Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 13: Death War


I was hunting my mother.

She can’t just get away with what she has done. I won’t let her. Mother or not she manipulated me. I should have listened to Hannah. I should have let my mother go. But I just couldn’t! I just couldn’t believe that someone who was supposed to love me, betrayed me the most. My blind faith in my mother is what caused me to lose the only person who truly cared for me. Who I truly had.

Hannah’s death was on me...

And for that reason, my mother has to pay. Funny thing was, I didn’t even care what I was doing. Pain crept into my heart, a lump in my throat at each step I took, my legs wanting to give out on me. Maybe I was calling my energy to help me or maybe I was becoming truly insane. Every moment I left Hannah to the warehouse, that every piece of my heart was breaking. Mother must be in the woods by now. Somehow as I passed the road, a fire started to ignite.

“Help! Help us! Fire!”

Ha! Isn’t that what I screamed months ago when no one helped me? Today everyone will pay. Every soul will burn. I will make sure of that.


I was just so angry. My whole body burned with the taste of revenge as I looked out for mother. By now the fire spread to the woods where she might be. But I didn’t care.

Let them burn. If she’s trapped, let her suffer. I could hear the scream people were making on the roads. How could they not? They were getting the same punishment they deserved. They were burning along with my mother and the brought me such satisfaction that I didn’t even realize that someone stopped me by grabbing my hands from behind.

“Hey, I was about to call you. I’m sorry for my behavior.” Hearing a shaky voice, I turned around to see a boy similar to my age with shaggy blond hair and ocean blue eyes. His face showed worry as he kept staring at me. I tried to remember but my mind refused to show if I knew him or not. But then again he was saying we were about to meet. So, this could be a trick by her. She can do everything.

Before I could push him away, the boy leaned forward, his hands touching my falling strands. His voice was still shaky as he continued. “What are you doing here? We were supposed to meet in your house.”

We weren’t.

I don’t know him.

I can’t think...

Finally, I snapped pushing him away. “Leave me alone! I don’t know you.”

But unfortunately, he didn’t get the memo as he grabbed my hands even tighter, trying to tag me along with him. “I know you’re in shock but I need to tell you something important about Roth. But first, we have to get out of here. The fire has spared into your house. It’s not safe to stay here anymore.”

Again why was he lying!?

“I don’t have a house here! You are lying! Last time I’m saying go or you’ll regret ever meeting me.” I let my hands go out of his hands. But then an idea came, letting the fog in my mind spreading like it was taking something from me.

“Or maybe I could just show you how much regret you’re going to have.”

The moment I smirked, he backed out but what I wanted him to do was stop talking. He didn’t listen. “I don’t know what is happening to you but what I do know that I did deserve it for acting like an ass to you but please this is dangerous. The fire will soon be here. I can’t see you get hurt.” He was still blubbering, silly.

“But I don’t care if I hurt you. I know what you are! You are a puppet who is doing everything on one person’s command; my mother wants to distract me from hunting her. But tell that woman she doesn’t know her daughter fully.”

It was getting ridiculous. This human was wasting my precious time by showing fake worry. I needed to get to mother to make sure she’s dead. Today she will die even if she likes it or not. My eyes burned with rage as I could feel something dark in my stomach. It was a feeling I didn’t want to let go. It was soothing. It was all me. So the moment I turned back to the boy, his expression changed to someone who has lost all his hope.

He looked terrified of me.

“W-What...?” He shuttered stepping away from me. Good for him, maybe this will teach him a lesson.

I could feel all of my energy within me dying to let out. It wants to be used so badly. It wants to scare everything away. It was calling me. Begging me to let go.

So I let it go. I can see people crying in pain, their fear beckoning me like a magnet but I feel nothing. No anger, no sadness, no regret. Just emptiness. The boy was long gone. yes, I killed him. I should’ve felt guilty or it should have bothered me felt good. It felt right. And for the first time, it felt like-

I belonged...

I didn’t know how long I was staring at nothing. I have killed them all and who were left, the fire finished them off. I don’t know how many have lost their lives in my hands. Innocent, thief and maybe even children were gone. But still, I wasn’t guilty. Like nothing mattered anymore. It was good to feel nothing. If anyone will see me now they’ll say that I’m a monster.

Maybe deep down, I truly am a monster.

“What have you done? No, you really did this? Got to say, I’m impressed!”

Who was still alive after everything I’ve done.

“Run along! I am tired of using power. Maybe you’re lucky that you didn’t die.” I replied without looking at the lucky survivor out of boredom.

“You can’t kill me! I’m already dead. Remember? You brought me back to life?” A rough voice replied cheerfully and it was hurting my ears. He was like begging to be killed. For the first time, he started to annoy me, I looked up at him.

Beautifully monsterous.

The words came to mind the moment I noticed the dark-haired man with equal black eyes. He was looking at me with confusion and a slight worry. Why though? The sudden pain in my heart, made me look away from him.

“I can only kill. I can’t bring anyone to life.” Growling I stood up from the dark cold path. My legs trembled but the energy buzzing in me was helping me stand up without any problem.

“Really! What was wrong when I was gone? Did you hurt your head or what? I’m the usual cocky, handsome, and the troublesome one. But now you’re the one who’s creeping me out.” He tried to touch me but unknowingly I flinched back.

