Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 12: Mistaken

Once I was taught exactly what happens when you play with fire. The memory still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. I just turned thirteen and I was granted to leave the clan house for a week. For someone like me, it was as if I was granted to have the moon as I was never allowed to go outside our clan house.

Gemma, her two sisters and I, the four of us were supposed to go to the lake house near the woods. To say that I was not expecting myself to get lost in the lies, walking right into a trap would be enough to show how naive I really was.

After spending four days in total bliss and happiness, my fifth day started as me being woke up in the woods, a gag in my mouth and my arms secured behind me with ropes. With a horror, I realized I was hanging upside down from a tree.

Trying to scream my way out was impossible as I couldn't even see the lake let alone the lake house from this distance. Trying to breath was hard when my mind was frozen with fear. My head churned, the blood rushing into my head making me dizzy. No one knew what went through this part of the woods. Everywhere I looked was tree and tree, no people.

Meaning no help.

A crunching sound became my lifeline as I noticed a boy not more than sixteen walking towards my side. As he got closer I realized he was from our clan. So someone must've sent help. I tried to scream again but all it came out as some gurgled sound. Desperate for help I tried to swing but my dizziness was making it harder for me.

"You ok there?" A voice startled me as I looked down to see the same boy looking up at me with an unknown emotion. I felt a small piece of hope within me as I shook my head, gagging more.

What I thought would be a help was turned into a nightmare as the said boy who was supposed to help me, gathered some leaves and in a second dropped a match in the ground.


The first time I felt so hopeless watching the fire around me like I was some kind of lamb waiting to be barbequed. I tried to scream, yell at him, ask what the hell he was doing but the dizziness along with the strong smell of burnt leaves made me dry heave, which I could still remember as the nastiest time of my life.

Tears sting at the back of my eyes but I couldn't for the life of me understand why he was doing it. I never even talked to him before today. So why did I do to deserve this fate? I did my best to inhale deeply but that was a mistake as instead of air, I started to inhale smoke.

"Doesn't feel good, is it?" His voice was harsh as he started to undo my ropes. "Well...that's what happens when you play with fire, little girl."

I remember praying over and over that he didn't drop me in the fire. I kept chanting in my mind to be alive. Then in a second I was out of the fire circle and staring at the boy's angry eyes. What I got from them rendered me to silence. He loathed me. Why did he loathe me?

"You think just because your father gave you shelter suddenly you become the princess? You are weak, you hear me!" He shook me so badly that I thought I was going to pass out from the force he was using. I couldn't even talk as he didn't remove the gag. Suddenly I was shoved to the ground, my chin roughly turned to look at him.

"When I talk to you, you look at me. Am I being clear?" Fear of not knowing what he could do had me nodding frantically. Satisfied with my answer, he started yelling again.

"Twelve years! Twelve years I worked for your father just so he can hand me over the title. But you! You ruined everything! You are so pathetic that even a human will laugh at you. Do you know you are considered worthless in the clan? No? Then maybe this should learn you a lesson."

I couldn't grasp what he was saying cause in a second I was shocked to see an orange hue starting to form in my arms. The uncomfortable feelings grew until my eyes bulged out when a fire spread along my arms. He was using spells on me and he was right. Oh, he was so right. I was weak as I could do nothing but scream in the pain.

I remember trying to rip my arms off my shoulder to stop the pain. I remember the tears rolling down my cheeks, clouding my vision. I also remember a lot of footsteps and yelling that sounded lot like Gemma's. But I couldn't remember what happened next because I gave up.

Like a pathetic worthless being, I gave myself to the falling darkness.

"Kyra?" My trance broke at the sound of Hannah shaking me impatiently. My body repulsed at the shock of thrown into the road but somehow I managed not to throw up this time.

I was in the present.

I wasn't dying.

“What’s this place?” I choked out when I noticed that we've already teleported. It's been a long time I've remembered something from my old clan. That day I could've died if not Gemma finding me. Lucky for us she knew spells and was able to paralyze him. Later I heard he was banished to the Nerulia beach by my father.

Hannah rushed past me which had me come back to the present. Looking all around me I felt out of place. True that I've never gone anywhere other than small towns of Tallahassee but this was something else. A new experience. The tall buildings, crowds, and blinding flashlights of cars met my eyes, making me stumble back in worry. God, I have never seen that many people in one place before.

“It’s a place your sister lives or near her,” Hannah answered my previous question walking alongside with the growing crowd.

“OK. And how do we recognize her?” I asked her slowing down cause I was equally new to this and I had a history of losing my way. My mind was filled with various emotions and none of them was pleasurable right now.

Playing with fire...his words kept coming back even if I tried to ignore what my heart was chanting over and over again.

“You seriously have lost your mind, don’t you?” Hannah started to laugh, quickly making moves towards the dark alley. There were reasonably fewer people than the road we were walking on.

“What’s so funny?” I said frowning. There was nothing to be laughed off. Not why we were here for anyway.

“You have a twin! Obviously, she’ll look like you!” She told me between her choking sessions. Her ebony hair fell over her shoulder, her mismatched eyes looking at me with a grin that made a redness crept into my cheeks.

Oh...yeah...I possibly missed that.

“Umm...I’m just excited to meet her. So...never mind.” I replied sheepishly. God! This is so embarrassing!

Suddenly she stopped walking almost making me stumble into her. She looked right and left before her eyes turned to me. She was silent for a second, watching me with a frown. “OK, this probably didn't come to my mind but this place is huge! If we want to find your sister quickly we have to split. You look over the woods area, I have noticed some houses there and I’ll be close to the city. If you find her, call me. I will do the same vice versa.”

We were splitting up?

