Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 14: Wake Up Call


Everything’s just so white and painful. No color, no sound, and no peace. Where am I?

“Keira?” Someone whispered softly.

Please don’t go away.

Please stop the pain.

I’m dying.

Please help.


The voice sounded farther away as I welcomed the white blind pain again...


There were so many static sounds.

Where was I?

I realized I was drifting back to conscious when I could hearing someone screaming at another. The buzz around my ear was going away slowly. What were these people talking about though?

"You know she'll change and it will be your fault!"

"Yeah right, anything happens just throw me the blame! It's easier that way, isn't it? Oh, he's already evil, why not blame the dark soul, right!?"

I tried opening my mouth to stop them from yelling loudly but I couldn't even move my lips a centimeter. The ringing in my ears grew as their yelling match continued.

Please stop...

Please let me sleep...

"Hey, look! The princess is waking up!" Someone cheered softly taking my almost numb hands in their own. I could feel my body wanted to wake up but my eyes did not dare to open up. Why am I feeling like someone has thrown me out of the window and then crushed me under a truck? But wait, what!?

Where am I? What happened?

Come on, eyes open! I need to see!

“Oh...let her open her eyes fully. Careful, she can go into shock.” Someone again talked but this time it held more authority. I blinked twice and opened my eyes only to be close to them again. Harsh daylight almost blinded me.

Everything is just so freaking blurred!

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” I wanted answers but I only managed to choke the words out. My throat felt like glued to sandpaper. Someone give me some water!

“Keira, can’t you remember me?” Someone asked with an odd panicky voice. I couldn’t see who it was due to clenching my eyes closed but soon I realized it was someone I knew But who?

Then, I was forced to drink some water. Someone helped me sitting and covered the window I think, cause it felt like the light dimmed a little. Just then I opened my eyes that felt too heavy to keep open.

After trying a few times when I was sure that my blurriness was gone, I took into my surroundings. Blood red walls, a big ceiling, and an almost dark room welcomed me. The first thing that came to my mind was this place was totally different than my room.

Was I not in the shop anymore?

The realization that I was not in my room was what made me quickly crane my neck to see two people watching me with interest. One of them I have never met with an odd spiky hairstyle on his chestnut hair and piercing green eyes. I also noticed he has a lip ring which shined when his lips widened to give me a welcoming smile. By definition he was hot but something told me that he might be way out of my league. So dragging my eyes back from the God-like face and angelic smiley-faced man, I turned to the other man.

And that’s when I screamed.

What is Darkness doing in here!?

“You jerk face! What do you want from me? Why have you kidnapped me?” I snapped shifting away and tried to stand up only to be jerked with pain.


“See? No need to die in tension. She reminds me perfectly! You were getting worked up unnecessarily.” Darkness told the other spiky haired man smugly.

I’m gonna call him Spiky from this moment.

“What do you mean by not reminding you? Every sane and insane people will remind you perfectly!” I mocked Darkness like he was doing. But it was becoming a hard thing as my every movement hurt.

“That’s wonderful, Alex. I have never seen someone this sane after what happened.” Spiky stared at me with somewhat wonder and it led me to wonder what really happened when I was passed out. But wait! Alex? So that’s what this douches name is. But my main point was-

“What is he talking about? And more of all who are you?” I asked Spiky. I can’t just call him Spiky all the time. But that dumbass Dark-Alex beat me to it.

“He? He’s no one. No one important now. So the problem in the hand, baby. You had gone insane by your power. You didn’t even remember Hannah. That’s why that poor old hag left you in a middle of a road. I found you passed out, took pity and brought you back to my humble home.”


Hannah... How could I forget her? The last thing I remember that we were going to find my sister. She can’t just leave me in a middle of this! He has to be lying...

“First of all, I’m not a baby! And Hannah will never leave me!” I told him and he just snorted. Uh...jerk!

“Well, you sure act like one. I didn’t even tell you the full history.” He stopped and then huffed. “OK, I lied. I thought that this version was way more fun to tell.”

“Alex!” Spiky glared hard at Alex and turned to me. “You’ve to excuse him. He is-”

But again he was cut off by Alex. “You found your mother but she overpowered you, used you to do a forbidden black magic spell. Hannah wanted to help, that old hag really did, but before she could your mother took her soul as a replacement for her, so your mentor’s soul now belongs to the many souls your mother consumed. Which in other words means, your mentor is now dead as a doormat and you are just like the lost puppy without any direction. But! Lucky for you, you have us!” He clapped happily after his long explanation And I just blinked back. He had to be joking, right?

It's a nightmare...It had to be.

“My mother won’t do that. Never ever she will hurt me.” I said firmly. And Hannah was dead? How is this even possible? She can’t’s not dead! A tear rolled down thinking of every time she gave me a hope of new life.

She can’t be dead.

Alex looked at me with a smirk. “Yes darling, she’s dead now. You have no one but us.” Was he enjoying this? Is he really that much of a monster?

“It had to be someone else. Right? It couldn’t be my mother, it just can’t! She knew it’ll hurt me.” I sobbed out. I knew in a pit of my stomach that there was a possibility. But if I believed in Alex then I’ll lose my faith in myself, in the world.

And that means I’d lose myself in the way.

I looked up to him again to see that he was furious. Why couldn't he understand what I was feeling? My inside was tearing apart with me. “Then tell me why did she give you up? Were you too much of a burden to her?” Alex was losing his cool now. But I wasn’t the one to back out.