“Look around. Everyone’s dead. I did it. Finally, I broke the rules of our clan. I even hurt humans you know.” I was a monster now and nothing was changing it. And I very much liked the powers and numbness it gave me.

There was no pain...

“I know. It was your fault. I told you not to free your mother. She’s a Reaper. She takes souls from people.” He replied and offered his hand to take. Shaking my head I turned back.

“Oh that reminds me, I want to see her dead body.” I tried to walk but he stopped me.

“What is with you and killings? I love to kill b...but you’re acting more like a freaking zombie than me!” He kept talking as if we were having a conversion about Weathers. I need to go now or the fog in my head was going to clear out.

“I don’t feel guilty. It’s a good thing. She needs to be punished. I am going to the woods. I’ve to find her.”

I have to kill the main culprit. She’s a Reaper that means she might be still alive. Who knows if a fire burns them or not? Good thing that if she’s still alive then I can kill her with my bare hand. But why I wanted to kill her again?

“Hey... Wait up. Look at me. Look at my eyes.”

He turned me around and touched my chin to help me look at his eyes. Where’s there to look at? I looked up at his eyes. It was black as a coil.

Like my soul. Destroyed, blackened, full of darkness. Yes, that’s what I am now...


“You... You don’t recognize me, do you? Your eyes...they hold no recognition.” He asked me panicking.

“Yes... I don’t know you.” I answered harshly. What is up with people? I’ve never seen him in my whole life.

“You... Your humanity...oh no...She took it. She took your humanity. She God damned ruined you! You remember Hannah, your mentor. Or...or the sister you were looking for?” He stumbled over his words like it was physically paining him to say these things. But why should I care?

Blood... much screaming...

“No, no and no! I don’t want to remember! Don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said quickly cause my inside was breaking apart. Humming inside of my head was thousands of voices telling me to kill.

“Kill her!”

“She deserves the pain, don’t you think?”

“You’ve killed us for her, why did you do that?”

“You’re a monster, just like her.”

“We want revenge!”

“No!” I realized it was me who screamed, taking in the burnt ground. The voices stopped momentarily before they started again.

“Oh... For devil’s sake! You’re forgetting everything! was my fault. I should have stopped you. But I thought if you kill, destroy then you’ll understand that you’re a perfect companion for me. My light to the darkness. But I didn’t know she wanted you insane. She took my things...She triggered the reaper curse. She has to pay...”

I didn’t stop to hear him whining anymore. I won’t let the voices win. I won’t let her win. Just then I took a step, I was dragged back into a steel body.

“You’re going to the woods!? Are you fucking kidding me? You have no idea what have you done to that place. And you can’t go near humans. You’ll want to kill more.” He ordered me but I just gave him an angry look. He has no right over me.

I don’t even fucking know him!

“I said I’m going to find her! And that’s final!” I snapped.

“And I said no. Not now!” He also snapped tightening his hold on me.

“I can saw them. They want revenge. They want to see her suffering. I’ve to do it.” I whispered out so he’ll let me go. Why can’t I just kill him? It’s like some force isn’t letting me kill him. Maybe I can just smash his head-

“What the hell are you talking about?” He frowned and a dark look came across my face.

“The people I killed. They are in me. They are whispering. They want to be free. They want to...” I wanted to go on but he cut me off. Shaking me from my rumbling he wiped the tears that slid down my cheeks.

“Hey...hey...look at me. Forget what they want. Try to remember do you liked? Maybe your mentor?” He tried but nothing made sense.

“They won’t let me. And I won’t let them remember any pain.” There were people still screaming in my ears to kill someone and it was becoming hard to ignore that.

“Do you remember your wedding, Keira? It was supposed to be your sacrifice. But you did destroy it and instead, you awakened me. Can you remember any of this?” He still didn’t stop.

God, why? Why can’t he just leave me alone?

“I don’t remember any sacrifice. I’ll just remember destroying that woman.” I replied firmly which leave no arguments. He stared at me for a second before determination crossed over his face. It was a little unnerving but before I could really hurt him, he had me caged into a broken wall.

“Then forgive me for what I’m going to do. It is unheard of but it has to be this way, without your consent.” He muttered scratching his neck and suddenly took out an opal ring from his jeans pocket.

“What-” Before I could finish he grabbed my hands and forcefully put the ring on my ring finger.

Why’d he even-

“I’ve to complete the wedding or it will be too late. I, Alexander, the most powerful dark creature, known as Darkness, take you as my lawfully wedded wife.”

A cold shudder went through me the moment he finished. Before I knew what he was saying or doing, his lips came down harsh on my own almost knocking me over. First it was wild but soon the kiss became deeper, more desperate. Like inhaling a drug, he kept me addicted to his lips, made me feel so much that I was starting to feel dizzy.

What’s happening?

Before I could say something, I dropped to the ground taking him with me. Several thoughts passed by as I looked into the eyes of a vulnerable man beside me. Why did he look so sacred? Slowly the world faded away as I got a ghost of a whisper;

“I wish you didn’t have to forget but you won’t remember a thing in the morning. I’m so sorry for this. And happy birthday... my little soul.”

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