The idea made my skin crawl with unknown fear but I held it in and nodded. She was right in a way. If we both look for her in this crowded area, then it'll take us days to find her. But this way, we could find her quicker. And if anything goes wrong, I could just wave my way through with my newly learned powers. I had to remember that I wasn't a victim anymore.

I was stronger. I made Darkness submit to me.

So hugging each other and Hannah giving me a look to say stay safe, she started to walk the other way.

Taking a needed breath I started walking towards the area she pointed. Not a second later, suddenly voices started to float. It was just like the other night when I found the grave. But this time it was coming from the woods and much more stronger. It was so...raw that it almost knocked me off with its energy.

Without knowing why I started to walk there. I didn’t know what I’ll find there. I didn’t care that I could get hurt. It’s like my body was only a servant to the voices. The soothing hum that filled my heart with happiness. That I didn't want to let go. After walking deeper into the woods, I found a concrete road. The road led me to a farmhouse. I realized the voices were coming from there.

When I reached the house, it’s door opened without any people standing there like it was waiting for someone to come. Walking inside I saw there was people’s photo hanging on the large walls.

“I was waiting.” A voice rasped near me.

I spun around but there was no one. A big mirror was hanging covering the whole wall. A mirror...


“Yes. I’m here dear. I told you to bring the box. Did you get it?” This time when she rasped out, she looked like an old lady in her sixties. How is this possible that every day she keeps aging? Ignoring the questions in my head I stepped closer to her.

“Yes, I did find the box. But we couldn’t find my sister yet. Once she is found we can all be together, like a family.” I explained how I was going to get her out of this mirror. I know I should feel happy for her but any uneasiness crept into my mind looking at her cheerful smile. The more I stared the more a nagging feeling grew inside me.

After what like hours I stopped staring, instead started to hear the steady beating of my heart. Thankfully the bag and the book both were with me. If it would have been with Hannah, it would be little difficult to make her understand why I had a forbidden black magic book with me.

“Oh, you did? But right now. I don’t need my other daughter. What I need you to do is open the box.” She growled suddenly and it didn’t have the motherly feeling anymore.

“W-What do you mean you don’t need her??” I asked her shuttering. I hated how my heart raced thinking of the worse possibilities Darkness left in my mind. Printed it in my core vividly.

Don’t play with the fire...

“To find her properly you need to open the box. Do it, dear. Don’t argue with your mother.” I don’t know what happened but I didn’t argue anymore. Why the hell I’m not saying anything?


I realized it was me who said that but how? The dead chilling voice wasn’t mine. It can’t be! But I was proving myself wrong by the time passed. And I was scared shitless to be not in control when I found myself taking the box from my bag and opening the lid. It had some kind of black magic spell in it. She nodded me to continue to chant. I was shaking, my hands trembled cause I never used any black spell. And given by my fate I didn’t know if anything goes wrong. But I had to trust my gut and my mentor for learning everything. So I started to chant. It was like listening to a beautiful haunting music. Loud wind whooshed passed me as I chanted louder.

I was so dizzy in the spellbound that I shrieked when suddenly someone snatched the box from me. It was Hannah. Hannah was here. The moment I saw her, the book dropped on the floor. I-I...what was I doing? She flashed me a disappointing look and turned around. But both to our surprise there was no one in the mirror.

“What do you think you were doing?! How could you? After everything I’ve taught you, how could you dare to use forbidden spells!? I’ve let you stay; I’d thought you as my apprentice!” She screamed and for a second I was afraid. What have I done?

But before I could answer she started to shake violently like her soul was being ripped out of her life. Her eyes widened and her mouth was left open, blood spilling out past her lips. And then it was her eyes and nose.

No, no, no!

“What’s happening? Please answer me! Hannah!” I screamed holding her tightly but still, her legs gave away making me stumble on the floor with her.

“K-Kyra?” She gasped out my name.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and gently wiped the blood from her face. I wished she wasn’t here gurgling blood out from her mouth. I wished I didn’t use black magic. And, I wished I’d listen to her warnings except being a blind person when it comes down to my mother.

Except I wasn’t.

And now Hannah was paying for it.

She was still hurt.

“Yes, yes, I’m here. I’m with you. I can heal you. I have to heal you.” My breathing was coming out jugged as I answered her. Tears prickled in my eyes making my sight blurred. She needed me, I can’t freak out. Not now. Taking her hands I tried to reach her emotional barrier but it came up blank. No! How am I going to heal her if she blocks me out?

“Hannah, you need to connect with me. Are you hearing me!?” Shaking her out of her haze when she spoke, it made me falter back in shock, hurt, and cold rage.

“She took my soul, Kyra. How do you expect me to connect with you?” She coughed up blood as her breath came up short. But she continued. “I-I’m so sorry to leave you in this mess.”

“No, no. Please,” Some gibberish left my mouth as I prayed over and over to save her. Please, someone, save her. She can’t-no.

Say something.

Why isn’t she saying something? Quickly I took her hands as emptiness filled my whole body. I can’t feel her pulse. Why can’t I feel her pulse!? She can’t die. This is a joke. It had to be!

“Hannah?” I clutched her shoulder and shook her.

Her eyes were open but they weren’t moving. She must be playing a game or a test. She did this with me before, playing dead just because I can heal her back to life.

A laugh bubbled up and I was full on laughing on the ground near her unmoved body. She will wake up. She had to be.

Wouldn't she?

“Wake up, games over,” I whispered but nothing changed.

She didn’t wake up.

Was she...really dead? Could it be...? She was dead. When the situation registered in my mind that my mentor was really dead that’s when a scream yelled through my mouth. I really killed her. Her last word has numbed me, punished me for what have I done. My mother...


What mistake I’ve done...

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