put a distance but he grimaced at me, leaning in closer so that I could feel his breath on my face.

“Is this who you are?” I asked breathlessly.

He frowned deeply and whispered in my ear, “Who I am?”

I nodded and looked at him dead in the eye. “Every time you do something good, and I think that maybe somewhere deep down you have a good heart, you prove me wrong by doing something so cruel that, I can’t help but hate you. Why do you do that? How can you not feel? I can’t stop feeling hurt. I can’t stop these stupid emotions running through me. So, I’m asking you how can you just shut off?”

He shuttered when his mouth opened. “I-I don’t know what to say.”

In one part he terrifies me, and the other part excites me. Why did he have to be so...inhuman? My lips trembled as I took a step back from him.

Why can't he be normal?

“Let me go, Darkness. Hannah will come here soon.”

“Now, what will happen when she found me here? Hmm...Let me guess... The Little soul has been keeping secrets from her mentor. You and I both know she can’t know about us or your mother’s little visit to the cemetery.” He smirked and I become stiff.

He got me good.

He knew.

“How do you know about my mother? I never said why I was in the cemetery.” I whisper yelled.

“You know I know everything. Don’t forget who I am for a second. I can break you down, mess with your head, hurt you and you, little soul; can’t-do a thing but see and wait for the next attack.” Why am I always finding myself in this kind of situation?

“What is up with you and your conversation problem?? And you can talk with me given some space. I’ve got wonderful ears, I can listen perfectly!” I couldn’t bear the closeness anymore...not when his hands are dangerously close to my hips making me stumble back to the wall behind me.

To my surprise, he came even closer than before that I could see his eyes burning with anger. Or did I mention if I move a little there’s going to be a second time kissing session? For me that is. For him? probably no. Then he did that creepy signature smirk of him which I used to find annoying but now...

Ok, I admit I miss having him annoying me. I’ve been memorizing the kiss in my head in these following weeks and still couldn’t get over it. Even after his killing stunt not less than five minutes ago. Yeah, everyone already knows, I was a little loose in the head anyway. And I can’t figure out what to do with what I feel, with my uncontrollable emotions.

Or maybe it’s because, after that horrible night, I just started to feel too much.

“Don’t think you’re smarter than me. The moment I’ll give you space you’ll run away.” Hearing his words, my trance broke and I grimaced.

Here he was practically trying to hurt me and I was OK to have crazy thoughts...And I knew I would’ve done that, I would have run away... But not because I was afraid of him because I was afraid of myself. Afraid that I will give into what my heart was wanting.

At least be cared by someone.

“Are you hearing me?” Darkness shot me a glare and I shook my head pushing him away. I might have tiny feelings for him but I’m not about to let him walk over me.

I promised myself never to let anyone take my freedom from me. Not even him.

"No, I'm not hearing you Darkness. You know why?" He tried to say something but my hands motioned towards him and his eyes widened. He tried again but nothing left from his lips. He was paralyzed.

"Because you need to stop degrading me like this. You need to learn a lesson Darkness. And I'm about to teach one you'll never forget."

Yeah, he might get into my mind and play with it but I learned something too. And I was sure going to use it on him.

"What?" I mocked twirling around him. "Kitten got your tongue?"

Giggling at his helplessness, my face hardened remembering how he almost choked me to death. Taking a good look at him, I aimed my hands in a choking motion and he started to gurgle.

Huh? Did I look like this too?

His black eyes almost teared up, his hands crawling up into his neck trying to push the invisible energy. His hair was falling all over his eyes, his whole body trembled as if he was having a seizure but I held tight. If he wanted me to stop then he can just beg into my mind.

My voice was even when I gave another tight squeeze. "How's it going, honey?"

I could almost see his smirk when a voice filled my mind,

'Just peachy.'

That damn devil!

"Kneel!" Just as I commanded he had no choice but to drop to his knees. Finally, I could see some emotion in his eyes. It was something akin to... accomplice?

Shocked, my hands stopped and it broke the spell. Immediately Darkness dropped into his stomach crawling away from me. Why did he look at me like that? He should be angry, livid even that I humiliated him by making him kneel down. But all he looked like... pleased. Like I did something he hoped I would do.

“Don’t play with fire when you don’t know where it will burn you.” Darkness's sudden voice was dripped with such a venom that made me speechless.


My voice was barely audible when I found it but he was already vanished...again.

“Now, are you going to stand here like a statue or come? What happened, Kyra? You look pale and flushed.”

But I didn’t have any answer to Hannah’s questions. I was just blankly looking at the way he vanished. Was I really playing with fire?

“The ritual is completed. We have to go now. The portal isn’t going to be open for a long time. Are you going to be OK?”

Oh yeah, Hannah. Thank God she came here quickly or my heart will jump up at any time soon because of his being this close or his constant mockery.

“Let’s just go,” I answered without waiting for Hannah to follow me cause I didn’t trust my voice at the moment.

Then again when did I ever trust myself?

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