“Don’t you dare say one word! I’ll...” I tried to form a sentence on the list I want to do to him.

Slap on the cheek. Check.

Throw him out of the room. Check.

Kick in the shin...

Banish him...

Maybe make out with him, uh! What the hell I was thinking?

I was laughing and sobbing at the same time. I think I’m going insane. Hahaha. Wow...I really lost it, ha? Alex looked at me like I’ve gone insane.

Maybe this time I really have.

“That’s enough, Alex. You shouldn’t talk to her like this. After all, she’s yours....” Spiky brought me out of my dreamland. What was he going to say?

I'm his what?

“I know soul giver. Don’t need to remind me, master." Alex bitterly spat the word and it made me wonder what their relationship was. Are they brothers?

"Alex, this is the last time-"

"Last time what? You know I'm the only person you will ever see the last time. So, don't pretend that I'm nothing or my opinions doesn't matter."

"But you are by far the worst-"

"I'm Darkness, duh!" By now, I’ve stopped crying seeing both of them in a glaring contest and was only hanging on a thin line.

If one wrong move on anyone’s part, then I’m gone forever. I’ll just be a shell, living with pain and only sadness. In our society, we call them lost souls and they mostly end up taking their life or wreaking havoc on earth. But I was too coward to take my life And if I didn't finish myself then that would lead me to do some stupid things which will cost me my death sentence either way.

So, for now, I’m going to handle this my way.

By staying sane...

My heart was beating furiously in my chest but I ignored everything other than what I was going to say. “Look-I don’t need any useless lectures from you two. I know there’s had to be a reason what happened. But it doesn’t involve you-” Darkness's er...Alex's eyes widened, his lips parting to say something but I turned my attention quickly to the other man in front of me. "Or you."

What I hoped would break from their glaring contest it turned worst when a low growl came from Alex. He looked like he was going to hit Spiky by the way his nostrils flared.

Why is he angry at the innocent man?

“Alex, you’ll shut your mouth for your own good or I will lit your ass so far on fire that you will forget you have an ass, to begin with, and trust me that won’t be good,” Spiky growled pushing Alex away.

Hearing them, I gulped looking at the ceiling. Don't look at them, Don't- Oh hell! I’m pretty sure my cheeks were red and my eyes closed in empressement. Nobody, I mean No-any freaking-body used this kind of language in the clan or in front of me.

“Whatever. You like to lit asses on fire too much anyway.” Alex winked at me.

Oh, God...

“Excuse me, if you two have stopped your bromance then I’ve to go. I can’t stay here. I need to find anything I can to run...again.” I said after a few moments of tension-filled silence and started to walk out only to be stopped by Alex.

“Why baby, are you jealous?” He winked again and I hissed. Seriously this guy just brings out the worst in me.

“You! Son of a....” I tried to punch him but both saw it and Spiky stopped me from moving. How? I don’t even know. Was he a warlock like me? Hell...I don't even know his name.

“Alex! Have some respect! And I need to talk to you in private. If you want to find your mother or help in your survival, then you need our help.” Spiky told me, making me look at him in confusion.

What has the world come into? I need help from the people I wanted to destroy?

“You’ll help me find her? That’s... Unbelievable...” I whispered more to myself but he heard anyway.

“Don’t mistake me for Alex. He is full of himself. But I can’t blame him. I was the one who let him go to the path of darkness. But I can’t let him destroy you.” Spiky breathed out, clearly something sad story behind his tone but it didn’t make any sense to me so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

“I wasn’t destroying her! She awakened me. Ask her what’s wrong with her. Nobody is that powerful.” Darkness spat at Spiky and he sounded pretty angry while doing so. Suddenly a feeling of pure rage came over me as I noticed these two arguing again. Is this some kind of flu thing?

Maybe Spiky had enough as he turned his back on us, walking ahead. “I’m warning you, don’t interrupt us, Alex. It’s not a child’s game anymore. Keisha is running open in the world so it’ll be a matter of time we’ll be banished.” He stopped to look at me, “OK. Keira, you can come with me to the office. Can you trust me for this?”

Trust was a big issue for this kind of people but I needed help now. Hannah was gone so she was out of the option. If they can help me find her then I have to blindly trust them.

“I can go with you. But you have to promise me I’ll find her.” I said for once with a serious expression.

No funny business anymore.

“Of course, why not?” He assured.

“OK. But I don’t even know your name.” I think Spiky looked a little flushed at my question and cleared his throat. Alex just chuckled. Well...what’s so funny?

“Dalton Jetton. Name’s Dalton.” He raised his hands in a shake and I did it with a smile. But before I can stop, the words flew from my mouth.

“Spiky suited you better.”

Just as I said that I cringed. Way to go Keira... make yourself embarrass in front of two Greek Gods. Uh! Why can’t I have a filter?!

I looked back at Dalton to see him muttering something like, I swear they are meant to be.

Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?

“See? Even Keira thinks Spiky will suit you. I told you man, change the hair.” Alex spoke swatting Dalton’s head, making his spike to go into a weird shape.

Dalton patted the unruly hair and glared at Alex. “My hair is just fine, thank you.”

“Now as I was saying, Keira, come this way. And Alex I believe you’ll keep your ass out of this business.” Dalton said finally and I nodded following him out of the room I was currently in.

“But I’m involved as much...” Alex started but got cut off by Dalton.

“No more talking. Be a good boy.”

Then, I went with him hoping for an uncertain future which could end up finding my mother or can completely end up destroying it...

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